VP Mike Pence Uses National Anthem Kneeling Controversy As a Blatant PR Stunt

With faux indignation, Vice President Mike Pence left and NFL game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers, after several members of the 49ers knelt during the national anthem.

Pence leaves NFL game after players kneel during anthem – POLITICO


VP Mike Pence Uses National Anthem Kneeling Controversy As a Blatant PR Stunt

With faux indignation, Vice President Mike Pence left an NFL game between the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers, after several members of the 49ers knelt during the national anthem. He said in a Tweet, which has apparently become the preferred method that the White House has to communicate with the public, the Vice President said he would not “dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or Our National Anthem”. Oh Please! Spare us the bullshit, Pence!

Later President Donald Trump, not to be outdone on Twitter, tweeted that he had asked the Vice President to leave the game. Which one was it? Did the Vice President leave on his own accord or was he following orders from Donald Trump? They can’t have it both ways.

Many people, including myself, think this thing smells pretty bad and is probably a lie or at least a distraction from the real issues that have confronted the Trump administration lately. Since I have been watching what has been unfolding on news lately about the Trump administration, I would be willing to bet the latter is true. This thing is nothing more than a distraction.

I say this because several things don’t quite add up here. Vice President Mike Pence, like President Trump, usually travels with an entourage of reporters and other press people. This time he did not. His usual press entourage was mysteriously missing. Could this be because Mike Pence had no intention of staying at the game and his abrupt departure was preplanned? I’m willing to bet it is!

Once again the Trump administration, this time through Mike Pence, is making the ludicrous and unfounded claim that protesting during the national anthem is somehow disrespectful to our soldiers, even though many veterans disagree and say that they thought for the preservation of the US Constitution which guarantees people in the freedom to express themselves. I happen to agree with them.

Lately, as most people who follow the news, know that several members of the Trump administration have been found guilty of using public funds to pay for their own personal travel expenses. One member of the Trump cabinet even went so far as to try using public funds pay for his honeymoon. It makes me wonder if these tickets to this football game that Mike Pence attended were even paid for by taxpayers dollars.

Antifa: Hurting the Cause Of the Left Against Trump

As I was watching video of the anti-Trump demonstrations on YouTube, it was apparent to me how much Antifa is damaging the cause against Donald Trump.

FUC*K the Antifa/Anarchist/Black Bloc


Antifa: Hurting the Cause Of the Left Against Trump

As I was watching a video of the anti-Trump demonstrations on YouTube, it was apparent to me how much Antifa is damaging the cause against Donald Trump. By committing random acts of violence, as seen in the screen capture I included in this article. Antifa is actually helping supporters of Donald Trump gain the credibility they would be unable to achieve on their own. They are doing this by giving the pro-Trump something I badly need to achieve sympathy from the public; martyrs.

People always sympathize with martyrs and have the tendency to embrace whatever the martyrs represent. By and large, the supporters of Donald Trump represent everything that is wrong with America, although our Constitution guarantees them the right to believe whatever they want or say whatever they want, no matter how reprehensible it is to other people. Even though sometimes the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is hard to defend, mostly because it gives free speech to hateful people, I will defend it because I do not in any way condone suppressing anyone’s freedom of speech. After all, I would not want my freedom of speech curtailed or interfered with.

Even though I absolutely don’t agree with what the supporters of Donald Trump stand for, in this case, racism, I also do not agree with violence being committed against them. No matter how much I may hate what they represent, especially racism, I condemn the actions of Antifa. They only make themselves look as bad as what they pretend to hate. By using violence to put forth their point, Antifa always serves to harm the cause of the Left against Donald Trump. In many ways, their actions make them guilty of “aiding and abetting the enemy”.

Ironically, the person who steps in to intervene and prevent any further attack on the person was an African-American male, one of the people that most pro-Trump supporters are against. Wouldn’t it be great if the pro-Trump supporter who was saved saw the error of his ways is supporting Donald Trump and gave up his racist beliefs, considering he actually had any such beliefs in the first place.

