Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All Townhall” Streamed on Social Media

Sanders’ “Medicare for All Town Hall” was streamed to an estimated audience of more than a million people over three social media outlets. (JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)


We can always count on Bernie Sanders to defend people who depend on Medicare for the healthcare coverage like I do.

Democratic National Committee Betrays Younger Voters With Corruption

The worst things about the corruption exposed within the Democratic National Committee is that many younger voters have been further disillusioned.

Democratic National Committee Betrays Younger Voters With Corruption

Democratic National CommitteeThe worst thing about the corruption exposed within the Democratic National Committee is that many younger voters have been disillusioned. The political process is already considered a turnoff and corrupt for many younger people. After this scandal, can anyone really blame them for being turned off and dissolution?

Many of these younger voters, were people who have never voted before. Because of this scandal within the Democratic National Committee, many of them will probably be further alienated and never bother to vote. Their current attitude will be genuine. For something like this to happen at a time when the Democrats are trying to attract younger people into the system, is a disaster.

As an older person, I can’t say as I really blame them a damn bit for having these feelings. If I were in the position, I would probably be alienated right along with them. Disillusionment with the Democratic Party is something that is not new for me. Over 20 years ago I became so pissed off with the Democratic Party that I left and joined the Green Party; something I have never regretted.

After the revelation by Donna Brazile, in her new book, that corruption within the Democratic National Committee was real, I am thinking very actively of rejoining the Green Party out of disgust and a feeling of betrayal. I rejoined the Democratic Party just so I could vote for Senator Bernie Sanders, someone I strongly feel is capable of being a great president. In my opinion, Senator Bernie Sanders is just what this country needs and deserves.

The Democratic National Committee has shown itself to be shortsighted, not to mention entirely partisan, by accepting Hillary Clinton as their candidate for president of the United States. America could have done better and deserved better. Don’t get me wrong, because I don’t feel that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt person. The reason I don’t support her is that she isn’t the best candidate. Hillary Clinton represents the status quo that I hate more than anything. She has too many ties to Wall Street and big business to make me feel comfortable with her as a candidate. Over the years, she has taken too many campaign contributions from the healthcare industry and big Pharma, both of whom I don’t trust to give the best healthcare system for a deserving populace that badly needs one.

As long as the Democratic Party insists on running a status quo candidate, I refuse to support them. This country needs a true progressive candidate, not another “player within the system” like Hillary or anyone else. We need a true progressive.

If the Democratic Party is incapable of giving us that, then maybe we should continue denying them our support. Perhaps they will change the practice of partisan politics within the party when voters start leaving the Democratic Party. Even though by doing so we run much risk of surrendering to the Right, the risk is worth it. Donald Trump is probably going to ruin the United States and if the Democratic Party doesn’t try to at least save us the indignity of having your country flushed down the toilet by Trump and his minions, then what good are they?


Bernie Sanders Not Stumping for Democrats. Who Can Blame Him?

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The Democratic Party Screws Itself And the People Who Count On It

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The Democratic Party Screws Itself And the People Who Count On It

At a major party meeting last week, the Democratic Party pushed the liberal wing of the party into a position where they are guaranteed to have very little influence over Democratic Party policy.

It’s Still Their Party: What the DNC Purge Means for the Democrats’ Left Flank – In These Times

The Democratic Party Screws Itself And the People Who Count On It

At a major party meeting last week, the Democratic Party pushed the liberal wing of the party into a position where they are guaranteed to have very little influence over party policy. In doing so, they screwed themselves and the people who count on the Democrats for representation, not to mention advocacy. They chose to keep up the status quo that probably cost them the 2016 presidential election.

The more liberal wing of the party called the “Sanders wing” were marginalized to a point where they will have very little real influence over Democratic National Committee (DNC) policy. DNC Chair Tom Perez, himself a controversial figure, make sure that the so-called “Sanders wing” and their allies were relegated to minor positions within the party.

