Was Al Franken Sacrificed?

After Sen. Al Franken resigned yesterday, it begs the question, “Was he sacrificed”?

Al Franken’s Kangaroo Court Trial Doesn’t Feel Right — Because It’s Not

Was Al Franken Sacrificed?

After Sen. Al Franken resigned yesterday, it begs the question, “Was he sacrificed”? I think he was! I think his fellow Democrats exerted so much pressure on Al Franken he was put in the unenviable position of having no other options. His only other option was to go forward with an investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee. I think he should have exercised that option, instead of just bowing out. However, he was faced with competition from both Democrats and Republicans.

Even though I will freely concede that he behaved in a sexist way and is guilty of sexual harassment, and should have to face some type of consequence, I will argue that forcing his resignation was excessive. Also, given that it was the Democrats who pressured him the most, Al Franken was stabbed in the back by his own party; something which the Democratic Party may one day regret. Sen. Al Franken was probably the most liberal legislator the Democrats had in the U.S. Senate. Maybe, that was the real motive for him being sacrificed in the way he was.

The resignation of Al Franken plays right into the hands of what I believe to be the direction of the Democratic Party. I truly believe that the Democratic Party doesn’t want too many liberals among its ranks. They want just enough to be able to keep on marketing themselves as the representatives of the middle class; something which has not been the case for many years. The treatment of Al Franken by his own party seems to be indicative of the current belief system of the Democratic Party; liberals are okay as long as they don’t rock the boat too much.

A good indicator of the current mentality of the Democratic Party is the shoddy way that the DNC is treating Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters. They and other Democrats who make the mistake of being “too liberal” are this either pushed to the periphery or eliminated entirely like Al Franken.

When I first heard that Sen. Al Franken was being accused of sexual harassment, I was very surprised because he doesn’t seem like the type of guy to do that. Also, when I heard that his accuser had been a member of Breitbart, I had a tendency to dismiss her as being not credible and probably a “plant” by the right-wing because they have hated Al Franken for years. However, when six more women came forth, one of them a liberal radio journalist, I couldn’t help but think, “what the hell, Al”? I must admit that I felt betrayed because Al Franken was somebody I could easily see myself supporting for president of the United States if he ever decided to run. Well, I guess I can forget about that!

The forcing of Al Franken to resign by his fellow Democrats may come back to bite them in the ass next November when the midterm congressional elections occur. Gov. Mark Dayton has already gummed up the works by saying that he will only appoint someone to fill Franken’s seat on the proviso that they do not seek to run for the seat permanently. In other words, Mark Dayton is willing to put the Minnesota Democratic Senate seat at risk by not appointing a strong political figure, but instead only a figurehead. What an idiot!

By doing this he may well leave it wide open for Republicans to be elected to the seat left vacant by the resignation of Al Franken. A strong Republican contender is already in place in the person of Norm Coleman, the person Al Franken defeated in 2008. At some point down the road, the Democratic Party may kick themselves in the ass; something which I hope doesn’t happen but if it does they will deserve it.

Another big thing that bothers me about this entire sexual harassment issue that is currently plaguing Congress is that it totally obscures the issue of Roy Moore. To put any sexual harassment that may have been committed by Al Franken and others on the same level as Roy Moore being a pedophile does a grave injustice to all of those who have not only been sexually harassed but victims of pedophiles. It’s like mixing apples and oranges. They just aren’t the same thing.


Judge Roy Moore Exposed As A Sexual Degenerate

Judge Roy Moore, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Alabama, was exposed as a sexual degenerate after a woman claimed that he sexually assaulted her when she was 14.

Judge Roy Moore Exposed as a Sexual Degenerate

Judge Roy MooreJudge Roy Moore, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Alabama, was exposed as a sexual degenerate after a woman claimed that he sexually assaulted her when she was 14. Even though Roy Moore has been pressured by leaders of the Republican Party, including U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, he has refused to do so.
Despite the allegations, he is going forward with his Senate campaign. No one should be surprised by either his or hypocrisy or his refusal to drop out of the race. He denies the incident even happened and had gone so far as to blame Democrats for concocting this rumor. It never ceases to amaze me how people like Judge Roy Moore blame everyone else for problems they created. It’s always easier to blame someone else than it is to own your shit.

