Keystone Pipeline Leaks Again; Fuels Argument against Keystone XL Pipeline

The Keystone pipeline leaked 5000 barrels of food oil in Amherst, South Dakota.

Keystone pipeline spill pushes oil higher, fuels TransCanada opponents

Keystone Pipeline Leaks Again; Fuels Argument against Keystone XL Pipeline

The Keystone Pipeline leaked 5000 barrels of crude oil in Amherst, South Dakota. The pipeline will remain closed until given the approval my strengths are to reopen by the US Pipeline And Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). This spill is the largest that has happened on the Keystone pipeline so far, and it will take quite a while to clean it up. This spill has added fuel to the fire against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which has not been built yet, even though it is been given approval by the Trump administration.

Even though this article seems to deal primarily with the economic effects of this leak, I am not going to spend much time on that particular aspect of this environmental disaster. Any oil spill is a disaster, no matter how small. However, my time is better spent dealing with the potential for a massive environmental disaster that could result if the Keystone XL pipeline is about to go forward. As far as I’m concerned, the Keystone pipeline, which has already been built and operating for quite a while, is the primary environmental threat. Hopefully, the Keystone XL pipeline will not be built, even though in my heart of hearts I know that it probably will be because fat-cat oil millionaires always seem to get their way.

That is why I’m not going to waste time talking about the economic impacts because I basically don’t give a tinker’s damn about whether or not a few greedy capitalists make money from their oil stocks. Having shown that they are the most of the economic prostitutes, or better put, corporate whores they are going to make their money no matter what I say. Why should I waste my time dealing with the obvious? However, the thought that TransCanada, the company that operates the pipeline, probably made millions of dollars from this oil spill makes me very angry.

Since the Keystone pipeline transports about 590,000 barrels of crude oil from Alberta’s oil sands to US markets in Texas, there is no justification for the Keystone XL pipeline, which is basically a shortcut. Unfortunately, this shortcut goes right through the heart of the precious Ogallala aquifer go to previous form, the primary source of potable water in the entire Midwest. Several states depend on the Ogallala aquifer for water which they used to not only irrigate their crops but consume as drinking water. It would only take only a small amount of dirty tar sands oil to pollute this entire region, thus depriving a huge amount of people drinking water. Simply put, the Keystone XL pipeline is not worth the risk.

The Keystone pipeline is more than enough to supply crude oil from Alberta to Texas. Building the Keystone XL pipeline, which is basically a shortcut for the existing pipeline, is not only unjustified but potentially greatly hazardous to the environment. It should be stopped at all costs.


Chalk One up for the Environment: Obama Finally Kills Keystone XL

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Could The Dakota Access Pipeline Still Happen Under Trump?

During the last days of his presidency, President Barack Obama is trying valiantly to pass legislation that would increase oversight over this country’s system of oil pipelines. Included in these pieces of legislation is the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Recently, the president refused to grant an easement to Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the company that is trying to build the pipeline.  President Obama, in one of the best decisions made during his presidency, killed the potentially hazardous Keystone XL pipeline earlier this year.

As you probably know, opponents of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline one day major victory when the federal government denied the necessary easement for Energy Transport Partners (ETP) to continue building the pipeline. For now, ETP is stuck in the mud, unless incoming President Trump decides to pull them out, even if by trickery, deception, or just plain lawbreaking.

With a new administration coming into power, I hope people aren’t celebrating victory over the Dakota Access Pipeline too early so that they let their guard down. I don’t trust Donald Trump on anything, especially something done by President Obama. Trump has never shown himself to be a fan of government regulation, unless he benefits from it. He is your typical Republican businessman.

Even though federal oversight and regulation over this nation’s ever-increasing system of oil pipelines should have been years ago, I applaud President Obama’s efforts to protect our environment. There have been an increased number of accidental spills on these pipelines for the past several years, so increase regulation is necessary. The big question is, will Donald Trump derail this regulation and oversight?


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Chalk One up for the Environment: Obama Finally Kills Keystone XL

The move follows months of widespread expectations that Obama would kill the pipeline.

Source: Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline

Chalk One up for the Environment: Obama Finally Kills Keystone XL


I am very pleased that Pres. Barack Obama finally decided to kill the Keystone XL pipeline. By doing so, it guarantees that some of the most productive farmland and delicate ecosystems is protected against a potential disaster. For now, the Ogallala aquifer is safe from possible destruction.

This entire issue has been going on for way too long. Not being one who looks a gift horse in the mouth, I really don’t know why he didn’t do what many of us were hoping he would do a long time ago; oppose the Keystone XL pipeline.  Perhaps, Pres. Obama did not feel safe taking a position against the Keystone XL. Maybe, since he is now considered to be a “lame duck” president with only about a year left in office, Pres. Obama finally felt safe enough to take a solid position against the pipeline. For all we know, Pres. Barack Obama may have been against this very controversial project from the very start of his administration. Maybe one day, Pres. Obama will share this information with us, perhaps in his memoirs.

Pres. Barack Obama really did not say anything that many of us have known for quite a while; the Keystone XL pipeline did not serve the United States. If the president would have listened to most environmentalists, he probably would have been against the Keystone XL pipeline for quite a while.

I’m sure that the bigwigs at TransCanada is just about ready to jump out the window, but who really cares? I sure as hell don’t! As far as I’m concerned, this is a huge victory for those of us who consider ourselves to be environmentalists. Finally! Chalk one up for our side!

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GOP Fights Against Infrastructure Repair

By dragging their feet and refusing to consider improving our badly dilapidated infrastructure, the Republicans are proving they don’t give a damn about creating more jobs.  Their claims that the Keystone XL pipeline will be a great “job creator” is a total myth.  Studies have shown that the Keystone XL pipeline will only create about 35-40 jobs at most.

Whereas, repairing our dilapidated infrastructure would create many more new jobs than the Keystone XL pipeline.  Just look at the number of bridges, highways, railroad tracks, and other things that make up our infrastructure the to be repaired.

Senator Sanders is so right on with his ideas. He’s the one politician that I actually believe wants to improve our infrastructure, so I really hope his proposed legislation goes to the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives and is given some serious consideration.

Over the years, I’ve heard various candidates for different offices throw around the words “improving infrastructure” as a campaign promise that went nowhere.  I remember back as far as presidential candidate Ronald Reagan throwing around words like infrastructure.  In fact, at least to me, the whole idea of improving our infrastructure has become a standard campaign promise that never really goes anywhere.  They had turned “infrastructure” into just another meaningless buzzword.

Senator Sanders really means what he says.  To him, “infrastructure” is not a buzzword.  I certainly hope that he keeps this conversation alive because it is another issue he can use against the Republicans and even a few Democrats like to throw that word infrastructure casually.

Our dilapidated infrastructure is hardly something to be taken casually.  We have allowed our bridges, roads, railways, utilities, and just about everything else associated with our aging and dilapidated to fall into such disrepair that it has become dangerous.

If the Republican Party, and a few wobbly Democrats really give a damn about job creation, they will take Senator Bernie Sanders legislation seriously.