American Workers Hurt By Regulation “Reform” by Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Workers’ health, safety, and pay are among the casualties of Trump’s war on regulations: A deregulation year in review

On December 14, 2017, President Trump held a press conference to take credit for the “most far-reaching regulatory reform in history,” claiming his administration has been responsible for more than 1,500 cancelled or delayed regulatory actions. 1 He is expected to tout this number again at his upcoming State of the Union address to Congress.

American Workers Hurt By Regulation “Reform” by Donald Trump

Donald TrumpOne aspect of Donald Trump that isn’t discussed very much is his war against any type of regulation on business. Like most right-wingers, Donald Trump is very much in favor of deregulation; a favorite drum that most conservatives love to bang on. Like most politicos in favor of regulation “reform”, Donald Trump has put the lives of American workers in danger. He has taken the entire regulatory process back to where it was in the early 1900s, which basically means that he is taken worker safety back to where it was during the days of the infamous robber barons.

The issue of deregulation has become a cornerstone for most conservatives, especially those representing big business. Donald Trump shows himself to be an enemy of the working class because he has attempted to “reform” the regulation process and the implementation of regulations. Regulations are what protects the health, safety, and pay received by workers. They are too important to do away with, as Donald Trump and his cronies suggest.

Over the last year, Donald Trump has adopted a policy that he says is for “reforming” regulations and the entire regulatory process. Whenever you see the word “reform” one should always be suspicious of the intent. Over the years, I have become very suspicious every time I see this word because so-called “reform” has many times meant end or twist something to the point where it is no longer recognizable.

Like most efforts at deregulation, the efforts by Donald Trump is “penny-wise and pound foolish”. There are focused on short-term profits and not long-range goals and sustainability. It is far easier for them to just grab profits now, regardless of what effect these actions have on their respective businesses or society.

He had his business cronies fail to recognize that worker safety regulations are more of a benefit than a liability. When worker safety is protected that means they are not only healthy but able to keep working. When a worker is injured on the job, they have to be replaced; something that takes time. And as most businessmen know, time is money. Not to mention that an employer who actually cares about the well-being of his workforce shows himself to be caring, compassionate people.

But as most of us know by now, Donald Trump and his wealthy businessman cronies are anything but caring and compassionate people. They are just really bastards who put profit above everything else, including worker safety and well-being. To them, workers are just more “cannon fodder” to be used recklessly in their quest for bigger profits. This viewpoint that the “bottom line” is more important than people is a major strike against the entire capitalist system.


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