Bernie Sanders Scored Some Major Points About Universal Healthcare

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Bernie Sanders Scored Some Major Points About Universal Healthcare

In this great interview Senator  Bernie Sanders takes Mark Halperin of “With All Due Respect,“on MSNBC to school about universal healthcare. Halperin tries very hard to trip up Bernie Sanders on several occasions, but fails miserably. Bernie Sanders, a long time advocate for universal healthcare for many years, puts forth one of the best arguments I’ve heard in favor of universal healthcare in the United States.

I’m sure that if we are lucky enough to have Bernie Sanders as President of the United States, our healthcare system in this country will greatly improve. Universal healthcare is a system that has been in place, and working very well in most industrialized nations in the world. There is absolutely no reason to think that it wouldn’t work equally well in this country.

Bernie Sanders has made the point many times that the Universal Health care system that they have in Europe would work well here, and I believe him. People in Europe pay a smaller part of their incomes on healthcare. You don’t hear stories about how people have had to sell their houses, or declare bankruptcy, just because they were unfortunate enough to be injured or contract some type of life-threatening illness. Everyone, no matter what income bracket they are in, are all given the same healthcare.

Senator Sanders also makes a very good point about prescription drug coverage, when he says that the big pharmaceutical corporations are making a killing selling medication to the public. He says that a universal healthcare system would lower the cost of one element that really adversely affects the consumer is the rising, out of control, price of prescription drugs in this country. He makes a good point because, why should big Pharma be allowed to charge whatever they want for the medications that people rely on to keep them healthy and alive? I’m in favor of anything that would limit the control that big Pharma has on the lives of the American people.

As it now stands, big Pharma is unregulated and free to charge whatever they want in life-giving medication that people depend on to support their health and well-being. Under a system of universal healthcare, as proposed by Bernie Sanders, badly needed regulation would be forced on big Pharma. Under any regulatory system, they would still make a profit, although it would be a fair profit. Senator Bernie Sanders has been consistent on this point for years. It’s not just some idea that he pulled out of his hat.

Senator Bernie Sanders also makes a good point when he tells the fact that Americans pay more for the healthcare, mostly to private insurance, than anywhere else in the world. He makes a very good point when he says this is avoidable in a healthcare system that is universal coverage.

Of course, we can expect lots of opposition to the universal healthcare system, as proposed by Bernie Sanders. Ironically, a lot of this opposition will come from the Hillary Clinton campaign, even though back in 1994, Hillary Clinton herself was in favor of a universal healthcare system. During that time, if you remember, Hillary Clinton was one of the foremost advocates for universal healthcare. However, since that time, the managed care system that we ended up with where HMOs are allowed to one rampant over the American consumer, largely because Hillary Clinton sold out. Now, the healthcare industry in this country are among her largest campaign supporters. After all, can we really expect Hillary Clinton to kill the goose that lays the golden egg?

Even though she has come up with a healthcare platform, she is pushing for in her current campaign for president, it still falls far short of the universal healthcare system that is being proposed by Bernie Sanders. In reality, even though her proposed healthcare system isn’t horrible, it falls far short of the universal healthcare system of Bernie Sanders.

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