Russian Paid Advertisements on Facebook Probably Affected 2016 Election

Here are some of the Russian paid videos that were put on Facebook to influence last year’s presidential election.

Here Are Some Of The Ads Russia Paid To Promote On Facebook | HuffPost

Russian Paid Advertisements on Facebook Probably Affected 2016 Election

Here are some of the Russian paid advertisements that were put on Facebook to influence last year’s presidential election. I actually remember seeing some of them. It is also easy for me to see how some people could be affected by watching these videos. Russian paid advertisements obviously influenced some American voters in the 2016 presidential election. It is also probable that those videos swayed the election in favor of Donald Trump.

The reason Russian paid advertisements on Facebook probably swayed the election in favor of Donald Trump is that most of the ads are “hit pieces” for Trump’s opponents; Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. Practically none of the videos I’ve seen are targeted against Trump. Whether we Americans like to believe it or not, we are the perfect targets for these types of Russian paid advertisements. Most of us don’t like to admit it, but we are very politically gullible and easily influenced by what we see on social media, especially since we spend so much of our time on it.

Maybe this entire incident of Russian paid advertisements and other types of influence on our election should be a wake-up call for all of us. The message here may be that we all need to join the real world and stop looking at social media to be our source of information. Social media is intended to be used as entertainment, not our primary source of information because it obviously has flaws in that respect.

We all need to realize that we take Facebook, and other forms of social media are taken far too seriously. We need to realize that even though the “mainstream media” is largely contaminated by corporate influence, it is still a better source of information than Facebook. We may have to sort through the hidden “corporate messages” and other bullshit to find the “real news”, but it is possible. It just takes time and patience. Also, there are other reliable, less contaminated, sources of information that we can rely on, or at least use to be something we should have always been; a well-informed populace of voters.


5 Companies That Had A Rough Week – Page: 1 | CRN

Sep 29, 2017 … Twitter and Facebook for facing mounting criticism for accepting Russian-paid advertisements that attempted to influence the 2016 election.


The Main Reason We Should Be Scared of Donald Trump As POTUS

The Main Reason We Should Be Scared of Donald Trump As POTUS

Even though this commercial spot was posted on television by a PAC that supports Hillary Clinton, and not her real campaign, should not cause us to miss the message behind this video. It accentuates just why we should all be scared to death of the prospects of Donald Trump possibly becoming POTUS.

This video, taken from various clips of him, should convince everyone that Donald Trump is far too dangerous to be allowed anywhere near nuclear weapons, or the power to use them against anyone he sees as a potential “enemy.”

There is something very wrong with a person saying, “I love war” in a public interview with Donald Trump has done. Maybe if he had ever had a horror of experiencing the hell that war causes, Donald Trump would not be so cavalier with his attitude about it. Of course, Donald Trump has never had to go through the horrendous experience that war is because his wealthy father was able to use his money and influence to make sure that his son never had to experience it.

Anyone who says, “I love war” is nothing less than deranged. I’m starting to have very real questions about the sanity of Donald Trump. I’m starting to believe that he has more than a few screws loose if he believes own words.

Is saying these words, Donald Trump makes the think about a quote from the great socialist leader of this country, Eugene Debs, who is quoted as saying, “The master class always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.”


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Five Points for Bernie Sanders To Consider in 2020

To the delight of many of us, Bernie Sanders has announced that he will run for President of the United States, in 2020.

A Five-Point Plan for Sanders

Five Points for Bernie Sanders To Consider in 2020

To the delight of many of us, Bernie Sanders has announced that he will run for President of the United States, in 2020. I am elated because, I love Bernie Sanders and think he is the best choice for POTUS, but I also think that he stands a good chance of winning. Even though Bernie Sanders will be 79 at the time of collection, I still think the would be the best candidate the Democratic Party could put up against the Republican candidate. Needless to say, his age will be one thing that they will use against him. However, despite his age, Bernie Sanders is still as sharp as a tack.

In this well-written article, the author gives five points that he says Bernie Sanders should follow if he hopes to win the election, or at least make a lasting impact. The only thing that I don’t like about the article is that it gives the assumption that the Democratic Party candidate won’t be Bernie Sanders, but someone else. In this respect, it is easy to see that the author is slanted in favor of someone other than Bernie Sanders. However, despite this, his five points should not be discounted because they make good sense.

The two points I heavily agree with are where the author makes the point that Sanders supporter should not attack Hillary Clinton or whatever candidate, the Democratic Party chooses. After this past election, many supporters of Bernie Sanders openly revolted against her and voted for other candidates. They also made a point of attacking her at every given turn. This was a mistake, which I, unfortunately, must confess I made.

