Big Pharma CEO Pitches a hissy fit after Bernie Sanders rejects his contribution

Bernie Sanders

Turing’s price-hiking executive sent candidate $2,700 in effort to have a sitdown about drug prices.

Source: Bernie Sanders rejects CEO Martin Shkreli’s campaign donation – The Boston Globe


After reading this story, my first reaction was to say to myself, “Bernie Sanders is so great!” It seems that Sen. Sanders rejected a campaign contribution of $2700 from pharmaceuticals CEO, Martin Shkreli of Turing Pharmaceuticals. If you pay attention to the news, you might know that Turing Pharmaceuticals recently raised the price of an anti-parasitic drug used in the treatment of HIV by a whopping 4000%. Talk about profiteering, this takes the cake.

This is just one more reason I plan on voting for Bernie Sanders for president of the United States. This is just one more example of how ethical Bernie Sanders really is. Most politicians, would have just taken the money. Instead of just giving just giving the $2700 back to Shkreli, instead Bernie Sanders chose to donate the money to Whitman-Walker Health, a clinic in Washington DC that specializes in the treatment of HIV. I’m sure said that to a capitalist, profiteering bastard like Shkreli, this must have been like adding insult to injury by Sen. Bernie Sanders. After all, aren’t people with HIV the very people that Shkreli and his shareholders trying to make a profit from?

To me, this is nothing less than karmic justice for Mr. Shkreli and the apparently bloodsucking shareholders of Turing Pharmaceuticals. How dare they try to make this type of obscene profit at the expense of sick and dying people. However, as we all know, the primary goal of big Pharma is to make a profit from the misery of others. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a long time opponent of profiteering by the pharmaceutical industry, makes a huge statement here by rejecting Martin Shkreli’s contribution.

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In a follow up tweet, Shkreli wrote: “Bernie Sanders…raised the donation requested from his supporters by 755% in one day. Price gouging,” an attempt to paint the presidential candidate as a hypocrite after refusing to accept the price gouging CEO’s
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