We Need a Special Prosecutor for Trump

Even some Republicans want an independent investigation.

Source: More Than 100 Lawmakers Respond to Comey Firing by Calling for Independent Russia Probe | Mother Jones

We Need a Special Prosecutor for Trump

The firing of FBI Director James Comey makes it glaringly apparent that a special prosecutor is needed to investigate possible ties between the Trump administration and the Russians.  There is no way that the Donald Trump, or his administration can be trusted being allowed anywhere near this fiasco. Of course, fiasco may be the wrong word.  A better word might be salvation.  I guess it depends on where you sit, and whose side you are on.

What I interpret to be a hopeful sign that a special prosecutor may be appointed is the fact that a few Republicans are in favor of a special prosecutor, and are calling for the appointment of one.  Looking at it for a cynic like me, I wonder who will be the right people to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate this matter.  This entire process must be kept as clean as possible. In fact, it has to be squeaky clean or the results won’t be believable or interpreted as being truthful.

It is a hopeful sign when a senator of John McCain’s prestige, is one of the Republicans calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor.  Even though I must confess that John McCain isn’t one of my favorite people, his appearance on the scene does lend some credibility to the process, at least in some circles.  He knows that a special prosecutor is the only fair way to get to the bottom of this matter, without any tampering from either side, Democrats, Republicans or any others who may have some type of special interest on the outcome of any investigation.  That way, after a special prosecutor finishes his/her investigation, nobody can accuse anyone else of rigging the outcome for political gain.

Donald Trump, in his own “tweets” to the public, is very close to crossing the line over into obstruction of justice, a criminal charge for which he is skirting, if not trampling over.  He and his entire administration have tried to derail Comey’s investigation from the start.  I guess the straw that finally broke “the Donald’s” back is when Comey started asking for more funding and investigators to help with the investigation.  At that point, Donald Trump may as well have shouted out, “I’m as guilty as hell”.  He obviously has never learned or developed a poker face.  Of course, he’s too arrogant to think he needs one.

It has become very obvious to many people Donald Trump doesn’t really know much about civics, government and most of all, history, or else he would know that he is playing straight out of “The Richard Nixon Playbook” in the way that he is dealing with this situation.

He must not remember or was too busy making money and being a sexist to remember that after Richard Nixon fired independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox, his ship started sinking increasingly faster. Hopefully, Donald Trump’s ship will soon sink like a rock.


Special prosecutor – Wikipedia

A special prosecutor is a lawyer appointed to investigate and possibly prosecute a specific legal case of potential wrongdoing for which a conflict of interest …

What a special prosecutor does and how one gets appointed …

Mar 3, 2017 Democratic senators have called repeatedly for a special prosecutor, more often called an independent or special counsel, to be appointed.


Why is Donald Trump so easily fooled by Russian propaganda?

Why is Donald Trump so easily fooled by Russian propaganda?

It is appalling that Donald Trump, and his staff, are so easily fooled by Russian propaganda about the 2016 elections. There is no way that they did not at least try to affect our election by hacking. Russian hackers were everywhere, not just in the Trump camp, but also Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

We need to listen to people like this expert, instead of listening to talking heads and pundits.  But, as usual, people this country are brainwashed into thinking that talking heads are experts.  What fools we are!

And Donald Trump actually says he will “Make America Great Again” and protect us? What a sick joke!

I have never known of anyone like Donald Trump who ever tried to protect anyone other than Donald Trump. His colossal ego doesn’t allow him to wake up and smell the coffee. A better question might be, whether we Americans going to wake the hell up and smell the coffee?  As long as we keep electing people like him as president, or any other public office, we are doomed to fail.

As long as Donald Trump is in power, we all in danger of being trapped on a sinking ship. Unfortunately, the name of that sinking ship is the United States.

New Interior Secretary, Cathy McMorris Rodgers: An Environmental Disaster


Source: Donald Trump’s interior secretary pick doesn’t want to combat climate change

New Interior Secretary, Cathy McMorris Rodgers: An Environmental Disaster

Cathy McMorris RodgersIn case any of you are naïve enough to think that the Trump administration will do anything to combat climate change, you are very wrong. His appointment of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) as the new Secretary of the Interior implies that our environment will probably get worse, not better.

Any environmental activist will tell you that Cathy McMorris Rodgers is probably one of the biggest climate change deniers in Congress. From what I’ve read, Donald Trump could not have made a worse choice for the cabinet-level position of the person who is supposed to protect our environment. I cannot see this particular person doing anything to protect anyone except the industrialists who make a profit by raping the environment.

Here are just a few of the things that Cathy McMorris Rodgers has said and done that shows that she will probably do very little to protect the environment or fight against climate change.

  • Is quoted as saying, “we believe Al Gore deserves an F in science an A in creative writing.”
  • Was praised by the Americans For Prosperity, a Koch brothers-backed super PAC for opposing a cap-and-trade carbon pricing system for reducing emissions.
  • Voted three times against a resolution acknowledging that “climate change is happening human beings are a major reason for it.”
  • Cosponsored a House bill to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating carbon emissions.
  • Voted against letting the interior secretary consider climate change when setting policy.
  • McMorris Rodgers has a 4% lifetime rating from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV)

Considering this list of negative “accomplishments” attributed to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, she is hardly the person who should be in charge of protecting our environment. She has already shown herself to be biased against climate change; something that I consider to be one of the worst problems confronting our planet. Climate change is an issue that has already started affecting people’s lives in a negative way.

There is no way that I will ever believe that it is a coincidence that our air is getting increasingly more polluted, we are experiencing droughts in parts of the world that have never been prone to droughts, and places like Alaska have experienced heat waves. It has been proven that our planet is getting warmer, and 97% of the scientific community attributes climate change to human activity.

Having someone who is so obviously biased against, or who is unwilling to consider these points are valid is hardly someone we need as Secretary of the Interior.


Trump to pick Rep. McMorris Rodgers for Interior secretary | TheHill

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