Senator Bernie Sanders Speaks about the High Cost of Prescription Drugs

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Senator Bernie Sanders Speaks about the High Cost of Prescription Drugs

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks about how he was one of the first organizers of a group of senior citizens, mostly women who were dealing with breast cancer, who traveled to Canada to buy prescription drugs. Senator Sanders makes a very good point by asking the question, why should a drug manufactured in the United States cost ten times more than it does in Canada.

As anyone who has followed Senator Bernie Sanders can tell you, he has always been a strong advocate for lower prices of prescription drugs. Big pharmaceutical companies (big Pharma) is actually contributing a large amount of funding to his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

What’s in the Bernie Sanders says makes a lot of sense. He articulates his point very well, if you take the time to watch this video. Senator Bernie Sanders advocacy in favor of lowering the ridiculous and exploitative high price of prescription drugs, imposed on people by big Pharma, is exemplary. His advocacy is a perfect example of how consistent he has been on advocating for consumers.

Everyone knows that big Pharma hates Senator Bernie Sanders because he is a direct threat to the gravy train that they presently enjoy. Senator Bernie Sanders is elected president of the United States, they know very well that this gravy train will stop.

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