I think these eternal attacks by Democrats against other Democrats may be one reason Donald Trump won the presidency, even though he did not win the popular vote, and only won the presidency using the antiquated Electoral College system. In retrospect, we supporters of Bernie Sanders inadvertently helped a person who has shown themselves to be a terrible president, just because we had “sour grapes” about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. Some of us behave like spoiled children; something which we must get past in 2020 if the Democrats have any hopes of winning back the White House and Congress.

The Democrats, particularly Sanders supporters cannot allow themselves to be sucked into fighting against the Democratic candidate, even if it isn’t Bernie Sanders. We cannot shoot ourselves in the foot by stooping to infighting within our ranks. This infighting went far to help create even more disorganization within the ranks of the Democrats than already exists.

I also agree with the authors point about how the candidacy of Bernie Sanders had a very positive effect on the attitudes of many citizens of this country, especially since Sen. Sanders has always been consistent in his message of fighting Wall Street, fighting big corporations and corporate rule, fighting corporate tax advantages, raising the minimum wage, and advocating for working-class Americans. The fact the Democrats chose not to embrace these very important areas, is one reason they lost the election in 2016 to Donald Trump. They cannot, or must not, make the same mistake again.

The candidacy of Bernie Sanders in 2016 succeeded in one big area that is hugely important. It brought many voters farther to the Left than ever before. It got more voters to stop straddling the fence, and choose a side. The side they chose was mostly progressive/liberal, which is good for the United States. Americans are finally starting to wake up and see that the positions embraced by Bernie Sanders are the ones which will help this country become a better place to live.

I say this because Donald Trump, their candidate, has done absolutely nothing for the working class as he promised. He has only widened the division between many Americans, and most Americans are starting to see how bad this division is for this country.


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Bernie Sanders Not Allowing Himself to Be Distracted by “Constitutional Crisis”

Working In These Times is dedicated to providing independent and incisive coverage of the labor movement and the struggles of workers to obtain safe, healthy and just workplaces.

Source: Amid “Constitutional Crisis,” Bernie Sanders Urges Workers To Seize Means of Production – Working In These Times

Bernie Sanders Not Allowing Himself to Be Distracted by “Constitutional Crisis”

The current scandal about the connection between the Donald Trump campaign and the Russians is not distracting Senator Bernie Sanders from looking out for the working class.  While this entire mess is going on, Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced to pieces of legislation that would help the working class more than any other legislation in recent years. Both of these pieces of legislation could make it possible for workers to take ownership over the means of production, which is always a classic socialist strategy for improving working conditions and bringing about equality between workers and bosses.

Now is the perfect time for legislation to come along to improve conditions for the average American worker, especially since our nation is consumed by the current “dog and pony show” of Donald Trump and his minions.  While our entire country is being distracted by the current Trump/Russia scandal, Bernie Sanders has retained the proper focus; advocating for the working class.  While most people are distracted and disoriented by this current mess, he chooses to take action to help his country. I’m hopeful that we will survive what pundits are currently calling a “constitutional crisis” because I have lived through Watergate, which was also labeled a “constitutional crisis”.  I, just like it did back then, have enough faith that the safeguards put into our system will prevail and take Donald Trump out of power, just like the safeguards put Richard Nixon out of the White House.  Even though it may take a while, Donald Trump will likewise be dealt with in the same way as Richard Nixon.

These two pieces of legislation, introduced by Bernie Sanders are the WORK (Worker Ownership, Readiness and Knowledge Act) and the US Employee Ownership Bank.  Bernie Sanders believes that both of these pieces of legislation will level the playing field, and make it possible for workers to have more control over the businesses that they work in.  He also believes that these bills will help to prepare American workers to compete with foreign companies, by improving the skills and training of American workers and encouraging these workers to educate themselves to be better able to compete.

This lack of competition has hamstrung American industry for years.  It has gotten to the point where a middle-class worker cannot further education because the cost of education has risen to the point where it has put further training out of reach of the average worker.  This causes many workers to be stuck in “dead-end” jobs where they stand little chance for advancement in their careers.  The WORK Act would go far in helping to relieve this situation.  It provides $45 million in funding to be used to enhance training for workers who wish to advance.

The second piece of legislation put forth by Bernie Sanders, The US Employee Ownership Bank would make available $500 million in low-interest loans that would make it possible for workers to buy out the businesses they work in.  Allowing workers to own the “means of production” is an old socialist principle that I would expect no wonder American politician other than Bernie Sanders to embrace, or even have knowledge about.  In the United States, our people are not taught about socialist principles, and no matter how good they may be, simply because they are socialist.  Americans are taught to fear socialism and to think that it’s bad.  Thankfully, Bernie Sanders is not one of those brainwashed people, like most of his fellow Americans.


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Trumps Great Distraction: The Trump Tower Bugging

Since the FBI announced that it is investigating Donald Trump and his campaign for possible irregularities, he has doubled down on his ridiculous claim of the Trump Tower being bugged.

