Donald Trump Thinks Andrew Jackson, “Had a Big Heart”

In a recent interview, Donald Trump claims that the American Civil War might not have happened if Andrew Jackson had been alive.

Donald Trump Thinks Andrew Jackson, “Had a Big Heart”

In a recent interview, Donald Trump claims that the American Civil War might not have happened if Andrew Jackson had been alive. He is also important during the interview as saying that “Andrew Jackson had a big heart.” I wonder if any members of the five tribes who were forced to march to Oklahoma on the “Trail of Tears” would have agreed?

The “Trail of Tears” refers to the collective suffering of five tribes of Native Americans that were forcibly removed from their land in the southern United States. These tribes were the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole. They were removed by an act of Congress, called the “American Indian Removal Act of 1830”, which President Andrew Jackson wholeheartedly supported. Of course, what type of compassion can one expect from a president who was also a slave owner?

Even though these Indians owned the land that they were removed from, these people were treated like animals during their removal from the South. Nearly 150,000 Native Americans were forcibly removed from their land, and nearly 15,000 of them died on the way to “Indian Territory”, also now known as Oklahoma.

Andrew Jackson ordered that these people be removed in January 1838. Of course, having such a “big heart” says Donald Trump, he orders them to be moved in the middle of winter instead of waiting for warmer weather when more of them would have probably survived the move. What a “big heart” Andrew Jackson had!

Andrew Jackson had as much compassion for the Indians as Donald Trump has for refugees from places like Syria and the Sudan. No wonder that someone like Donald Trump would choose Andrew Jackson as their hero.


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The Dakota Access Pipeline: Another Case of Environmental Racism

They aren’t done fighting.

Source: Thousands of Dakota Access Pipeline Activists Came to Washington | Mother Jones

The Dakota Access Pipeline: Another Case of Environmental Racism

There is another reason the Dakota Access Pipeline is going through the Standing Rock Reservation instead of going through another more densely populated area.  That reason is something called environmental racism.  It is very clear to me that if the Dakota Access Pipeline were going through a densely populated area occupied mostly by whites, there would be much more an outcry and there is already.

The Dakota Access Pipeline has received a significant amount of media coverage, although most of the best coverage has come from progressive or left-wing media via the Internet, instead of the mainstream media on TV or radio.  As usual, most of the coverage on mainstream media has lacked in the human interest aspect of this entire story and how this pipeline will significantly affect Native Americans.  Of course, ignoring key issues of Native Americans or any other people of power is the usual modus operandi of mainstream media.  It’s unfortunate that the first Americans are slighted this way.

They earned some credit for covering the Dakota Access Pipeline, although that coverage has been very useful for the pipeline.  They have failed to explain why the Dakota Access Pipeline is of such tremendous significance to the people who live there at Standing Rock.  They have also failed to deal with the issue of environmental racism, which I feel is the primary reason the Dakota Access Pipeline receives such lackluster coverage.

The issue of environmental racism is a subject that the mainstream media has always been uncomfortable with, much like every other type of racism.  It has gotten to the point where any talk of about racism of any kind is something mainstream media seems to avoid at any given turn.

I dare say if the Dakota Access Pipeline was going through Bismarck, North Dakota, as was originally intended, this entire story would be covered in a different way.


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Kelcy Warren is not Will Rogers, Despite What His Friends Say

The bittersweet ballad of Kelcy Warren.

Source: The billionaire CEO behind the Dakota Access Pipeline would rather be talking about country music

Kelcy Warren Is Not Will Rogers, Despite What His Friends Say

Kelcy WarrenKelcy Warren, founder, and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), builder of the infamous Dakota Access Pipeline is not Will Rogers, despite what his friend say.

He is just another wealthy billionaire with too much money and influence.  What he is trying to do to the Standing Rock Sioux is unconscionable and uncaring.  He represents everything that is wrong about the relationship between whites and Native Americans.

Kelcy Warren has used his power and influence to get his way, far too often. He has spent billions of dollars in campaign contributions to some of the lowest of the low, including Rick Perry and present governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.  In fact, he contributed $750,000 to Abbott’s campaign for governor of Texas, and the game nearly $6 million to PACS supporting Rick Perry’s run for president.  Kelcy Warren apparently thinks it’s okay to throw way more money than many small countries just to get his way.  He is the capitalist I hate.

Kelcy Warren displays a split personality or else maybe it would be better called, two-faced.  He denies digging up the bones of ancestors of The Standing Rock Sioux, even though he has done just exactly that.  At some points, he almost seems apologetic to the Standing Rock Sioux, while at the same time continuing to keep on digging the pipeline.

Kelcy Warren has even equated the tribe and its supporters as “terrorists,” even though it’s his people that have attacked these people mercilessly with dogs, tear gas, and clubs.  Even though none of the opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline has resorted to any violence, other than to raise their hands in self-defense, Kelcy Warren has used his political connections to cause bodily harm to many of these people.

His friends, whether bought or just friends, likes as if he Kelcy Warren has almost some type of “folk hero” just because he writes country music and listen to it.  To depict Kelcy Warren as though he was akin to Will Rogers is a great insult to a great American.  Kelcy Warren is nothing more than just another rich bully tried to have his way and make money, at the expense of Mother Nature.


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Dakota Access Pipeline: Threat to Native American Rights

The Dakota Access pipeline is the latest threat to Native American sovereignty that has happened in quite a while.

Dakota Access Pipeline: Threat to Native American Rights

dakota-access-pipelineThe Dakota Access Pipeline is the latest threat to Native American sovereignty that has happened in a while.  Unfortunately, the “mainstream media” has failed to give it much attention.  As usual, when they do give out any information about the Dakota Access Pipeline, the information comes out too late to do much good.  The US Army Corps of Engineers has issued a green light for construction of this controversial pipeline, and most members of the public have no idea that this injustice is happening.

The reason the Dakota Access Pipeline is a threat to Native American rights is that a significant part of this pipeline is built on Native American land owned by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.  This pipeline, also known as the Bakken Oil Pipeline, threatens to destroy traditional tribal burial grounds and holy sites.  It is also a potential threat to the environment because The Standing Rock Sioux say that the construction of this pipeline will ruin their water supply.  In this aspect, the Dakota Access Pipeline is a direct threat to the environment of mouse right this region, in North Dakota.

dakota-access-pipeline_02It seems like the Great Sioux Nation, which is also threatened over the last few years, by the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, has had more of their fair share of threats to their Native American sovereignty than anyone deserves.

This just goes to show that corporate America, composed mostly of white men of European extraction, don’t give a damn about the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux or any other Native American tribe.  Once again, the words of the white government in Washington DC are meaningless.


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