This is just the type of party wrangling within the Democratic Party that forced me to leave the party years ago and become a member of the Green party. My move to the Greens is something that I have never regretted because, even though the Green party seldom gets a member elected to a major office, they are a party that I can relate to both in principle and ethics. This last element is very important because I feel that the actions of the DNC are not only unethical but shortsighted.

I rejoined the Democratic Party after nearly 20 years of being a member of the Green party to support Bernie Sanders. Now that the Democratic Party has chosen to shove him to the sidelines, even though he probably would have beaten Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election, they no longer have my support. However, I do hope that they gain significant ground, despite this latest partisan debacle, and the 2018 midterm congressional election.

This latest move by the DNC is a huge mistake and something that will probably alienate many potential supporters, especially supporters of Senator Sanders. By making this latest shortsighted move, the Democratic Party is surrendering huge ground to the GOP and forces of Donald Trump. They just made a huge mistake.


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How Political “Progressives” Helped Hillary Clinton Lose the Election

People who call themselves “political progressives” are as much to blame for the election of Donald Trump as POTUS as Trump supporters.

The Democratic Party Has Failed—We Need a Radical Vision to Defeat Trumpism

How Political “Progressives” Helped Hillary Clinton Lose the Election

Political progressives People who call themselves “political progressives” are as much to blame for the election of Donald Trump as POTUS as Trump supporters. This is because they failed to recognize that Donald Trump was a different type of political animal; one that could only be defeated by a radical agenda, not the status quo “nice guy”, ethical approach. That is because Donald Trump has no ethics or morals and should not have been given the consideration of waging an ethical battle against him. Sometimes, you have to become what you hate to defeat what you hate.

Instead, political progressives chose to wage an ethical campaign that was totally out of touch with the mainstream American citizen. The entire Left has become so sanctimonious that it will not allow itself to get dirty, even when getting dirty is the answer to a problem. In this case, the problem is Donald Trump and his supporters. It is easy to condemn the supporters as being ill-bred racist rednecks who are stuck somewhere in the 19th century. But the left-wing progressives should always remember that these common people were once their base of support, not Trump’s.

Progressive politicians (whoever they may be) should recognize these mostly working-class people as their base, and not have gotten so out of touch with these people that they alienated them and failed to adequately represent them. Hillary Clinton lost for one simple reason; she and her supporters had lost touch with the average American that they allowed themselves to become elitist and far out of reach of the base; working-class people.

Even though political progressives are in a state of denial about it, they have lost touch with people who used to feel adequately represented by them and who actually understood them and their needs. They have been co-opted by Wall Street and big business, and in doing so, have allowed themselves to be contaminated by big money as much as their conservative counterparts.

After all, as much as we might hate to admit it, most of Trump supporters are working-class people. Donald Trump is exploiting these people, as is common for members of the ruling class. He has told them what they want to hear. He has deceived them into believing that he will bring back jobs, restore the way things used to be, and bring this country back from decline.

Even though this is total bullshit, we who consider ourselves political progressives should never forget that this is the way that many Americans feel. Even though political progressives may not recognize it, most people in the United States, particularly the working class, have become very disenchanted and disillusioned with the system that governs them because it never touches base with them let alone give them what they truly need; an equal share of this nation’s wealth and more money in their pockets as recognition of their labors and sacrifices.

That is why it has been so easy for a lying charlatan like Donald Trump to come along and sway them over into his camp, even though that camp hasn’t even succeeded in delivering a decent warm campfire, let alone put more money in their pockets and the prospect of more jobs.

Until the political progressives in this country grow some balls and realize that sometimes you must fight fire with fire, nothing will change. The United States will continue to decline into a cruel society that cares very little for his fellow man. Until political progressives learn how to throw a true revolution, learn how to do battle like warriors and stop clinging to the status quo, nothing will change for the better.

Five Points for Bernie Sanders To Consider in 2020

To the delight of many of us, Bernie Sanders has announced that he will run for President of the United States, in 2020.

