Donald Trump Wants a Military Parade For Himself

In his latest display of self-indulgence and ego tripping, Donald Trump has asked the Pentagon to plan a large military parade in Washington DC.

Donald Trump and his military parade

Donald Trump Wants a Military Parade For Himself.

Donald Trump and his military paradeIn his latest display of self-indulgence and ego tripping, Donald Trump has asked the Pentagon to plan a massive military parade in Washington DC. He wants to have the parade to honor (you guessed it) himself. But, why should anyone be surprised by this? It merely displays how much Donald Trump lives in his own reality, not actual reality. As a president who blew out his Secret Service budget in the first four months of his presidency, this latest piece of news should be no surprise to anyone.

Criticism of this military parade is by members of Congress from both parties. They question the cost, or propriety, of staging such a parade which could very well cost millions of dollars. Critics say this money could be so much better spent on more necessary items that the military needs, and not a parade. Donald Trump makes no secret about the motive of the parade being to honor himself, although the White House is giving the excuse that it is to honor the 100th anniversary of World I.

Opponents in Congress who are against staging a large military parade say that the money could be better spent on more necessary items, such as, higher pay for soldiers, increased veterans benefits, better military coverage, better military housing for military families and a variety of other items.

The inspiration, if you can call it that, behind Donald Trump’s latest pretentious ask is probably the Bastille Day parade which she attended recently in Paris. At the time, Trump has said how “spectacular” this parade was and that he would like to see such a military parade in the United States. Donald Trump will grab any excuse to feed his insatiable ego. But it isn’t inappropriate, especially at a time when our military men and women are in such need of many things.

After all, will a military parade in Washington DC put food on the table of soldier’s families, or treat veterans that veterans hospitals quicker or better?


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1 day ago President Donald Trump has asked for a military parade and the Pentagon is reviewing potential dates, Pentagon spokesman Charlie Summers said Tuesday.
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1 day ago Members of Congress from both parties joined retired military leaders and veterans in heaping scorn Wednesday on President Donald Trump’s push to parade soldiers and weaponry down the streets of the nation’s capital — calling it a waste of money that would break with democratic traditions.


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