Is the United States Threatened by White Supremacists?

The internal security of the United States is threatened by the ugliness of “white supremacy”.

Is The United States Threatened by White Supremacists?

White supremacistsThe internal security of the United States is threatened by the ugliness of “white supremacy”.  On August 12, 2017, white supremacists held a rally in Charlottesville, VA, and this rally turned violent as they often do. White supremacists attacked counter-demonstrators who were expressing their disdain for the beliefs of the white supremacists. As a result, the white supremacists killed a young woman and injured several other people. Now, as usual, they are acting like they are the ones being “victimized”.

If that wasn’t enough, these white supremacists have the backing of the president of the United States, Donald Trump. After the incident happened last month, he gave a statement in which he blamed “both sides” for the violence, even though the perpetrator were clearly the white supremacists.

This is the first time that Donald Trump has clearly shown himself to be a racist and white supremacist. Most of us who listen to him during his campaign already knew that he held racist beliefs, but we really did not know how deep these feelings run. Since his first statement, Donald Trump has given other statements which clearly show his sympathies lie with the white supremacists. Believe it or not, many people are surprised by these latest statements. Are these people just naïve or just plain stupid?

Unfortunately, many people have the weird idea that the entire concept of white supremacy somehow went away over the years. They are very wrong because I honestly believe that racism and white supremacy have increased over the last several years. It became very clear to me that white supremacists were gaining more power, especially with the election of an African-American, Barack Obama, as president of the United States.

White supremacy has increased in intensity and the situation has gotten much worse under Donald Trump. It is my firm belief that Donald Trump helped create the current atmosphere which supports white supremacy. This has happened because of some of the ugly racist vitriol used by then candidate Trump on the campaign trail. He made it very clear that he believes that any people of color; African-Americans, Latinos, etc., are responsible for what is wrong with this country. What is wrong with this country is that there are too many racists in positions of power in this country. One of these positions is President of the United States.


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Will White Supremacy In the US Ever Be Dealt with Effectively?

The problem of white supremacists will never beget with effectively in the US as long as people choose to remain in the state of denial that still exists.

Will White Supremacy In the US Ever Be Dealt with Effectively?

White supremacyThe problem of white supremacy will never be dealt with effectively in the US as long as people choose to stay in the state of denial that it still exists. Until people in this country acknowledge that white supremacy is alive and well in America, and we all take on the subject of racism, not much will change. In fact, white supremacy will probably increase to the point where it will create violent instability in this country. In most ways this would be a bad thing to happen, although I can actually see where this type of action may be necessary. Even though I embrace principles of nonviolence and pacifism, I can honestly admit that some type of “cleansing process” may be necessary.

By the term “cleansing process” I simply mean that it may be necessary for those of us on the Left to meet force with force, especially since most of the white supremacist organizations I’ve seen always seem to be well armed. I am suggesting that it may be necessary for those of us on the Left, to also be well armed and ready to use whatever means necessary to stop his ugliness known as “white supremacy” to end, or least be stifled to the point where it is no longer dangerous.

After the incident in Charlottesville, VA, we need to start considering the question, how does white supremacy affect society? Even though there have been other incidents of white supremacist violence, the incident in Charlottesville seems to bring the entire issue to a head. I, and I suspect other people, have come to the conclusion that every white supremacist group needs to be dealt with effectively. By effectively, I mean it’s such a way that it ceases to be a driving factor in today’s society, as it now seems. I think most of agree with we ask ourselves the question, “is white supremacy on the rise? The answer would seem to be yes definitely.

Even though I firmly believe in the U.S. Constitution and principles of freedom of speech, there comes a point when this freedom of speech should be controlled, especially if it leads to violence, as it did in Charlottesville. I’m not proposing we amend the U.S. Constitution or alter the clause dealing with “freedom of speech”, mostly because that would betray the very core principles upon which this document is based. I am suggesting that when this freedom of speech leads to violence, things have been allowed to go too far.

Like I said before, those of us on the Left and even those who consider themselves moderates, should be ready to meet force with force because the white supremacist have always kept violence as an open option for them to use when they see fit. Maybe it’s time we on the Left started thinking the same way. If they want blood, we on the Left should be ready to give it to them in full measure.

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