If it weren’t for the statute of limitations, Judge Roy Moore would probably be heading to jail if there were any real justice in this world. Sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl is just about as low as you can get. However, this child molester is going to be running for the U.S. Senate.

If that wasn’t enough, Roy Moore sits on the Alabama Supreme Court and has made many controversial rulings, especially when it comes to sexual matters. He has been kicked off the bench twice for refusing to follow US Supreme Court orders, among them decisions in favor of same-sex marriage and transgender rights. Now, we find out that Roy Moore sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl. Another fucking hypocrite!

Since the election is scheduled for December, the Republicans are probably stuck with Roy Moore because it is legally too late for them to change candidates. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has even initiated a write-in campaign for Luther Strange, the man Judge Roy Moore defeated in the primary election. How’s that for desperation? Democratic Party opponent, Doug Jones, must be dancing in celebration because he was shown to be behind in the polls.

For some reason, I sincerely doubt that Judge Roy Moore is the only member of the Republican Party who is guilty of some “sexual impropriety.” Just look at the “man” who sits in the White House, who himself is a well-known sexual predator.


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Bernie Sanders Response to CNN Reporter About the Gorsuch Nomination

Bernie Sanders Response to CNN Reporter About the Gorsuch Nomination

Senator Bernie Sanders makes a response to a CNN reporter, Jake Tapper, about the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch. Bernie Sanders, as many people may know, is vehemently opposed to the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court. Senator Sanders considers Gorsuch to be unsuitable to set on the highest court in the land.

Bernie Sanders goes on to point out that Gorsuch’s nomination is so crucial because this particular nominee has shown no interest in reversing the controversial Citizens United decision of the US Supreme Court. He then goes on to point out that this nomination is the most crucial to happen in years. It is a well-known fact that Senator Bernie Sanders regards the Citizens United decision as being one of the most incorrect and biased decisions ever made by the US Supreme Court.  He doesn’t believe, as most Americans, that corporations should have the same standing as people.  On this point, I could not more adamantly agree.

Tapper then brings up an old video of Bernie Sanders, from a couple of months from years ago, where the Senator makes a statement about how important it is to have a nine-member Supreme Court, not eight. If I remember correctly, Bernie Sanders made this comment when Republicans tried to hold up the nomination of Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee for the US Supreme Court. It was totally irrelevant for Jake Tapper to bring up this old interview because it has nothing to do with the present situation, and only serves to further obscure the point that Senator Sanders is trying to make.

Instead of getting offended, Bernie Sanders addresses Tapper’s issue as though it was valid with a statement saying he still believes that the US Supreme Court can only function with nine members, instead of eight. He goes on to reinstate that he is supposed to Neil Gorsuch because he is unqualified to sit on the Supreme Court. His deflection on Tapper’s attempt at subterfuge is brilliant.

Bernie Sanders is 100% correct, as he usually is, about this point of order in the U.S. Senate. He considers it to be unethical for the GOP majority leader, McConnell, to change the rules just because he is politically biased in favor of Gorsuch, and wants to see him confirmed for the US Supreme Court. It doesn’t matter to McConnell that Gorsuch is an unsuitable candidate. He is just playing the usual partisan political game that makes it nearly impossible for any piece of legislation or business to be conducted in Congress.

Bernie Sanders, like many people, think that the entire process of selecting a replacement for the deceased Antomin Scalia is extremely important and should be immune from political gamesmanship. Not to mention that Gorsuch is unqualified, not only because he was invasive during his confirmation hearing, but has made some rulings as a judge on the appeals court that have been not only controversial, but just plain wrong.

As usual, Bernie Sanders is advocating a very important position that concerns most Americans, or at least it should.

Jeff Sessions Insists on Digging a Deeper Hole

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the target of demands for resignation due to his triggering yet another Trump Administration scandal related to lying under oath in the Senate about contacts wi…

Source: The Stench of Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions Insists on Digging a Deeper Hole

Jeff Sessions is quickly proving himself to be even more unfit to be Attorney General than origin will not ally thought by most people.  In a previous article wrote that Jeff Sessions was unfit to be Attorney General based on his record of a bad record on racial issues and bias.  At the, I had no idea how deep the problem went.

Now it has been brought to light that Jeff Sessions lied to the Senate committee that was conducting the hearing into his confirmation.  One question in particular that Jeff Sessions lied about was a question asked by Senator Al Franken, of Minnesota.  When Senator Franken asked Sessions about whether he had communications with the Russians, Jeff Sessions lied and said that he had not.  It’s hard for me to believe that he was stupid enough to think he could get away with it and that he wasn’t under the microscope by this committee.