The word, “Antifa” means anti-fascist. Do these people honestly think that acting like fascists make them any better than the fascists that follow Donald Trump and his racist vitriol? I sure as hell don’t! I also greatly resent Antifa for acting like they represent the Left because they certainly do not represent me or anyone who shares my beliefs. I say this as a person who considers himself to be a true member of the Left.

I also greatly resent Antifa representing themselves as anarchists, because I also represent myself as an anarchist. Anarchism is a political philosophy that in no way condones the type of violence that Antifa uses to suppress people who disagree with them. Anarchism is truest, the purest sense is basically a utopian belief that is totally against violence. There is no way that Antifa can possibly call themselves true believers in anarchism.

I also found the story to be very interesting because it gives a history of the Antifa/Black Bloc movement and its origins.

Movement to the Left is the Democratic Party’s Only Hope of Survival

The results in Georgia show that the Trump resistance can show up to the polls, but centrism isn’t a strategy to win.

Source: Ossoff’s Loss Is Further Proof: Democrats’ Path to Power Is Through Moving Left, Not Center – In These Times

Movement to the Left is the Democratic Party’s Only Hope of Survival

If the Democratic Party hopes to prevail and become the primary party in power in this country, they need to move to the Left. Instead of clinging to the status quo, or “business as usual”, The Democratic Party should stop trying to pander to both the business community and the working class at the same time. This simply won’t work any longer.

I believe this is a major reason that most people identify with the Democrats have a tendency to stay away from the polls and not vote. Even though they may not consider the Republican Party as the party that best represents their interests, they also don’t consider the Democratic Party to represent them either. As a result, most people who might vote Democratic, don’t bother voting at all; something that is hurting this entire country. The primary reason the Republican party is the party in power is that Republicans usually don’t just sit out an election. They go out and vote.

Many ideas which were once considered to be too progressive or even as radical, are now considered as mainstream, centrist ideas. Ideas such as single-payer healthcare, raising the minimum wage, and concentrating on repairing this country’s infrastructure, are now embraced by most Americans as being centrist or middle of the road. The Democratic Party is making a huge mistake by not using the change in people’s attitudes towards once radical ideas, to further not only their interests as a party but the betterment of the nation.

As long as the Democratic Party insists on trying to be all things to all people, it will only continue to decline in both popularity and power. If they are truly the party of the working class, as they have always tried to represent themselves, they badly need to start proving it. The Democratic Party needs to change his entire strategy to survive in the face of the increasing power of the GOP.

The Democratic Party needs to take a firm stand in favor of working-class Americans and start adopting bolder ideas. If they don’t, people will have no other choice but to resort to drastic means to protect themselves from the atrocities of the Republican Party, the latest being the Republican Health Care Bill which will devastate the health and well-being of millions of American citizens.


The Democratic Party Is in Worse Shape Than You Thought – The …

Jun 8, 2017 A consistent theme is that the focus on white defections from the Democratic Party masks an even more threatening trend: declining turnout …

Can Millennials Save the Democratic Party?

Mar 4, 2017 The 2020 election is projected to mark the first time in more than 40 years that baby boomers aren’t the largest generation of eligible voters.


Bernie Sanders Takes a Reporter To School


Bernie Sanders Takes a Reporter to School

This video shows a major reason I would love and appreciate Bernie 8anders even if I wasn’t already a diehard supporter. Bernie Sanders isn’t afraid to take on anyone if they are saying something that makes no sense, or seems to be ridiculous.  This is a quality that I respect in a person.  Calling it as you see it shows that Bernie Sanders is a very honest person and is worthy of great respect.

In this video, Bernie Sanders gets angry at a reporter who asked him a stupid question about who Sen. Sanders thinks may run for president in 2020. Apparently, Bernie Sanders thinks this question is ridiculous and inappropriate, especially since we haven’t even inaugurated Donald Trump yet.

