Fascist Tactics Used Against Senator Elizabeth Warren on Senate Floor


Fascist Tactics Used Against Senator Elizabeth Warren on Senate Floor

Yesterday, Senator Elizabeth Warren was prevented from speaking in master opposition to the appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General. It looks as though the fascism that has taken over 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has spread down the street to the U.S. Congress.

When she tried to read the text of a letter written by Coretta Scott King, in her opposition to Jeff Sessions for appointment to a Federal Judgeship, Senator Elizabeth Warren was forced to stop her speech by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell chose to use an old rule to prevent Senator Warren from speaking.

The old rule, known as “Rule 9”, which says that “one Senator cannot impugn the reputation of another member of the Senate” was pulled out of McConnell’s bag of tricks in his, unfortunately, successful attempt to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren.

After she then objected to the old rule being used to stop her from speaking, Senator Elizabeth Warren appealed to the presiding officer for a ruling. Unfortunately, he upheld Mitch McConnell’s fascism and Senator Warren was forced to step away from the podium.

As far as impugning Jeff Sessions reputation, that is something that is very easy to do. He has no reputation, except that of a racist who does not deserve to be allowed to have a seat in such a high place as Attorney General. His record of racist behavior goes way back many years. He is unfit to serve as this country’s Attorney General because he will not be able to be fair because of his racist past, which is well-documented.

Using an old rule to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren was wrong. Mitch McConnell shows himself to be a total hypocrite and using it to silence her. After all, we were forced to watch him treat President Obama with a total lack of respect for eight years. For him to prevent Senator Elizabeth Warren from reading the text of a letter written by the window of a Great American like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is not only a travesty but a tactic more suited to a fascist.

I have included a link to the text of the letter written by Coretta Scott King, for your convenience.

Coretta Scott King’s Letter

Since yesterday, Senator Jeff Sessions was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to be the next Attorney General of the United States.


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Opposition to the TPP Growing Among Progressives in the Democratic Party

Opposition to the TPP Growing Among Progressives in the Democratic Party


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama made a surprise appearance in a media conference call with Labor Secretary Tom Perez on Friday to push back on what he called “dishonest” criticism from progressives — apparently including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) — that the Trans-Pacific Partnership was a “secret” deal.”What I am averse to is a bunch of ad hominem attacks and misinformation that stirs up the base but ultimately doesn’t serve them well. And I’m going to be pushing back very hard if I keep hearing that stuff,” Obama told a small group of reporters on the call.


Source: Obama Fires Back At Warren, Liberals Over ‘Dishonest’ Attacks On Trade Deal


Opposition to the TPP (transpacific partnership) seems to be mounting among members of the Democratic Party, some of whom have been strong supporters of President Obama in the past.  However, the president still persists in his efforts to get this controversial trade bill “fast-tracked” through Congress, despite the fact that most members of the Democratic Party, and every labor union in the country are opposed to the TPP.

The primary reason that most people, including myself, are opposed to the TPP is because of the secrecy behind it.  Since the TPP is being negotiated by corporate leaders behind closed doors raises a red flag to most people who are opposed to it.  Despite this fact, President Obama persists in his claim that the TPP is not “top-secret”, I don’t know what else you would call a proposal that even members of Congress haven’t been allowed to see, let alone read anything other than top-secret.

Now the president has the unmitigated gall to attack Senator Elizabeth Warren, saying that she has been “dishonest” and her claims about the TPP, and what it will do to this country.  He is obviously quite angry at true progressives like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Sherrod Brown, and Senator Bernie Sanders for telling the truth about the TPP; something which he is unwilling to do. I saw the piece on the news where the president was very angry at Elizabeth Warren and other opponents of the TPP, and I couldn’t help but think that his anger was both uncalled for and badly misplaced. Where was President Obama’s anger when the Republican Party, especially the Tea Party, was attacking both him and his policies over the past 7 years?  Where was the anger when Donald Trump and the birthers when they were attacking his heritage?

If anyone has been dishonest, it’s President Obama.  After all, he is the one who is pushing to “fast-track” the TPP through Congress.  If he was more forthcoming about what’s in the TPP, and release the full text of this controversial proposal, much of this opposition might go away, unless the TPP is as bad as they say it is.  Personally, I believe what they say about The Transpacific Partnership.  I believe the TPP will be devastating to the US economy and that it will cause a huge loss of American jobs.  When opponents of the TPP say that American workers cannot compete against Asian workers, who make a fraction of what American workers make, I believe it because it makes perfect sense.

President Obama seems to be banking on people just blindly trusting him, which, in my opinion is very naïve.  Even though many people in this country have trusted in President Obama until now, his asking them to support a trade bill that has been negotiated behind closed doors by corporate leaders, is asking way too much of us.

The only thing that will satisfy opponents of the TPP is he was to just come out and let the people see what is in the TPP.  If it’s something that would be good for the country, as President Obama, and other supporters of it, mostly members of the Republican Party, say it is, we have a right to know.  By his lack of candor about the TPP, President Obama is causing people who once had faith in him to do the right thing, to lose their faith, which is too bad.

Until President Obama allows members of Congress and the people see what the TPP is really all about, I will not support his position on the TPP. This country has a history of negotiating bad trade bills that usually only benefit Wall Street and the country’s wealthy elite, such as NAFTA, which caused a great loss of American jobs to workers overseas.  This happened despite the fact that then-President Bill Clinton who was pushing for it, making what proved to be false claims that it would be beneficial.  It turned out that opponents of NAFTA were correct in their claims about how harmful it would be to American workers.

I learned a long time ago that the old saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, is very true.  If President Obama expects us to support that TPP, then he needs to clear up some of the smoke (and mirrors) and prove to us that there is no fire.

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