Democratic National Committee Betrays Younger Voters With Corruption

The worst things about the corruption exposed within the Democratic National Committee is that many younger voters have been further disillusioned.

Democratic National Committee Betrays Younger Voters With Corruption

Democratic National CommitteeThe worst thing about the corruption exposed within the Democratic National Committee is that many younger voters have been disillusioned. The political process is already considered a turnoff and corrupt for many younger people. After this scandal, can anyone really blame them for being turned off and dissolution?

Many of these younger voters, were people who have never voted before. Because of this scandal within the Democratic National Committee, many of them will probably be further alienated and never bother to vote. Their current attitude will be genuine. For something like this to happen at a time when the Democrats are trying to attract younger people into the system, is a disaster.

As an older person, I can’t say as I really blame them a damn bit for having these feelings. If I were in the position, I would probably be alienated right along with them. Disillusionment with the Democratic Party is something that is not new for me. Over 20 years ago I became so pissed off with the Democratic Party that I left and joined the Green Party; something I have never regretted.

After the revelation by Donna Brazile, in her new book, that corruption within the Democratic National Committee was real, I am thinking very actively of rejoining the Green Party out of disgust and a feeling of betrayal. I rejoined the Democratic Party just so I could vote for Senator Bernie Sanders, someone I strongly feel is capable of being a great president. In my opinion, Senator Bernie Sanders is just what this country needs and deserves.

The Democratic National Committee has shown itself to be shortsighted, not to mention entirely partisan, by accepting Hillary Clinton as their candidate for president of the United States. America could have done better and deserved better. Don’t get me wrong, because I don’t feel that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt person. The reason I don’t support her is that she isn’t the best candidate. Hillary Clinton represents the status quo that I hate more than anything. She has too many ties to Wall Street and big business to make me feel comfortable with her as a candidate. Over the years, she has taken too many campaign contributions from the healthcare industry and big Pharma, both of whom I don’t trust to give the best healthcare system for a deserving populace that badly needs one.

As long as the Democratic Party insists on running a status quo candidate, I refuse to support them. This country needs a true progressive candidate, not another “player within the system” like Hillary or anyone else. We need a true progressive.

If the Democratic Party is incapable of giving us that, then maybe we should continue denying them our support. Perhaps they will change the practice of partisan politics within the party when voters start leaving the Democratic Party. Even though by doing so we run much risk of surrendering to the Right, the risk is worth it. Donald Trump is probably going to ruin the United States and if the Democratic Party doesn’t try to at least save us the indignity of having your country flushed down the toilet by Trump and his minions, then what good are they?


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Bernie Sanders Not Stumping for Democrats. Who Can Blame Him?

But for now the liberal icon has largely stayed out of the battle for control over the chamber.

Source: Swing-state Democrats ask Bernie for help

Bernie Sanders Not Stumping For Democrats. Who can blame him?

Now the Democratic Party seems to be blaming Bernie Sanders because he is not out stumping for the various Democratic candidates running for office around the country. Can anyone blame him, especially after the way he was treated? As a divorce supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders, I have to say that I don’t blame him one damn bit. Who else would want to jump on the bandwagon of the party that had insulted them or treated them as badly as the Democratic Party has Bernie Sanders? He probably doesn’t want to get involved with a corrupt political machine, which is what the Democratic Party has allowed itself to become.

Hopefully, the Democratic Party will stop acting like a political machine and become a party of the people as they use to. Hopefully, with the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), some of this corruption and machine style politics will end. After the recent leaking of emails by WikiLeaks, it should be very obvious to anyone that the entire Democratic primary process had been rigged from the start, and party leaders had succeeded in getting the candidate the DNC wanted from the very beginning of the process, Hillary Clinton.

If the Democratic Party doesn’t stop pandering to special interests and accepting “dark money,” they will be put in the same category as the GOP; corrupt and pandering to big capital. They run the risk of alienating the rank-and-file workers that they use to represent.

I don’t know whether anyone else noticed or not, but during the entire Democratic convention, Bernie Sanders barely cracked a smile. I could just see the indignation on his face and his disapproval of the whole proceeding. As far as I’m concerned, the entire Democratic national convention was a total farce. It reeked of bad script writing and behind closed doors manipulation. The fix was in, and it had worked. However, Bernie Sanders did the gracious gesture of putting an end to the roll call vote and conceded to Hillary Clinton. Personally, I don’t know whether or not I could’ve been that gracious, especially if I had been treated by the Democratic National Committee like he was.

Even though it should be obvious by now that Hillary Clinton is far more qualified than Donald Trump to be president, the election will be closer than anyone expects. Even though I feel that Bernie Sanders is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to lead this nation, I plan on voting for her, mostly to do my part in keeping Donald Trump out of the White House, which I honestly feel would be nothing less than a total disaster.

Now, the Democratic Party actually has the gall to play some type of blame Bernie Sanders because he hasn’t bent over backwards to work for the party? Like I said to before, can anyone really blame Bernie Sanders for anything?


Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton –

Jul 12, 2016 Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders formally declared an end to their political rivalry Tuesday, joining forces to take on a shared enemy: Donald …
Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party | Heat Street

6 days ago Bernie Sanders dumps the Democrats after he fails to win their nomination. He’ll return to being an Independent in the Senate in the fall.



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Nina Turner, One of Top Bernie Sanders Supporters, Slighted at Convention

She says the Clinton campaign told Sanders she couldn’t speak.

Source: Top Sanders backer Nina Turner says she was kicked off DNC program and “no reason was given”

Nina Turner, One of Top Bernie Sanders Supporters, Slighted at Convention

This entire scenario couldn’t have been written any better if Machiavelli had written it himself, as Nina Turner was “conveniently” excluded from being allowed to speak at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Of course, I’m sure that because Ms. Turner was one of the most avid supporters of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s campaign had nothing to do with it, right? This points out to me one fact; if Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to alienate Bernie Sanders supporters, this is the perfect way to do it.

It seems that heavy-handed tactics used by certain members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) used against Nina Turner has become the new standard operating procedure of the Democratic Party. It has gotten to the point that some of them are almost behaving as badly as the Republicans.

They should be ashamed of themselves that someone as articulate as Nina Turner was excluded from the agenda. This begs the question “why was Nina Turner left out of the speaking order?” I suppose that she was one of the most outspoken of Bernie Sanders’ supporters had nothing to do with it, right? If you believe that, there is a large bridge here in the Bay Area that I would love to sell you.

This whole incident is just another example of how Bernie Sanders’ many supporters were treated at the convention. If they do something as disrespectful as this to someone as prominent as Nina Turner, one can only imagine how other supporters of Bernie Sanders were treated. I now understand why some Bernie Sanders supporters sat in the convention with tape reading “Silenced” across their mouths. If I would’ve been there I would have joined their protest.

The disrespect shown towards Nina Turner, and other Bernie Sanders supporters is something that the DNC should be ashamed of. I’m sure that many Bernie Sanders delegates and supporters would have really liked to hear what Nina Turner has to say. I know I would!

During Hillary Clinton’s very good acceptance speech, I noticed that every time they aim the camera at Bernie, he just sat there looking sullen and dejected. At some points, Bernie Sanders even looked angry. He only broke a slight smile a couple of times. After the exclusion of one of his supporters like Nina Turner, I doubt if he was really happy. During the entire speech, I only saw him smile twice.

To me, this represents the total lack of respect that the Hillary Clinton campaign gave to the Bernie Sanders campaign during the entire election. If his ideas were really so bad, why did the Democratic Party adopt about 80% of them into their platform?


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Are Younger Americans Finally Waking up?

Capitalism has only itself to blame, forcing younger Americans to look for an alternative.

Source:  Millenials are ripe for socialism: A generation is rising up against neoliberal oppression –

Are Younger Americans Finally Waking Up?

Millennials support Bernie SandersFinally, it seems that younger Americans, often called millennials, are finally waking up and realizing that capitalism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Since I don’t particularly like the term “millennials”, I will refer to them as younger but never Americans because I find it more suitable and less like another label.   They are beginning to have some far-reaching questions about why they should go on supporting a system that does nothing for them and does not enrich their lives in a way that they have already been led to believe.

These younger Americans realize that capitalism isn’t the answer for making their lives better, as they have always been led to believe. More of them than ever before are starting to take a serious look at socialism as a better alternative, something that I would’ve told them back in the 70s when I first embraced this better alternative to capitalism.

I first became a firm believer in the socialist system back in the 70s, when I began to notice that for every person whose life was made better by capitalism, at least 100 other people were hurt by it. After witnessing the unfairness of the capitalist system, I rejected it because one thing that I have always believed in is fairness. Many younger Americans seems to be coming to the same conclusion that I did when I was young.

This story goes a long way in explaining something that I have believed would happen for many years; eventually, people would start to realize that capitalism was an evil system that only exploited and hurt people, in particular, the workers who have carried this country on their backs for far too long. This willingness to embrace socialism as an alternative to capitalism has been highlighted by the presidential candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist.

The current capitalist establishment seems to be going into some denial about this fact, and are trying to explain it away. They are resorting to the same tactics that they have always used; lies and deception. One of the biggest lies they resort to is pointing out that would not be so eager to embrace socialism if they remembered the Cold War; something that happened and was over with many years before they were born. As a 60-year-old man who remembers the Cold War all too well, I can honestly say that this argument is total bullshit. How is instilling needless fear into a child possibly helping anyone?

Most younger Americans have always been told what the Cold War was and what it stood for. Many of them have been instilled with the same type of Cold War paranoia that their parents were. Even though these younger Americans were born well after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Soviet bloc, they are quite aware of this recent history.

Among the questions that many younger Americans ask is; is a system fair that will bail out the banks for trillions of dollars but yet allows the average American to wallow in debt? They are also asking a question that I have long asked, why is it considered to be fair that the bulk of this nation’s wealth be in the hands of 1% of the population. They also are asking why members of the working-class care in this country on the backs by paying their taxes while the wealthy and affluent are allowed to pay nothing or a minimal amount?