A Five-Point Plan for Sanders

Five Points for Bernie Sanders To Consider in 2020

To the delight of many of us, Bernie Sanders has announced that he will run for President of the United States, in 2020. I am elated because, I love Bernie Sanders and think he is the best choice for POTUS, but I also think that he stands a good chance of winning. Even though Bernie Sanders will be 79 at the time of collection, I still think the would be the best candidate the Democratic Party could put up against the Republican candidate. Needless to say, his age will be one thing that they will use against him. However, despite his age, Bernie Sanders is still as sharp as a tack.

In this well-written article, the author gives five points that he says Bernie Sanders should follow if he hopes to win the election, or at least make a lasting impact. The only thing that I don’t like about the article is that it gives the assumption that the Democratic Party candidate won’t be Bernie Sanders, but someone else. In this respect, it is easy to see that the author is slanted in favor of someone other than Bernie Sanders. However, despite this, his five points should not be discounted because they make good sense.

The two points I heavily agree with are where the author makes the point that Sanders supporter should not attack Hillary Clinton or whatever candidate, the Democratic Party chooses. After this past election, many supporters of Bernie Sanders openly revolted against her and voted for other candidates. They also made a point of attacking her at every given turn. This was a mistake, which I, unfortunately, must confess I made.

I think these eternal attacks by Democrats against other Democrats may be one reason Donald Trump won the presidency, even though he did not win the popular vote, and only won the presidency using the antiquated Electoral College system. In retrospect, we supporters of Bernie Sanders inadvertently helped a person who has shown themselves to be a terrible president, just because we had “sour grapes” about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. Some of us behave like spoiled children; something which we must get past in 2020 if the Democrats have any hopes of winning back the White House and Congress.

The Democrats, particularly Sanders supporters cannot allow themselves to be sucked into fighting against the Democratic candidate, even if it isn’t Bernie Sanders. We cannot shoot ourselves in the foot by stooping to infighting within our ranks. This infighting went far to help create even more disorganization within the ranks of the Democrats than already exists.

I also agree with the authors point about how the candidacy of Bernie Sanders had a very positive effect on the attitudes of many citizens of this country, especially since Sen. Sanders has always been consistent in his message of fighting Wall Street, fighting big corporations and corporate rule, fighting corporate tax advantages, raising the minimum wage, and advocating for working-class Americans. The fact the Democrats chose not to embrace these very important areas, is one reason they lost the election in 2016 to Donald Trump. They cannot, or must not, make the same mistake again.

The candidacy of Bernie Sanders in 2016 succeeded in one big area that is hugely important. It brought many voters farther to the Left than ever before. It got more voters to stop straddling the fence, and choose a side. The side they chose was mostly progressive/liberal, which is good for the United States. Americans are finally starting to wake up and see that the positions embraced by Bernie Sanders are the ones which will help this country become a better place to live.

I say this because Donald Trump, their candidate, has done absolutely nothing for the working class as he promised. He has only widened the division between many Americans, and most Americans are starting to see how bad this division is for this country.


An Unmistakable Message

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Bernie Sanders Says Presidential Run in 2020 Is Possible

Bernie Sanders Says Presidential Run in 2020 Is Possible

In an interview on SiriusXM radio, Senator Bernie Sanders says that a presidential run in 2020 “is not off the table”. For me, this is some of the best news I’ve heard in while. Even though Bernie Sanders will be 79 years old in 2020, I still think he will be the best candidate that any party can come up with, especially the Democrats.

Right now, I can’t think of another Democrat, except for the possibility of Elizabeth Warren or Al Franken that could make just as good of a presidential run. Bernie Sanders is the best chance that the Democratic Party stands for a presidential win if he chooses to run again under the Democratic Party banner. If he chooses another party to run under, who can blame him, especially after the way he was treated by the Democratic Party leadership, especially Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton. As far as I’m concerned, I still think they both owe Bernie Sanders an apology after their shoddy treatment of both him and his candidacy.