I think this anger, express by Bernie Sanders, may not be directed against the reported as it is the current situation in this country. Maybe he was thinking about the fact that he probably would have won the presidency, instead of Donald Trump as he had been the candidate instead of Hillary Clinton.

This latter statement is something that I truly believe to be true. Bernie Sanders would have defeated Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, if he had been the Democratic candidate.


“The wind is at our backs.” The Bernie Sanders campaign

In case any of you have been wondering why I am posting these advertisements for Bernie Sanders, it’s because I truly think that he is the most qualified to be president of the United States. I am confident that he will look out for the average Americans best interest, and …

3 things I know to be true

Bernie Sanders for President Coming out of last night’s results, in which we won Rhode Island but came up short in four others, I want to pose to you three things that I know to be true: Young people – the future of our country – continue to vote for our campaign …



Never Trump Movement, Too Little Too Late?

Backroom unity talks failed, and so the party feuded publicly.

Source: Chaos erupts on GOP convention floor after voice vote shuts down Never Trump forces – POLITICO

Never Trump Movement, Too Little Too Late?

Much to the chagrin of Republican leaders, their convention in Cleveland started off with a floor fight. These efforts, led by people who label themselves as the Never Trump movement, have apparently failed to gain much momentum. This floor fight happened because of a ridiculous floor vote that many delegates took as being unfair, and I must say that I agree with them. What happened today was a major setback for the Never Trump movement. The controversy was because of the chair of the convention taking a voice vote instead of a polling of delegates from each state.

At the heart of the dispute, was a proposed change in the rules that would have allowed so-called “bound delegates” to be able to change their mind and vote their conscience instead of being forced to vote for whichever candidate, in this case, Donald Trump, that they preferred. Now, it seems that they may be trapped. Many rightfully interpreted the entire process as being rigged. Many members of the Never Trump movement were instrumental in creating the unfair system that they are now protesting.

These delegates need to realize they are getting what they asked for; to be treated unfairly by Donald Trump’s and his supporters. They have no one to blame other than themselves. They were fools for not recognizing Donald Trump for what he is; a charlatan who would do anything for a vote. These suckers seem to be stuck, and many of them deserve it.

Early in Trump’s campaign, when he was making racist statements against Latinos, particularly Mexicans, who he labeled as “killers and rapists”, they should have rejected his ideas then. However, they didn’t take Donald Trump as a serious contender, although many of them echoed his ugly rhetoric. Even though many of them won’t admit it, they were just as racist as he is. They allowed themselves to be spoonfed his message of hate; now they would credit because they don’t think deep down that he will not win the election against Hillary Clinton.

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has apparently been playing to the lowest common denominator, racism. His supporters are mostly racists and sexist, and Trump’s movement was able to gain enough momentum that he was able to win most of the Republican primaries. If they wanted to stop him, the Never Trump people might have waited too late.

I watched the floor vote that is in question, and I agree that it was totally unfair because it was impossible to tell who was saying “Aye.” In fact, there was so much noise in the room that one could not tell what was going on. The only fair way to accurately make a count is for a roll call vote.

I hope that the “Never Trump” people don’t give up the fight against the presumptive candidate, but their efforts may be too little too late.


#NeverTrump · NeverTrump.com

We, the undersigned, will never vote for Donald Trump.
Here Are All The People Still Vowing Never To Support Donald Trump

Jun 2, 2016 These #NeverTrump supporters are standing strong.

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Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton, A Difference of Method

The biggest difference between Clinton and Sanders wasn’t policy. It was something more important.

Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton, a Difference of Method

clinton_and_sandersThis article makes a very good point about the differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The article makes a very good point that it wasn’t a difference a policy, but the method that each campaign used in the run for the Democratic Party nomination. It says a lot that I agree with and thought about during the election cycle.

I believe that the policies of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are not too much different, although the campaigns have a very different method by which they operated. One campaign, that of Hillary Clinton, used more traditional methods of operation, while the other campaign, that of Bernie Sanders used an entirely different method. The campaign method of Bernie Sanders is what attracted me to him and his candidacy most related to political tactics that I can identify with.

