How Political “Progressives” Helped Hillary Clinton Lose the Election

People who call themselves “political progressives” are as much to blame for the election of Donald Trump as POTUS as Trump supporters.

Political progressives

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How Political “Progressives” Helped Hillary Clinton Lose the Election

Political progressives People who call themselves “political progressives” are as much to blame for the election of Donald Trump as POTUS as Trump supporters. This is because they failed to recognize that Donald Trump was a different type of political animal; one that could only be defeated by a radical agenda, not the status quo “nice guy”, ethical approach. That is because Donald Trump has no ethics or morals and should not have been given the consideration of waging an ethical battle against him. Sometimes, you have to become what you hate to defeat what you hate.

Instead, political progressives chose to wage an ethical campaign that was totally out of touch with the mainstream American citizen. The entire Left has become so sanctimonious that it will not allow itself to get dirty, even when getting dirty is the answer to a problem. In this case, the problem is Donald Trump and his supporters. It is easy to condemn the supporters as being ill-bred racist rednecks who are stuck somewhere in the 19th century. But the left-wing progressives should always remember that these common people were once their base of support, not Trump’s.

Progressive politicians (whoever they may be) should recognize these mostly working-class people as their base, and not have gotten so out of touch with these people that they alienated them and failed to adequately represent them. Hillary Clinton lost for one simple reason; she and her supporters had lost touch with the average American that they allowed themselves to become elitist and far out of reach of the base; working-class people.

Even though political progressives are in a state of denial about it, they have lost touch with people who used to feel adequately represented by them and who actually understood them and their needs. They have been co-opted by Wall Street and big business, and in doing so, have allowed themselves to be contaminated by big money as much as their conservative counterparts.

After all, as much as we might hate to admit it, most of Trump supporters are working-class people. Donald Trump is exploiting these people, as is common for members of the ruling class. He has told them what they want to hear. He has deceived them into believing that he will bring back jobs, restore the way things used to be, and bring this country back from decline.

Even though this is total bullshit, we who consider ourselves political progressives should never forget that this is the way that many Americans feel. Even though political progressives may not recognize it, most people in the United States, particularly the working class, have become very disenchanted and disillusioned with the system that governs them because it never touches base with them let alone give them what they truly need; an equal share of this nation’s wealth and more money in their pockets as recognition of their labors and sacrifices.

That is why it has been so easy for a lying charlatan like Donald Trump to come along and sway them over into his camp, even though that camp hasn’t even succeeded in delivering a decent warm campfire, let alone put more money in their pockets and the prospect of more jobs.

Until the political progressives in this country grow some balls and realize that sometimes you must fight fire with fire, nothing will change. The United States will continue to decline into a cruel society that cares very little for his fellow man. Until political progressives learn how to throw a true revolution, learn how to do battle like warriors and stop clinging to the status quo, nothing will change for the better.

Author: Blane Beckwith

I was born on December 22, 1955, in a small Pennsylvania town named Corry. I was raised in Bear Lake, Pennsylvania.

I graduated from Corry Area High School in 1973. After that, I attended Edinboro State College from 1977-79.

I moved to Berkeley, California in 1980, in search of an independent life. In 2006, I graduated from Berkeley city College with two degrees, one in English and the other in Liberal Arts.

I have been active in the disability rights movement for well over 20 years.