Antifa: Hurting the Cause Of the Left Against Trump

As I was watching video of the anti-Trump demonstrations on YouTube, it was apparent to me how much Antifa is damaging the cause against Donald Trump.

FUC*K the Antifa/Anarchist/Black Bloc

Antifa: Hurting the Cause Of the Left Against Trump

As I was watching a video of the anti-Trump demonstrations on YouTube, it was apparent to me how much Antifa is damaging the cause against Donald Trump. By committing random acts of violence, as seen in the screen capture I included in this article. Antifa is actually helping supporters of Donald Trump gain the credibility they would be unable to achieve on their own. They are doing this by giving the pro-Trump something I badly need to achieve sympathy from the public; martyrs.

People always sympathize with martyrs and have the tendency to embrace whatever the martyrs represent. By and large, the supporters of Donald Trump represent everything that is wrong with America, although our Constitution guarantees them the right to believe whatever they want or say whatever they want, no matter how reprehensible it is to other people. Even though sometimes the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is hard to defend, mostly because it gives free speech to hateful people, I will defend it because I do not in any way condone suppressing anyone’s freedom of speech. After all, I would not want my freedom of speech curtailed or interfered with.

Even though I absolutely don’t agree with what the supporters of Donald Trump stand for, in this case, racism, I also do not agree with violence being committed against them. No matter how much I may hate what they represent, especially racism, I condemn the actions of Antifa. They only make themselves look as bad as what they pretend to hate. By using violence to put forth their point, Antifa always serves to harm the cause of the Left against Donald Trump. In many ways, their actions make them guilty of “aiding and abetting the enemy”.

Ironically, the person who steps in to intervene and prevent any further attack on the person was an African-American male, one of the people that most pro-Trump supporters are against. Wouldn’t it be great if the pro-Trump supporter who was saved saw the error of his ways is supporting Donald Trump and gave up his racist beliefs, considering he actually had any such beliefs in the first place.

The word, “Antifa” means anti-fascist. Do these people honestly think that acting like fascists make them any better than the fascists that follow Donald Trump and his racist vitriol? I sure as hell don’t! I also greatly resent Antifa for acting like they represent the Left because they certainly do not represent me or anyone who shares my beliefs. I say this as a person who considers himself to be a true member of the Left.

I also greatly resent Antifa representing themselves as anarchists, because I also represent myself as an anarchist. Anarchism is a political philosophy that in no way condones the type of violence that Antifa uses to suppress people who disagree with them. Anarchism is truest, the purest sense is basically a utopian belief that is totally against violence. There is no way that Antifa can possibly call themselves true believers in anarchism.

I also found the story to be very interesting because it gives a history of the Antifa/Black Bloc movement and its origins.

The Right-Wingers Contradictions About Free Speech

The Right-Wingers Contradictions about Free Speech


the right-wingersHave you ever noticed that when protesters show up at a mostly right-wing political gathering, the right-wingers contradictions always run rampant? They always complain about how the protesters are interfering with their First Amendment rights to free speech.

Yet, the right-wingers can show up at a political event, sometimes with guns (i.e. town hall meetings), intimidating people who want to attend these gatherings, often to express a dissenting position from that of the right-wingers, but the right-wingers never seem to recognize that they are interfering with the First Amendment rights of those people. What is wrong with this picture?

Why can’t these idiots understand that the U.S. Constitution is for all citizens, not just for those people who have a certain viewpoint? They never seem to be able to recognize that their position is contradictory, at best.

The right-wingers always to think it’s okay for them to take ownership over the U.S. Constitution, but deny that same sense of ownership to everyone who disagrees with them.

The U.S. Constitution was written for everybody, regardless of political viewpoint. It sure would be nice if the right-wingers would recognize that fact. This country would be so much better off if they did.


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