Hopefully, Karma Will Make This Happen

Hopefully, Karma Will Make This Happen

Even though this video is a parody and satire, hopefully Karma will make this happen in real life. This video made my week and I really needed to see this, especially with the indictment of Paul Manafort yesterday for charges related to the collusion between the Trump presidential campaign now and the Russian government came to light yesterday.

As someone who has always believed in Karma, maybe we will have the pleasure of seeing the entire Trump gang taken away in handcuffs. Personally, for me, it will be one of the most satisfying sites I will have the pleasure of seeing in my lifetime. This entire country needs to see it, whether they choose to believe or not.

Karma can be a real bitch, and hopefully Donald Trump will get a real big taste of it firsthand.

Pray for ????? (Political Satire)

Pray for ???? (Political Satire)

Even though this is satire, it is the type of satire that I occasionally like. It deals with an ugly subject, terrorism, which seems to be plaguing our whole planet. Some of you may not like this piece satire about such an ugly subject, but one thing it does do is point out something very important, people are not paying attention to the real world until something tragic happens. Then, everyone seems to wake up and smell the coffee.

This video says volumes about our media, and how they seem to jump from one story to another, without really taking the time to give it the full coverage it deserves. The media of today seems to just gloss over subjects that are really important to the well-being of the average person, no matter what their nationality or ethnic origin. In this way, the media seems to treat us all equally, but in other subjects it tends to treat us separately.

It seems that no matter how tragic an event may be, the media gives it a couple of days worth of coverage. Then, they move on to the next tragic event, which these days have all too much frequency. In some ways, I can’t really fault them because I can easily see how the media may be inundated with news. But, they always seem to have enough time to devote to “fluff”, or the latest fashion that Kim Kardashian may be wearing.

However, it seems to me that the media’s priorities are badly skewed, and seemed to be geared towards entertaining people instead of informing them about what’s going on in the world today. It has been my contention for quite a while that, if the media really wants to entertain us, certain news stories (i.e. celebrity gossip, smart dogs that do tricks, and other trivia) should be dealt with in some type of newsmagazine format.

Real news, like terrorism, deserves to be covered in a serious way on a real newscast; something that the media currently doesn’t do. In this, they are failing people in their primary responsibility; giving people information.

That is one reason why I believe that political satire, such as this, is important. It forces people to think about issues happening in this world that are truly relevant. Even though some people think that this type of political satire isn’t funny, it does make them stop and think. The situation might be different if people actually started paying attention. Unfortunately, to pay attention, they would have to put aside their cell phones, iPads, and other ridiculous electronic gadgets that many people in our society seem to be mesmerized with.