Donald Trump And His War Against Sanctuary Cities

In his latest attempt to throw his weight around, Donald Trump has started an attempt to punish sanctuary cities.

sanctuary cities

Donald Trump and His War Against Sanctuary Cities

sanctuary citiesIn his latest attempt to throw his weight around Donald Trump has started trying to punish sanctuary cities. For those who may not know, sanctuary cities are cities who refuse to coöperate in the process of deportation of so-called “illegal immigrants.” He is suggesting that the federal government should hold back federal funding these sanctuary cities receive.

In his first week of office, Donald Trump signed an executive order authorizing the creation of 10,000 more jobs in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (a.k.a. ICE). These additional ICE agents are designated to be used as immigration enforcement is sanctuary cities. So far, sanctuary cities have resisted these enhanced efforts by ICE to persecute “illegal immigrants” He now thinks that defunding sanctuary cities will somehow force the cities to start cooperating with his racist immigration policies because these efforts have failed.

This effort is just more of Trump’s racism against immigrants put into practice. He regards sanctuary cities as safe havens for “illegal immigrants,” who are one of the prime targets for his racist beliefs. The cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose are determined to resist his efforts punishing them. They have staunchly refused to comply and continue to allow their cities to be sanctuary cities. They will have all refused to cooperate Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal agency charged with enforcing immigration laws.

Donald Trump has also pushed for the arrest of mayors of sanctuary cities. Thus far, no mayor has been arrested even though several of them have said they will gladly allow themselves to be taken into custody to protect immigrants.

ICE and its cruel practices are a significant reason that sanctuary cities are necessary and useful. ICE has shown itself to be nothing more than a glorified bunch of thugs. The creation of sanctuary cities in the United States is trying to keep these thugs under control. Sanctuary cities are necessary because the federal government has thus far refused to hold its trained dogs on leash.

Someone has to try to protect these so-called “illegal immigrants” so sanctuary cities are necessary because the federal government has shown very little mercy to these people come here to have better lives than would have been possible in their countries of origin. In many cases, some of these people would be killed or subjected to harsh punishment if forced to return to their native countries. Since dictatorships rule many of these countries, often put in power by the US government even though we hold self-declared “bragging rights” as being the most democratic country on the face of the earth.


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In the United States and Canada, a sanctuary city is a city that limits its cooperation with the national government effort to enforce immigration law. Leaders of sanctuary cities want to reduce the fear of deportation and possible family break-up among people who are in the country illegally so that such people will be more …


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