These are questions that capitalists can’t answer, mostly because there is no answer, at least one that is truthful or believable. It seems that many younger Americans are finally waking up, asking questions, and refusing to believe the lies that they have always been spoon-fed. I say that it’s about time.


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Jul 4, 2014 They are less devoted to symbols of the nation, like the flag. But they are supportive of ideals like democracy and equality.


The Attempt By the Media To Downplay the Bernie Sanders Campaign

Despite the fact that Sanders’ campaign has only grown larger and larger, the media always bends over backwards to dismiss him.

Source: A Short History of the Media Smugly Dismissing Bernie Sanders’ Campaign at Every Step of the Way – In These Times

The Attempt by the Media to Downplay the Bernie Sanders Campaign

I have noticed a very active attempt by the so-called “mainstream media”to downplay the significant accomplishments of the Bernie Sanders campaign. Even so-called “progressive” media seems to have joined the fray in attempting to overlook the Sanders campaign and the great progress it is made. Even MSNBC, once regarded as a top progressive media outlet, has joined in this attempt to overlook the accomplishments of Sen. Bernie Sanders. Frankly, I really must say I’m totally disgusted by the entire thing.

It seems that for some reason, it’s almost as though the media feels threatened by Bernie Sanders, and the very notable accomplishments he has made in his run for president of the United States. Even though many of us to recognize this fact are often labeled as whacked out “conspiracy theorists” most of us make a very valid point in our argument.

It seems that the media is almost trying to sabotage his campaign, or are working in collusion with the Clinton campaign.  Hillary Clinton has become the “darling” of media coverage, even though her campaign has been shown to be falling behind and making mistakes. It has become quite obvious to me that some reporters, even those on MSNBC, are clear-cut Clinton supporters. I would be willing to bet that many of them will probably vote for Hillary Clinton.

Much of this increasingly obvious understating the accomplishments of the Bernie Sanders campaign is coming from “political pundits” and “experts” who always seem to be talking about why Bernie Sanders cannot be elected, and often pull many arguments against him out of thin air. I often times wonder if these pundits are being paid off by the Clinton campaign, even though I realize that this point makes me sounds a bit paranoid. However, I learned a long time ago, especially in politics, not to take anything at face value and not trust anything that comes from any of the so-called political experts”.

I often wonder, where do they find these people? Most of these people I’ve never heard of and just seem to appear out of thin air. After listening to this people for a while it doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion that most of them not only don’t know what they’re talking about but magically pull ridiculous answers out of their asses. Little of the so-called “facts” seems to be based on any type of truth.

In the case of the Bernie Sanders campaign, I can’t understand how they can possibly ignore his campaign, especially since he has won so many primaries, picking up delegates as he goes, has succeeded in raising so much money from grassroots supporters like me. He doesn’t have to depend on super PACs for his support, unlike his counterpart Hillary Clinton. It often appears to me that the media doesn’t want his campaign to succeed because he is a direct threat to the “status quo” system of big money involvement in our political process.

Frankly, this maintenance of the current system of campaign financing doesn’t really surprise me. This is because most of our media outlets are now controlled by corporate America. We no longer have a truly free press left in the United States.


Bernie Sanders Ups Anti-Clinton Rhetoric

NEW YORK—A new rift in the Democratic race has opened up, with Bernie Sanders making the case that Bill Clinton’s two-term presidency was harmful to the African-American voters who are among the most loyal groups in the Clinton family’s political base.

Sanders: Clinton ‘condescending’ to young voters

… has opened up the opportunity for them to do a lot of research,” he added. “And I’ll tell you, one of the reasons I think we’re doing so well is a lot of those people are going to the Internet and hearing what we have to say and what Bernie Sanders


Blocking our path

Bernie Sanders for President

I want to talk about what we did last night: after starting in the polls in Wisconsin down more than 40 points, we finished the election with a HUGE margin of victory. We’re also going to come away with a strong majority of the delegates.

We are on the path to the Democratic nomination for president. But I want to be clear: super PACs and the billionaire class want to block that path in the New York primary.

We very much expect an unbelievable amount of attacks and negativity over the next two weeks. But I also expect that if we all stand together, starting right now, we can come out of New York with another victory. That’s why I have to ask you directly:

Contribute $50 to our campaign to help us continue our momentum from Wisconsin with a victory in New York in less than two weeks.

One of the first sentences I wrote to our supporters after we launched our campaign was something few people heeded:

People should not underestimate us.

They did underestimate us. They did not think it was possible for millions of people to come together and win 16 contests on our path to the presidency.

It would be a mistake to let up for even a minute. An impressive, unprecedented number of people have contributed to our campaign and helped us get this far. We cannot stop now.

We are only as successful as we are because more than 6.5 million times, people have contributed an average of $27 to our campaign. Now, with a huge battleground primary coming up in New York, we need you more than ever.

Rush your $50 contribution to our campaign now and keep us on this path to victory.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


Paid for by Bernie 2016

(not the billionaires)

PO Box 905 – Burlington VT 05402 United States – (855) 4-BERNIE