On one hand, Hillary Clinton ran her campaign in the traditional, establishment method, whereas Bernie Sanders ran his campaign along nontraditional, anti-establishment ways. These differences are ones that I agree with since I have always hated the establishment and status quo. I say this because I can see as where the establishment has done a lot for the average American citizen. As far as I’m concerned, our present status quo seems to be against most of what our founding fathers represented; a revolution against the establishment.

Hillary Clinton was successful because she played by the “rules” that our current system encourages. Clinton used her connections to Wall Street and the wealthy to bankroll her campaign. In doing so, she represented exactly what’s wrong with our present system, too much big money, and corporate influence. She showed herself to be a true dyed in the wool capitalist. The fact that she is pandering to the capitalist system is the reason that I supported Bernie Sanders. I hate capitalism to the point where I have no respect for people who kiss up to the system and use it to achieve their goal. There are other ways that goals can be achieved without prostituting oneself to a corrupt system that doesn’t work for the average American citizen.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, ran a campaign that was truly grassroots in nature; something that I have always believed in because I’ve seen grassroots efforts by people work out quite well. This grassroots method of achieving a political goal is the purest and uncontaminated. In a grassroots effort, big money doesn’t really matter that much. It is hard work and commitment that really counts. The campaign of Bernie Sanders proved one thing that I have always believed, people coming together as a group to achieve a common goal. His campaign was funded by average people contributing less than $200 per person. The fact that Bernie Sanders was able to raise more money than any other candidate in history should be proof to anyone that a grassroots campaign is still something that works.

The beauty of a grassroots campaign, for me personally, as always been the fact that it brings in more participants, working together. This type of campaign probably appeals to me because in my life I’ve had the pleasure of watching grassroots campaigns work. Both the civil rights movement and the antiwar movement of the 60s achieved their goals without the corruption of big money. Both of these movements were just people coming together to achieve justice for the masses.

I honestly think that the candidacy of Bernie Sanders will go far in changing the way people look at grassroots movements. I also firmly believe that members of the establishment will be shaken enough to a degree that some of them may rethink things quite a bit.

To me, the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and the methods it used is a strong indicator that people are fed up enough with the way that this country operates and badly want to change it. Personally, is your sitcom I also think that the political spectrum may become more liberal and progressive. The way I look at it, if the middle class has any hope of surviving, things badly need to shift to the left. Most importantly, the campaign strategy of Bernie Sanders proved itself to be invaluable.

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Bernie Sanders vows to work with Hillary Clinton as Dems move …

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The Right-Wingers Contradictions About Free Speech

The Right-Wingers Contradictions about Free Speech


the right-wingersHave you ever noticed that when protesters show up at a mostly right-wing political gathering, the right-wingers contradictions always run rampant? They always complain about how the protesters are interfering with their First Amendment rights to free speech.

Yet, the right-wingers can show up at a political event, sometimes with guns (i.e. town hall meetings), intimidating people who want to attend these gatherings, often to express a dissenting position from that of the right-wingers, but the right-wingers never seem to recognize that they are interfering with the First Amendment rights of those people. What is wrong with this picture?

Why can’t these idiots understand that the U.S. Constitution is for all citizens, not just for those people who have a certain viewpoint? They never seem to be able to recognize that their position is contradictory, at best.

The right-wingers always to think it’s okay for them to take ownership over the U.S. Constitution, but deny that same sense of ownership to everyone who disagrees with them.

The U.S. Constitution was written for everybody, regardless of political viewpoint. It sure would be nice if the right-wingers would recognize that fact. This country would be so much better off if they did.


Psychopathic Traits More Likely Among Rich Right-Wingers

Apr 2, 2015 … these people in and begin organizing to take control of our lives back, not so much from the government as the right wingers like to complain, …

Gene Smith: Where have all the right-wingers gone?

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