No More Deaths Volunteer Arrested for Giving Water to Immigrant

No More Deaths

Volunteer Arrested After Border Agents Seen Dumping Water

“We see it as an escalation and criminalization of aid workers,” Deighan said Monday. The Border Patrol didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment. William Walker, an attorney for Warren, said his client’s actions were not criminal. “This is a humanitarian aid worker trying to save lives,” Walker said.

No More Deaths Volunteer Arrested for Giving Water to Immigrant

A volunteer with an organization called No More Deaths was arrested for giving water to so-called “illegal” immigrants. After reading this story, I must say I was angry but not surprised. Given the amount of mistrust and hatred generated against immigrants, especially by Donald Trump and his minions, I am very saddened by the low state this entire country seems to have degenerated to, especially given the fact that most of us are descended from immigrants who came to this country looking for something better.

Scott Daniel Warren, a member of the group No More Deaths, was arrested for allegedly harboring two people who entered the United States illegally, according to the Border Patrol. This arrest happened “coincidentally” several hours after No More Deaths released a video showing US Border Patrol officers kicking over water barrels, put in place to save people crossing the US/Mexico border from dying of thirst. This is, unfortunately, something that happens fairly often to so-called “illegal” immigrants crossing over from Mexico.

No More Deaths is a relief organization founded to prevent this sort of thing from happening. They do so by placing water, food, and clothing in places where people crossing the border from Mexico can easily find them. This often prevents “illegal” immigrants from dying after they finished crossing the border. This humanitarian organization deserves praise, not criminalization and harassment by border cops.

This is not the first run in No More Deaths has had with the US Border Patrol. In 2005, two members of the group were arrested for taking a couple of immigrants to see a doctor because they were sick. Shortly afterward, No More Deaths released another videotape showing US border patrol agent taking over some water barrels that had been left to give relief for people crossing the border from Mexico.


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