Trumps Great Distraction: The Trump Tower Bugging


Since the FBI announced that it is investigating The president and his campaign for possible irregularities, he has doubled down on his ridiculous claim of The Trump Tower being bugged.  Hopefully, most people realize that this allegation is entirely groundless and just another distraction thrown up by Donald Trump to distract away from the real issue; did his campaign work with Russia to fix the 2016 election for Trump?

Just to bring anyone up to speed that may be so put off by this entire thing, The president is claiming that President Barack Obama wiretapped The Trump Tower.  As ridiculous and paranoid as that may sound, Trump is arguing that it happened.  FBI Director, James Comey says that his agency has no evidence that The Trump Tower was ever under electronic surveillance of any type.

However, Trump is sticking by his claim, because as most of us who have watched him for a while, know that Donald Trump always thinks the is the smartest guy in the room, no matter how stupid he is in life.  These days, our “president” has taken paranoia to a new level that would make even Richard Nixon wince in fear.  Trump’s paranoia is making me wonder if he truly is as paranoid as he seems, or is he just pretending?  Could this high level of arrogance and fear just be another one of his dog and pony shows, for which he is famous?

No matter how hard he may try, I sincerely hope that the American people don’t believe Trump any further that they can throw a bus because he is as guilty as shit of colluding with Russia to fix the election.  Hopefully, the FBI investigation of his campaign will show what a bastard Donald Trump is.


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One of the Few Times I Will Agree with The History Channel

Source: History Channel makes a bold statement—totally factual—and Trump supporters are losing their minds

One of the Few Times I Will Agree With the History Channel

I usually don’t agree with the History Channel, especially when they express a political position.  Most of the time, they seem to express a political viewpoint I find to be the same old propaganda that we were spoon-fed as schoolchildren, where the United States is always portrayed as the “good guys” and a bastion of democracy.  The History Channel also expresses a Eurocentric viewpoint that I find almost offensive.

These days, I usually change the channel when  The History Channel “conveniently” starts forgetting that nearly half of our Founding Fathers were slave-owners or that most of them were the wealthy élite of that time.  They were part of the 1% of the 18th-century.  When I am feeling very cynical, I wonder if these men drafted the U.S. Constitution to protect their own self-interest and wealth or because they actually cared about creating something special that had never been done before.

This picture posted on Facebook by The History Channel says it all.  The 2016 presidential election was tampered with by a foreign power.  Even though Donald Trump, the beneficiary of this election tampering by the Russians, chooses to live in a state of denial about the situation, I believe that our country is going to be subjected to least four years of mismanagement and abuse.  Both the FBI and CIA agree that the election was tampered with by computer hacking.  Rarely do these two agencies agree on anything; a fact that tells me there is probably something real behind these claims of Russian hacking to tamper with the election.

The irony is that it is happening because of Russia; a country that was once an example of a twisted system of communism gone awry.


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Donald Trump Is Not The “Business Genius” That He Claims to Be

Source: OUCH! Newsweek exposes Trump as the Business fraud he is.

Donald Trump Is Not The “Business Genius” That He Claims to Be

The major point that Donald Trump made during his campaign was that his great business acumen made him very qualified to be president of the United States.  This article by Kurt Eichenwald, from Newsweek, tells the truth when it exposes Donald Trump as a fraud; something that had been long-proven to anyone who has followed his career, or been left in its wake.  In fact, the well-written article makes him look like a scam artist, something that most of us already knew.

Donald Trump is guilty of everything from lying to get a bank loan to how many bankruptcies he has profited from by misusing our current bankruptcy laws.  He is also guilty of trampling over other people just to get ahead; something that he showed a propensity for doing during his campaign.

Here is a list of offenses and lies that President-elect Donald Trump has told over the years, as cited in the Newsweek article:

  • Trump lied to Congress.
  • Trump was publicly insulting Native Americans while other real business people were making deals to help manage their casinos.
  • Trump signed a deal with one Native American casino, and they paid him $6 million to go away.
  • Trump punched his second-grade teacher
  • each Trump lied in his books, then blamed the same woman he blamed for Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech.
  • Trump lied in a filing with a bank where he was trying to get a loan about how much he was worth.
  • Trump lied about how much money he got from his dad.
  • Trump’s dad gave him illegal loans by taking cash to his casino, turning it over at a craps table, loading up a suitcase with $5,000 chips, and leaving.
  • Trump’s earliest deals all lost money and he only did well when his dad guaranteed loans.
  • Trump spent $1 million per plane to turn a shuttle into a luxury trip that no one wanted to take. The planes were only worth $4 million each.

The next time a supporter of Donald Trump tries to justify voting for this pathological liar, feel free to share the Newsweek article with them, or, better yet, just give them this list.