More Lobbyists To Be Involved with Dakota Access Pipeline Decision

Judge James Boasberg said he might also allow other national energy and manufacturing groups to weigh in on the final decision about the Dakota Access Pipeline.

State trade group can weigh in on Dakota Access pipeline | The Sacramento Bee

More Lobbyists To Be Involved with Dakota Access Pipeline Decision

Judge James Boasberg said he might also allow other national energy and manufacturing groups to weigh in on the final decision about the Dakota Access Pipeline. Tribal representatives and attorneys have voiced no objection to this decision. As those of you have followed this controversy involving the Dakota Access Pipeline may know, US District Judge James Boasberg has already ruled that he may stop the flow of oil through the pipeline.

Judge Boasberg has already ruled that the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux nation may not have been properly considered in the decision to go forward with the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The tribe says that this pipeline violates their tribal sovereignty by being built across sacred lands, but also threatens the tribe’s water supply. Judge Boasberg is also the judge to refuse to stop the construction of the pipeline in the first place. This entire mess would have been solved at that time if Judge Boasberg would have shown some guts to stand up to the oil industry, especially Energy Transfer Partners.

These latter two points should be a no-brainer for anyone who has followed the controversy surrounding the building of the pipeline. In fact, the wishes of the Standing Rock Sioux nation have been trampled, let alone violated. The pipeline is built across a land that is considered sacred and undoubtedly threatens their water supply because it is built under a lake which supplies the tribe with potable water. This is something that Judge Boasberg should have seen from the beginning. I believe he actually did see this but chose to look the other way as the tribe’s rights were being given no consideration by anyone.

It seems that it is rather late to consider the needs of the Standing Rock Sioux since the Dakota Access Pipeline has already been built and has had oral flowing through it since June 1. Where was Judge Boasberg then when he would have done some good on behalf of the tribe?

If anything, Judge Boasberg should give a ruling that would allow more pro-alternative energy advocates to have a voice in a matter that threatens the ecology of this entire region. It seems like it is a little late to involve anyone after the pipeline has always been built and is in use. This entire thing reminds me of the old saying about closing the barn door after the horses have escaped.

If the US District Court Judge Boasberg makes any type of ruling, it should be for the shutdown of the Dakota Access Pipeline. However, since that will cost these already wealthy oil companies more money, that is very unlikely.


Dakota Access Pipeline: What’s at stake? –

Oct 28, 2016 It’s a $3.7 billion project that would cross four states and change the landscape of the US crude oil supply.

Dakota Access Pipeline: Threat to Native American Rights

Dakota Access Pipeline: Threat to Native American Rights The Dakota Access Pipeline is the latest threat to Native American sovereignty that has happened in a while.  Unfortunately, the “mainstream media” has failed to give it much attention.  As usual, when they do give out any information about the Dakota Access …



Energy Transfer Partners Used Counterterrorist Security Firm Against Protesters

Leaked docs reveal the collusion between local police forces, pipeline company, and defense contractors as they executed ‘military-style counterterrorism measures’ to suppress the water protectors

Source: DAPL Company Hired War on Terror Contractors to Suppress Native 5Uprising/a>

Energy Transfer Partners Used Counterterrorist Security Firm Against Protesters

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) used a counter-terrorist security contractor against peaceful protesters and viewed the “Water Protectors” as terrorists. This is a glaring example of how corporate America thinks it is acceptable to use whatever means it feels necessary to oppress the average citizen who is guilty of nothing more than trying to stop, in this case, a pipeline that not only poses a threat to their way of life but the environment that we all share.

This also shows that Energy Transfer Partners’ level of paranoia about the injustice they were perpetrating against Native Americans was at an all-time high. In a weird way, this thing could be viewed as some type of strange validation for the “water protectors” and their supporters. In most ways, however, it should be viewed as an overreaction mostly fueled by guilt.

The fact that Energy Transfer Partners was willing to stoop so low as to hire what amounts to “mercenaries” to push their agenda against The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe sets a dangerous precedent if they are allowed to get away with it, which they probably will. The precedent is that corporate America is allowed to do whatever it wants to force his agenda upon people who may not agree with it. Allowing a corporation to use “hired guns” to push an agenda or policy is as dangerous as it was back in the late 1800s-early 1900s when coal company operators were allowed to use violence to suppress dissenters. It was this type of reckless behavior that led to the infamous Ludlow Massacre.

As we know, some of the Water Protectors were injured by these hired “security forces” (a.k.a. mercenaries). The use of private security forces by Energy Transfer Partners allows them to possibly escape any type of civil suit that might be filed against him, especially by people who were injured by these “security forces”. It just confuses the mix of different police forces, sheriff’s deputies, national guardsmen, and others involved in policing the situation. It will make it very confusing for any lawyer representing the water protesters and supporters, to properly file a lawsuit because they won’t know what names to put on the subpoena. It has the same effect as allowing police forces to wear masks to cover their faces and disguise their identities.

To use the same type of security at this protest by people who were trying to protect their way of life and the well-being of their families is what one might use to protect a facility against terrorists, does a huge disservice to these Native Americans.

It puts them in the same class as the people who were guilty of killing innocent people in the World Trade Center, and other places that have been attacked by terrorists. The bosses at Energy Transfer Partners should be ashamed of themselves for putting these innocent people in the same class as if they were a member of ISIS or Al Qaeda.

More accurately, these people should be described as freedom fighters and citizens who are worthy of consideration and respect by everyone. They deserve huge credit for their willingness to stand up and fight against corporate oppression; something which few others have the courage to do.

