Donald Trump Displays His Stupidity by Using Norway As Example

Donald Trump Displays His Stupidity by Using Norway As Example

Donald TrumpDonald Trump once again displays his stupidity by using Norway as an example of a place who citizens wish to leave. I blew me away when Donald Trump cited Norway as a place where people should emigrate to the United States from, rather than the so-called “shithole countries.” By “shithole countries,” Donald Trump was referring to places like Haiti or African countries. His stupid example was his typical racism because the citizens of Norway are predominantly white, not dark-skinned like most people in Haiti and Africa. After all, doesn’t every racist want to keep out the “brown people”?

When I first heard this ridiculous and stupid statement by Donald Trump, I was first insulted, then not surprised because our current president had never tried to hide his racist feelings even when he was a candidate. Now that he has been president for a year, people should almost be used to the fact that Donald Trump is just as much of a racist as a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Except the president wears a business suit instead of a white robe.

The incredible stupidity and apparent ignorance displayed by Donald Trump when he uttered the statement that he asked why more people from Norway do not want to come to the United States because they give more to our society struck me. The first thing that came to my mind was, what Norwegian in their right mind would want to leave Norway to come here? This stupid statement by Trump was appalling and that he obviously knows nothing about Norway. Once again, Donald Trump has displayed just how limited is knowledge is about everything.

Why would anyone want to leave a country that gives its citizens free healthcare, a free college education, free public services, and an economy that is just about the most robust in the world? As we all sadly know, the United States offers none of those things.

The United States is a country that gives healthcare to only those who can afford it, or can afford the healthcare premiums paid to HMOs and insurance companies, a college education that is only available to those who can afford the exorbitant tuition fees, public services that are expensive if they are available, and an economy that can go up and down on a whim. Not to mention, the United States has periods of homeless people who have no place to live, and are forced to live on the streets.

Leave Norway for that? Donald Trump has to be stupid to think that, let alone actually say it.


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