Scott Pruitt Shows Himself To Be Even More of a Hypocrite


Scott Pruitt Shows Himself To Be Even More of a Hypocrite

Scott Pruitt, the new director of the EPA, shows himself to be even more of a hypocrite at the CPAC convention.

He seems to be very pleased, even though the EPA is targeted for a 25% budget cut. Even though this speech was given more than a week before Donald Trump came out with this new budget, I would dare say that Scott Pruitt was well aware of these budget cuts at the time of his speech.

It is no secret that Scott Pruitt has long been an opponent of the EPA and its mission for quite a while. In fact, he has sued this agency four times while he was Attorney General of the state of Oklahoma. These lawsuits were against the EPA for trying to regulate the harmful practice of fracking; something which is commonplace in Oklahoma because of the significant amount of natural gas and oil that found there. He takes this position despite the fact that fracking causes an increased number of earthquakes, which have occurred in Oklahoma over the last several years.

It seems very ironic that Scott Pruitt gives a speech in which he says that his agency, the EPA, will no longer impose its environmental regulations on states that oppose them. In other words, Scott Pruitt is giving the green light to businesses to do whatever they want, no matter how harmful it may be to the environment.

It strikes me as the ultimate in hypocrisy for Scott Pruitt, the newly chosen director of the EPA to promise that his agency will not perform the job that it was designed for when it was created in the 70s. It is even more ironic that the EPA was formed during the time of Richard Nixon, a Republican.


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Scott Pruitt: Ties to Oil Industry Make Him Unfit For EPA

Scott Pruitt: Ties to Oil Industry Make Him Unfit For EPA

Scott Pruitt’s ties to oil industry make him an unfit candidate to be head of the Environmental Protection Agency. We cannot have someone who has been in the pockets of the oil industry for years. Scott Pruitt is unfit to be the head of EPA. He cannot be entrusted with protecting the environment.

Over the years, Scott Pruitt has received many campaign contributions from various oil and gas producers, such as Exxon and Devon Energy. Even more disturbing is that Scott Pruitt has received over $175,000 from the Rule of Law Defense Fund, a front group for the Koch Brothers. It is a well-known fact that the Koch brothers, owners of the Valero and Tesoro chain at gas stations have tried to undermine air pollution standards for years. They are both heads of one of the largest toxic pollution companies in the United States. How can anyone like Scott Pruitt be entrusted to protect our environment while being in the pockets of some of the largest polluters in the United States? The entire idea is ludicrous!

Scott Pruitt has also bragged on many occasions about his many lawsuits against the EPA; the agency hopes to be in charge of. How can anyone be allowed to be head of the EPA when they have an extensive history of litigation against that agency and its regulations? The fact that he was even nominated for this position is an insult to everyone who cares about our environment.

He has worked tirelessly on behalf of Devon Energy, Oklahoma’s largest energy producer by writing letters in the name of that corporation, claiming that the EPA was guilty of “federal overreach,” and the accusation that means that the federal government has overstepped its boundaries in trying to regulate the oil and gas industry. Regulating these industries is a primary reason that the EPA was created in the first place. How can someone who is so anti-regulation be in charge of an agency that is supposed to set up and enforce regulations?

If Scott Pruitt is confirmed to be the head of the EPA, our environment will suffer as well as the people who live in it.


Is Donald Trump Smarter Than The Scientists About Global Warming?

The main reason that Donald Trump denies that global warming and climate change are a reality is because he thinks he’s smarter than most scientists.

Is Donald Trump Smarter Than The Scientists About Global Warming?

The main reason that Donald Trump denies that global warming and climate change are a reality is that he thinks he’s smarter than most scientists.  Despite that 97% of the scientific community says that global warming and climate change are a reality that needs to be dealt with, Donald Trump insists on denying that global warming is a reality.  He considers global warming to be a hoax, as he has said on many occasions.

Donald Trump also denies, despite what scientists say about it, that climate change and global warming are caused by human activity.  During his campaign, he made stupid jokes about global warming and climate change every opportunity.  Of course, considering the caliber of most of his supporters, the stupid jokes playing well to the crowd, mostly because they are as ignorant about climate change as their candidate.

Even though climate change is one of the most crucial issues we are confronted with, Donald Trump refuses even to say what type of environmental policy his administration will have.  I strongly suspect that no one in the Trump Administration will even bother to give it the thought it deserves.  They have allowed themselves to become as handcuffed by capitalism as the President-elect.  Hopefully, enough people will get angry about his environmental policy to raise as much hell as possible.  Global warming is an issue that we can ill afford to ignore.

Since we all have on the same planet and breathe the same air, it has always baffled me how people like Donald Trump refused to realize that protecting our environment is crucial to our survival.  Does our President-elect think that somehow he and other capitalists are immune to global warming/climate change?  They are such fools!

The signs of global warming hard too plentiful to ignore any longer, and Donald Trump should be the first to see it because it is his duty to do everything to protect the American people, even if it means sacrificing profit for him and his rich friends.  Since Donald Trump has shown himself to be nothing more than your typical selfish rich bastard, I seriously doubt that we will see any environmental policy, especially something that proactively deals with global warming.

Donald Trump has shown himself to support the use of fossil fuels.  As we know, the use of fossil fuels is the primary contributor to global warming.  We need a leader who is strong and capable of protecting us from global warming.  Donald Trump isn’t that person.


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