Will White Supremacy In the US Ever Be Dealt with Effectively?

The problem of white supremacists will never beget with effectively in the US as long as people choose to remain in the state of denial that still exists.

Will White Supremacy In the US Ever Be Dealt with Effectively?

White supremacyThe problem of white supremacy will never be dealt with effectively in the US as long as people choose to stay in the state of denial that it still exists. Until people in this country acknowledge that white supremacy is alive and well in America, and we all take on the subject of racism, not much will change. In fact, white supremacy will probably increase to the point where it will create violent instability in this country. In most ways this would be a bad thing to happen, although I can actually see where this type of action may be necessary. Even though I embrace principles of nonviolence and pacifism, I can honestly admit that some type of “cleansing process” may be necessary.

By the term “cleansing process” I simply mean that it may be necessary for those of us on the Left to meet force with force, especially since most of the white supremacist organizations I’ve seen always seem to be well armed. I am suggesting that it may be necessary for those of us on the Left, to also be well armed and ready to use whatever means necessary to stop his ugliness known as “white supremacy” to end, or least be stifled to the point where it is no longer dangerous.

After the incident in Charlottesville, VA, we need to start considering the question, how does white supremacy affect society? Even though there have been other incidents of white supremacist violence, the incident in Charlottesville seems to bring the entire issue to a head. I, and I suspect other people, have come to the conclusion that every white supremacist group needs to be dealt with effectively. By effectively, I mean it’s such a way that it ceases to be a driving factor in today’s society, as it now seems. I think most of agree with we ask ourselves the question, “is white supremacy on the rise? The answer would seem to be yes definitely.

Even though I firmly believe in the U.S. Constitution and principles of freedom of speech, there comes a point when this freedom of speech should be controlled, especially if it leads to violence, as it did in Charlottesville. I’m not proposing we amend the U.S. Constitution or alter the clause dealing with “freedom of speech”, mostly because that would betray the very core principles upon which this document is based. I am suggesting that when this freedom of speech leads to violence, things have been allowed to go too far.

Like I said before, those of us on the Left and even those who consider themselves moderates, should be ready to meet force with force because the white supremacist have always kept violence as an open option for them to use when they see fit. Maybe it’s time we on the Left started thinking the same way. If they want blood, we on the Left should be ready to give it to them in full measure.

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White Nationalists Becoming More Active on College Campuses

In January, the night before alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at the University of California, Berkeley, two members of the white supremacist group American Renaissance got in a fistfight with other young men after they were caught plastering trees and buildings around campus with posters that proclaimed, “Embrace white identity!”

Source: White nationalists are targeting college campuses, and these students are fighting back

White Nationalists Becoming More Active On College Campuses

In and effort to persuade more students to buy into their doctrine of hate, White Nationalists are ramping up recruitment efforts on America’s college campuses.  White nationalists (a.k.a. white supremacists) are feeling much freer to recruit people, in particular, white students, than ever before.  This movement has not gone unnoticed by the Southern poverty Law Center (SPLC) who are also forming chapters on college campuses, across the nation.

White nationalists have become more emboldened to spread their racist message, within the last year.  Could there possibly be any connection between the election of Donald Trump, the appointment of white nationalist Steve Bannon Steve Bannon as National Security Advisor (NSA), and the current trend of Trump supporters committing acts of violence across the country? Personally, I think there is!

Although it may be unfair to place the blame entirely on the election of Donald Trump, for the resurgence of hate speech and racism across the country, but I and many others think that some of Trump’s ugly racist rhetoric during the election didn’t help the matter.  Sometimes, a small fringe element, such as the white nationalists, need to feel empowered by someone who holds a high office, to bring their activities more out in the open.  The election of someone whom they feel shares the same values (if you can call me that) as they do, often gives a “green light” to any group that deep down knows they are wrong, to start bringing their activities out into the public eye.

The very fact that white nationalists have become very sensitive about being rightfully labeled as “white supremacists” in itself says a lot.  After all, if someone is truly proud of who they are and what they feel their mission is, why do they choose to hide behind the name white nationalists.  If they truly feel that they are correct, why should they be proud of it?  The answer is; they are engaging in activities of hatred and violence that endanger public safety, and they know it.

This resurgence of racial hatred is a very ugly thing and needs to be combated at every level.  I’m very glad that groups like SPLC on campus SPLC on campus were started.  The Southern Poverty Law Center really deserves a lot of credit for stepping up and doing something proactive to fight the rise of white nationalism.


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Trump Appoints White Nationalist Steve Bannon

President-elect Donald Trump has appointed Steve Bannon to an advisory level and empowers in his view administration, even though Bannon is a well-known White Nationalist.

Trump Appoints White Nationalist Steve Bannon

steve-bannonPresident-elect Donald Trump has appointed Steve Bannon to an advisory level cabinet post in his new administration, even though Bannon is a well-known White Nationalist. In case you may not know, the term “white nationalist” is a code word for a white supremacist. As you can imagine, the appointment of Steve Bannon to such a high-level position is highly controversial, even among diehard Trump supporters.

