Jeff Sessions’ Political Football; Legal Marijuana

Jeff Sessions’ Political Football; Legal Marijuana

Jeff Sessions has found a new political football over the issue of legal marijuana. He is exploiting this issue to try to ingratiate himself with the Trump administration. He is doing this because lately, he has fallen “out-of-favor” with Trump over his recusal on whether Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to become President of the United States.

Donald Trump had hoped that Sessions would use his position as Attorney General to thwart or interfere with any investigation into this matter. To his credit, Jeff Sessions recused himself because it would have been a conflict of interest on his part.

Lately, there has been a lot of pressure from key members of the Republican party to remove Jeff Sessions from his position as Attorney General. Luckily, Sessions was able to use the issue of legal marijuana, only legalized in five states, as a political football to save his ass. He has publicly taken a position to enforce federal law against legal marijuana, even though this is clearly a states rights issue. A states rights issue is a legal matter where the federal government has no right to interfere with a state’s enforcement of a particular law. “States rights” is a concept that is guaranteed by the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This amendment clearly states that whatever the law the federal government has no jurisdiction over his left up to the states to either enforce or not to enforce.

Therefore, Jeff Sessions has no right to interfere in the issue of legal marijuana, especially since there really is no federal law against marijuana. This could be argued by those who support that there is a federal law against hemp (the species of plant that marijuana belongs to) but to most people, including legal scholars, this is a real stretch.

Also, as if by coincidence, the states who have legalized marijuana are states that oppose Donald Trump’s bid for the position of president. Is this really a “coincidence”? I think not!


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The spread of marijuana legalization has led to a reimagining of US drug policy and how, exactly, it should change as people seek alternatives to punitive criminal justice policies that have led to more incarceration and a black market that supports violent criminal enterprises. But marijuana remains illegal under federal law.


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