Judge Gives Favorable Ruling Against The Dakota Access Pipeline

A judge’s ruling that might open the door for at least a temporary shutdown of the disputed Dakota Access pipeline surprised the industry that hailed the project as a “game changer” for North Dakota oil.

Source: Ruling on Dakota Access pipeline surprises oil industry

Judge Gives Favorable Ruling Against The Dakota Access Pipeline


US District Court Judge James Boasberg ruled in favor of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in a ruling that could temporarily shut down The Dakota Access Pipeline.  The judge ruled that the US Army Corps of Engineers had not taken all factors into consideration when they ruled that the pipeline could continue to be built.

In his ruling, he said that the adverse effects on the Standing Rock Sioux’s hunting and fishing rights were not taken into consideration when the Corps of Engineers made their decision.  He said this lack of consideration could cause the Dakota Access Pipeline to be temporarily closed until the matter was settled.

Throughout the fight against that Dakota Access Pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe maintained that the pipeline would adversely affect them because it runs under Lake Oahe, the tribe’s primary source of water.  How could the US Army Corps of Engineers be stupid enough to believe that a pipeline filled with petroleum could not have adverse effects?  I’ll bet if you took the time to look behind the scenes, you would find some money changing hands and some corruption taking place.  Something smells really bad here!

Needless to say, this caused a stir at Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for building and maintaining this controversial pipeline.  Just when they thought they had it all sewn up and in their pockets, this honest judge comes along.  They either did not consider buying him off or he is an honest judge who cannot be bought off.  Good for him!

Hopefully, the worst (or best, depending on how you look at) scenario happens and the Dakota Access Pipeline is shut down.  Even if the shutdown is only temporary, it could potentially be a good thing for the Iowa farmers who are banding together in their attempts to sue to have the pipeline stopped from passing beneath their farmland.  This ruling could buy them some time to pursue their lawsuit in better form.

For a cynic such as myself, it does my heart good to see corporate America suffer a setback, and the common person to prevail, if only for a little while. The Dakota Access Pipeline is an environmental disaster waiting to happen and everyone should know that by now.  Maybe, some justice will prevail and the pipeline will be shut down.


Dakota Pipeline: What’s behind the controversy? – BBC News

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Map: The Conflicts Along 1172 Miles of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Mar 20, 2017 A detailed map showing the Dakota Access Pipeline, the site of months of clashes near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota.


Standing Rock Sioux Still Fighting Energy Transfer Partners

American Indian tribes fighting the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline said Tuesday that

Source: Tribes’ battle over Dakota Access pipeline not over

Standing Rock Sioux Still Fighting Energy Transfer Partners

Standing Rock SiouxEven though Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) has finished laying the pipeline under the Missouri River, near the Standing Rock Sioux land, representatives of the tribe say the fight is not over. Much to the dismay of tribal leaders, ETP announced that it has finished a section of the $3.8 billion pipeline directly under the Missouri River, which as the potential to threaten the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s water supply, despite the claims by ETP that says it’s safe. Of course, how believable is any corporation?

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe is vowing to continue its fight in court because they say that the pipeline is not only endangering the tribe’s water supply but interfering with their sacred lands and religion.

Cheyenne River Sioux Chairman Harold Frazier said that tribes still believe they will ultimately persuade a judge to shut down the pipeline that they say threatens cultural sites, drinking water, and religion.

“The flow of oil under Lake Oahe is a temporary reminder of the pain this pipeline has perpetrated to those that have stood with Standing Rock and the devastation it has wreaked on sacred tribal sites, but hope remains,” said Philip Ellis, spokesperson for Earthjustice, a nonprofit environmental legal firm.


Stand With Standing Rock

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Saved your payment information with Action Network ? Log in now. First Name * Last Name * Email Billing Address * City *. State *.
History | Standing Rock

The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation was originally established as part of the Great Sioux Reservation. Article 2 of the Treaty of Fort Laramie of April 29, 1868 …



The Dakota Access Pipeline: The Atrocity Is Almost Complete

5Energy Transfer Partners has finished construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, a spokeswoman confirmed, and is now filling the line with crude to prepare it for service in mid-April. Dakota Acce…

Source: Dakota Access Pipeline complete, readying for operations

The Dakota Access Pipeline: The Atrocity Is Almost Complete

It looks like corporate greed and service financial interests have won out over the health, safety, and well-being of the American people.  The latest atrocity against the planet and its inhabitants, known as The Dakota Access Pipeline is finished and ready for oil to start flowing through it. At a time when our entire planet faces the dangers of global warming, and our society should be divorcing ourselves from fossil fuels, in favor of renewable energy sources, billions of dollars were spent on technology that is obsolescent.  This money could have been so much better spent on developing renewable “green energy” sources.

Despite the Standing Rock Sioux winning first court rulings against the pipeline, which not only desecrate their tribal land and endangers their water supply, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) has announced that the Dakota Access Pipeline is finished.  Donald Trump coming into the White House seems to have changed everything because the Obama administration was very willing to work with the Standing Rock Sioux and almost stopped the pipeline from being built.

Of course, an anti-regulation businessman like Donald Trump, who once owned stock in ETP (talk about your conflict of interest) just had to cave into corporate interests and allow The Dakota Access Pipeline to continue.  After all, he had to show some solidarity with his fellow corporate greed Masters and allow this atrocity to go unchecked.

Isn’t it great how these capitalists always stick together, when we the common people seem to argue about everything, no matter how trivial?  It would be so great if we would stop playing the game by their rules and start winning by our rules?  As long as we allow them to keep on successfully using “the divide and conquer tactic” to keep us all in line, nothing will change.


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