Even though Bannon denies having ties to the white national movement, there is ample evidence that he is a sympathizer to their cause. Both the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have called on President-elect Trump to rescind his appointment. The  SPLC issued an adamant statement against his appointment.

Steve Bannon comes to the White House from Breitbart News, which should say about who he is. If you have ever read Breitbart, you will quickly recognize that it’s nothing more than a right-wing cesspool of ultra-conservative propaganda. In fact, Breitbart News makes Fox News almost look liberal.

On the one hand, the people running the Trump transition say that they are going to distance themselves from some of the volatile rhetoric that took place during the campaign nationalist and an anti-Semite like Steve Bannon into a position where he will always have the President’s ear.

Donald Trump’s transition team is trying very hard to mend fences and undo some of the damage done by his ugly rhetoric.  The appointment of a known White Nationalist (a.k.a. white supremacist) like Steve Bannon only makes their job harder than it is already.  People in the Republican Party who were not supportive of his campaign, are now kissing his ass in a lame attempt to ingratiate themselves to him.  What a disgusting scene!

Will the hypocrisy of Donald Trump ever stop?


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Dylann Roof Represents The Sickness That Plagues America

<p></p><br /><br /><br />

Resize by dragging with the right mouse button.” src=”http://www.4wheeledlefty.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/gun_america_01.jpg” alt=”” width=”404″ height=”288″ />To pretend to be surprised by his crime is to be complicit in it.

Source: Dylann Roof Is America | Alternet

The Sickness That Plagues America


When I first read this story about Dylann Roof , I thought that possibly AlterNet had overstated both their title and their cover line.  By saying that Dylann Roof is America is frightening.  However, after reading the article a couple of times, and letting it digest for a while, I can see where they make tremendous good sense.

Whether we like to believe it or not, there are many ignorant and dangerous people just like Dylann Roof inhabiting our country.  We are plagued by the ugly specter of racism that drives people like Dylann Roof to commit these horrible acts of terrorism.  What he did on Wednesday, June 17th can be described as nothing less than terrorism.

Unfortunately, people seem to forget the recent history of this country, mostly because it has never been taught to most of today’s youth.  Violent racism is nothing new.  This type of terrorism has gone on, especially in the deep South for many years.  Killing African-American people simply because of who they are has been going on for many years.  Who can forget the church bombing that killed four little girls in the 60s? Dylann Roof shares the same hateful mentality as the terrorists who committed this awful crime.


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He uploaded snapshots of himself burning the American flag and holding a Confederate one. He railed about blacks taking over neighborhoods and ruining the country. In a chilling vow, he said he would have to be the one to do something about it. Dozens

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The manifesto and photos apparently posted to the web by alleged Charleston gunman Dylann Roof, first unearthed on Twitter by @EMQuangel and @HenryKrinkIe Saturday morning, are full of references to white supremacist groups and terminology.


Who believes Rep. Steve Scalise?

Who believes Rep. Steve Scalise?

Steve Scalise EUROWho believes Congressman Steve Scalise when he claims that he did not know that a group called EURO, even though at that time it was led by the infamous David Duke, wasn’t a white supremacist organization?  It never occurred to this idiot to ask the question about whether or not EURO, whose acronym stands for European American Unity and Rights Organization may be in some way connected to white nationalism, more commonly known as white supremacy?

As far as I’m concerned, Rep. Scalise is feeding everyone a crock of bullshit when he claims he didn’t know EURO was a white supremacist organization.  This group, identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, when Rep. Scalise was a keynote speaker at one of their conventions.

Being born and raised in Louisiana, Scalise didn’t know that David Duke, who has always been very open about his white supremacist beliefs just might be the leader of a white supremacist group?  Also, Scalise expects us to believe that he didn’t know that David Duke, was also was formerly the Grand Wizard of the Louisiana Ku Klux Klan?  Oh please!  Congressman Scalise please stop insulting everyone’s intelligence.

A few of Congressman Steve Scalise’s defenders claim that his 2002 speech given to EURO, is justified because he was just doing what every politician does; make compromises and deals to get elected.  This is also a crock of bullshit!

Not every politician is willing to associate themselves with a hate group whose acronym is racist in its very nature.  Since Scalise’s primary defenders are also fellow members of the Tea Party, I suppose we should not be surprised.  The Tea Party will try to justify anything, no matter how repugnant.

I suppose if Adolf Hitler was still alive, and Congressman Steve Scalise was invited to his birthday party he would attend that too.  Steve Scalise, who is also the Majority Whip (second in command to the Speaker of the House John Boehner) should not only lose his position as Majority Whip, but his seat in the US House of Representatives.  The United States Congress is the last place we need an apparent white supremacist. There are already enough of them there as it is.