Donald Trump Thinks Andrew Jackson, “Had a Big Heart”

In a recent interview, Donald Trump claims that the American Civil War might not have happened if Andrew Jackson had been alive.

Donald Trump Thinks Andrew Jackson, “Had a Big Heart”

In a recent interview, Donald Trump claims that the American Civil War might not have happened if Andrew Jackson had been alive. He is also important during the interview as saying that “Andrew Jackson had a big heart.” I wonder if any members of the five tribes who were forced to march to Oklahoma on the “Trail of Tears” would have agreed?

The “Trail of Tears” refers to the collective suffering of five tribes of Native Americans that were forcibly removed from their land in the southern United States. These tribes were the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole. They were removed by an act of Congress, called the “American Indian Removal Act of 1830”, which President Andrew Jackson wholeheartedly supported. Of course, what type of compassion can one expect from a president who was also a slave owner?

Even though these Indians owned the land that they were removed from, these people were treated like animals during their removal from the South. Nearly 150,000 Native Americans were forcibly removed from their land, and nearly 15,000 of them died on the way to “Indian Territory”, also now known as Oklahoma.

Andrew Jackson ordered that these people be removed in January 1838. Of course, having such a “big heart” says Donald Trump, he orders them to be moved in the middle of winter instead of waiting for warmer weather when more of them would have probably survived the move. What a “big heart” Andrew Jackson had!

Andrew Jackson had as much compassion for the Indians as Donald Trump has for refugees from places like Syria and the Sudan. No wonder that someone like Donald Trump would choose Andrew Jackson as their hero.


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The Dakota Access Pipeline: Another Case of Environmental Racism

They aren’t done fighting.

Source: Thousands of Dakota Access Pipeline Activists Came to Washington | Mother Jones

The Dakota Access Pipeline: Another Case of Environmental Racism

There is another reason the Dakota Access Pipeline is going through the Standing Rock Reservation instead of going through another more densely populated area.  That reason is something called environmental racism.  It is very clear to me that if the Dakota Access Pipeline were going through a densely populated area occupied mostly by whites, there would be much more an outcry and there is already.

The Dakota Access Pipeline has received a significant amount of media coverage, although most of the best coverage has come from progressive or left-wing media via the Internet, instead of the mainstream media on TV or radio.  As usual, most of the coverage on mainstream media has lacked in the human interest aspect of this entire story and how this pipeline will significantly affect Native Americans.  Of course, ignoring key issues of Native Americans or any other people of power is the usual modus operandi of mainstream media.  It’s unfortunate that the first Americans are slighted this way.

They earned some credit for covering the Dakota Access Pipeline, although that coverage has been very useful for the pipeline.  They have failed to explain why the Dakota Access Pipeline is of such tremendous significance to the people who live there at Standing Rock.  They have also failed to deal with the issue of environmental racism, which I feel is the primary reason the Dakota Access Pipeline receives such lackluster coverage.

The issue of environmental racism is a subject that the mainstream media has always been uncomfortable with, much like every other type of racism.  It has gotten to the point where any talk of about racism of any kind is something mainstream media seems to avoid at any given turn.

I dare say if the Dakota Access Pipeline was going through Bismarck, North Dakota, as was originally intended, this entire story would be covered in a different way.


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The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest: A Brief History

The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest: A Brief History

I hope that this video about the Dakota Access Pipeline protest is as informative to you as it was me. Finally, the “mainstream media” is giving some coverage to this crucial issue. It’s appalling to see the way that the US Government is mistreating the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.  I guess some things never change.

The Dakota Access Pipeline will cause tremendous and irreparable damage to the water supply of the Native Americans who occupy this region, located in North Dakota. In addition to destroying their water supply, the intended route of this pipeline will take it through the burial grounds and many other sacred sites, belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

It is appalling to see heavily armed police officers, looking more like a paramilitary force, is trampling on the civil rights of these unarmed, and peaceful protesters who are doing nothing more than trying to protect a fundamental necessity in the lives like water. The US government should be ashamed of itself, but as we all know, the US government never apologizes for anything it ever does, no matter how egregious.

What is happening to these Native American people is an atrocity that equals the Wounded Knee protests of the 70s. Hopefully, these peaceful protesters are not harmed.


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