What is even more astounding is that Jeff Sessions now claims that he did not lie to Senator Franken, but that he misunderstood the question.  Does he, a well seasoned and supposedly gifted lawyer, think that the American people are dumb enough to believe that he misunderstood the question? There is no possible way that he misunderstood Senator Franken

There is no possible way that he misunderstood Senator Franken or any other member of that committee.  If what Jeff Sessions says is true, he may as well resign because he is too stupid to be Attorney General of the United States.  There is no way he is competent, or trustworthy, enough to safeguard the civil rights of people of color, gays, or anyone else.

The best thing that Jeff Sessions can do is to resign his new position, go back to Alabama, and disappear into the swamp from which he came.


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Sex Trafficking Bill: GOP Mixing Apples And Oranges Again

Sex Trafficking Bill: GOP Mixing Apples And Oranges Again


Dems Mount Third Filibuster Of Sex Trafficking Bill Over Abortion Dispute.


sex trafficking bill_reasonFollowing along with their usual MO (modus operandi) the GOP has has put the Democrats in the Senate in a position where they have been forced to filibuster the “Sex Trafficking Bill”.  The GOP has opposed this bill merely because it allows the of victims sex trafficking to possibly use some compensation funds they will receive to pay for abortions, they may need.  Once again, the GOP is sabotaging a good piece of legislation because they insist on attaching unrelated provisions.  For them, this is nothing new. Once again, they insist on mixing apples and oranges.

The political ploy of attaching an unrelated item to a piece of legislation in order to kill the whole thing is nothing new, especially for the GOP.  Remember, last year’s Farm Bill?  On that piece of legislation, the GOP insisted on making draconian cuts to the SNAP program (a.k.a. food stamps).  What does a program designed to help America’s farmers have anything to do with a program that is designed to assist for people to pay for food?  Not a damn thing!

As far as I’m concerned, incidents like this happening in the legislative process, cries out for a change in the rules.  Unrelated items should not be mixed into a piece of proposed legislation, especially when the sole purpose of doing so is to sabotage it.  This anti-abortion provision that the GOP has mixed into a bill that is intended to protect people from sex trafficking is just another display of their anti-woman agenda which seeks to control a woman’s right to choose whether or not they have a child.

At this point, I really cannot understand why any woman would even associate herself with the GOP, especially since they make no attempt to even disguise their true motives.

The TPP: America’s Next Job Killer

The TPP: America’s Next Job Killer

Stop TPP fast-trackThe TransPacific Partnership Agreement, more commonly known as the TPP, is being put on the fast track, if some legislators in Washington have their way.  Opponents of the TPP are very hard to stop the Transpacific Partnership

Not only is putting the TPP on the fast track a bad idea that needs to be stopped, but makes a joke out of the entire legislative process.  In order to understand the joke, you have to understand what “fast tracking” a bill means.

Basically, what fast tracking a bill means is just throwing a bill onto the onto the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives without the bill going through the usual process of various committee hearings where legislators have a chance to pick apart a bill, study it, ask questions and generally learn what a bill does or what the bill is intended for.  In other words, a legislator is put in the unenviable position of being forced to vote on a bill without having the chance to read it through thoroughly or study it.  How is any legislator supposed to vote correctly on any piece of legislation, if they aren’t allowed to even read it through thoroughly?  But after all, isn’t that all part of the plan?

If senators and representatives were allowed to take the TPP through the usual process of holding hearings where they would hear testimony from experts, they would easily see how dangerous the TPP is, and why the opposition is opposed to it.  The TPP is nothing less than a job killer.

The reason I say this is because it will allow businesses and industries in the United States outsource even more jobs than they already have.  No wonder they are calling the TPP “NAFTA on steroids.”  Like NAFTA, the TPP puts American workers in competition with workers in Third World nations who make a much smaller wage than Americans.  Looking at the TPP from the perspective of corporate interests, who are the primary proponents of this horrible piece of legislation, why wouldn’t they want it so badly that they are willing to subvert the legislative process by pushing for this bill to be fast tracked?

The Transpacific Partnership, or as it’s more commonly known, the TPP is something that must be stopped.