The GOP tax plan; Screwing Over the Working Class Once Again

The GOP tax plan, scheduled for a vote as early as this evening, will screw over the working class despite claims to the otherwise.

Leaked Congressional Analysis Shows GOP Bill Raises Taxes on Millions of Americans – Mother Jones

The GOP tax plan; Screwing Over the Working Class Once Again

The GOP tax plan, scheduled for a vote as early as this evening, will screw over the working class despite claims to the otherwise. Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP are hiding the fact that most of the benefits of the GOP tax plan will benefit the 1%, as usual. Why should we be surprised, especially at this point in our history?

A study by the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) a governmental agency assigned to the task of analyzing tax bills and other legislation affecting taxes, revealed that 38% of American workers will not even get a tax break on the GOP tax plan. The Republican Party has worked overtime trying to use every accounting gimmick they can think of to deceive the American people into thinking that their tax plan will benefit the working class the most. In reality, the working class will get screwed over, as they usually do in these cases. This is sure especially given that the Republican Party has always been best friends to the wealthy while being enemies of the working class.

This really shows what a liar Donald Trump is when he claims that the GOP tax plan “will cost me a fortune”, especially since the majority of wealthy people won’t see a tax increase or may even benefit financially from the GOP tax plan. Any way you look at it, the GOP tax is a bad deal for working-class Americans.

If the GOP tax plan should pass through the Senate and House, the next step will probably be for the GOP to propose “entitlement reform” to make up for the huge deficit created by the GOP tax plan. This means that they will probably be going after Social Security, Medicare, SNAP, and other welfare programs as a way to balance a budget.

Working-class and poor Americans had better wake the hell up while we still have something left. If the GOP tax plan passes successfully, it will just be the start of a landslide that could bury all of us. As a socialist, I’m extremely angry that the working class seems to be asleep at the wheel once again. This thing must be stopped!


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Donald Trump’s Budget Will Cause Great Harm

Donald Trump’s Budget Will Cause Great Harm

This video by Dr. Robert Reich explains very clearly why Donald Trump’s budget is harmful and a threat to many Americans. This budget is unrealistic to the point of being scary. In fact, it is so scary that it reflects the personality of Donald Trump himself.

One thing this budget will do is to create even more of a bloated military that we have already. Military spending is at an all-time high, so why do we need a larger military force that we already have? This feature of the budget is reflective of Donald Trump’s paranoia and fear of other countries. He is putting the United States in a very dangerous position by adopting this hostile stance. Donald Trump’s budget sends the wrong message to a potential adversary; this country may have.

Donald Trump’s budget will pay for this exceedingly large military expenditure by cutting vital programs that we can better benefit from them by having a larger military force. The United States only has a finite amount of money to spend, so it is very obvious that to fund a more significant military means cutting money in other areas.

For example, Donald Trump’s budget calls for a massive reduction in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), one of the most important federal agencies in existence today. The EPA is responsible for safeguarding this country’s air, water, and food supply from being harmful to consumers. The EPA also performs a very valuable regulatory process to control how and if a big industry is allowed to pollute our environment, and to what extent.  It is an indicator that he doesn’t consider this function necessary. It just shows his corporate mentality that all regulations that might curtail profits are evil, and need to be limited or abolished.

Donald Trump’s budget will also cause the average American worker an even more unfair tax burden than they already have. It does nothing to force wealthier people to pay more of their fair share of taxes. Of course, coming from a rich man like Donald Trump, I guess you can’t expect him to hurt his kind. That’s one thing that makes Donald Trump’s budget even more unrealistic and harmful for the United States.


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