Senator Bernie Sanders, in this interview, points out that President Donald Trump is the representative of the “billionaire class” and not the middle class. A truer statement was never spoken, as far as I’m concerned. I totally agree with Senator Sanders on this point. Since the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has done nothing for the working man, but he has done plenty to further the interests of the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

Senator Bernie Sanders also points out that he still is going to try to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. I’m very glad he still maintains this position and it is very unlikely that he will falter from it. There will never be any type of real equality in this country as far as many Americans still work for less than a living wage. The workers of this country do not deserve to continue to be unrecognized, unappreciated, and uncompensated.

Senator Bernie Sanders can count on me to be one of his staunchest supporters, just as I was in 2016. He is the type of person we deserve to have as President of the United States, not the rich martinet we are now stuck with.


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Bernie Sanders Not Allowing Himself to Be Distracted by “Constitutional Crisis”

Working In These Times is dedicated to providing independent and incisive coverage of the labor movement and the struggles of workers to obtain safe, healthy and just workplaces.

Source: Amid “Constitutional Crisis,” Bernie Sanders Urges Workers To Seize Means of Production – Working In These Times

Bernie Sanders Not Allowing Himself to Be Distracted by “Constitutional Crisis”

The current scandal about the connection between the Donald Trump campaign and the Russians is not distracting Senator Bernie Sanders from looking out for the working class.  While this entire mess is going on, Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced to pieces of legislation that would help the working class more than any other legislation in recent years. Both of these pieces of legislation could make it possible for workers to take ownership over the means of production, which is always a classic socialist strategy for improving working conditions and bringing about equality between workers and bosses.

Now is the perfect time for legislation to come along to improve conditions for the average American worker, especially since our nation is consumed by the current “dog and pony show” of Donald Trump and his minions.  While our entire country is being distracted by the current Trump/Russia scandal, Bernie Sanders has retained the proper focus; advocating for the working class.  While most people are distracted and disoriented by this current mess, he chooses to take action to help his country. I’m hopeful that we will survive what pundits are currently calling a “constitutional crisis” because I have lived through Watergate, which was also labeled a “constitutional crisis”.  I, just like it did back then, have enough faith that the safeguards put into our system will prevail and take Donald Trump out of power, just like the safeguards put Richard Nixon out of the White House.  Even though it may take a while, Donald Trump will likewise be dealt with in the same way as Richard Nixon.

These two pieces of legislation, introduced by Bernie Sanders are the WORK (Worker Ownership, Readiness and Knowledge Act) and the US Employee Ownership Bank.  Bernie Sanders believes that both of these pieces of legislation will level the playing field, and make it possible for workers to have more control over the businesses that they work in.  He also believes that these bills will help to prepare American workers to compete with foreign companies, by improving the skills and training of American workers and encouraging these workers to educate themselves to be better able to compete.

This lack of competition has hamstrung American industry for years.  It has gotten to the point where a middle-class worker cannot further education because the cost of education has risen to the point where it has put further training out of reach of the average worker.  This causes many workers to be stuck in “dead-end” jobs where they stand little chance for advancement in their careers.  The WORK Act would go far in helping to relieve this situation.  It provides $45 million in funding to be used to enhance training for workers who wish to advance.

The second piece of legislation put forth by Bernie Sanders, The US Employee Ownership Bank would make available $500 million in low-interest loans that would make it possible for workers to buy out the businesses they work in.  Allowing workers to own the “means of production” is an old socialist principle that I would expect no wonder American politician other than Bernie Sanders to embrace, or even have knowledge about.  In the United States, our people are not taught about socialist principles, and no matter how good they may be, simply because they are socialist.  Americans are taught to fear socialism and to think that it’s bad.  Thankfully, Bernie Sanders is not one of those brainwashed people, like most of his fellow Americans.


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