Was The Trump Campaign In Collusion With Russia?

The title of this article ask a question that is probably on the minds of most Americans.

Was The Trump Campaign In Collusion With Russia?

The title of this article asks a question that is probably on the minds of most Americans.  At least it should be.  Whether or not the Trump campaign was in collusion with Russia to fix the election is probably one of the most important questions that have come along since the beginning of the United States.

Yesterday, Director of the FBI, James Comey announced that the FBI is conducting an investigation into whether the Trump campaign had communication with Russia, before the election.  This announcement could have huge ramifications, especially if the FBI investigation turns up something solid against Donald Trump and members of his campaign staff.

I think it probably Donald Trump and his campaign staff were in collusion with Russia to fix the 2016 presidential election.  Even though this hasn’t been proven yet, or maybe never will, I think Donald Trump is as guilty as shit.  Ironically, it was Donald Trump who was going around during the campaign, saying that the election was fixed in favor of Hillary Clinton.  If there is any justice in this world, the FBI investigation into the trump campaign will expose this loudmouth jackass for what he really is; a self-serving traitor to the United States.

This entire incident leads to more questions; such as, what will be done if the election was fixed, what will be the penalty, who will be punished, and a myriad of other questions that I truly don’t know is covered by the US Constitution.  I’m not even sure if the U.S. Constitution covers this type of thing, although it probably has something written in its wise words.

The only thing I know is that a president of bathroom United States can be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors”.  In this case, Donald Trump, and members of his campaign staff are guilty of “high crimes”.  If I believed in capital punishment, which I don’t, Donald Trump would be executed for treason.  To work with another country, in this case, Russia, to fix an American election is nothing less than treason.

It will be extremely interesting to see how this unseemly episode of American history plays out.


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Donald Trump Stops Blowing One of His Dog Whistles 

Source: Trump abandons promise to lock up Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Stops Blowing One Of His Dog Whistles

I was always under the impression that one had to actually commit a crime before being locked up, least if there was any type of justice left in the United States.  However, that didn’t stop Donald Trump from using the “campaign promise” (a.k.a. ploy) of promising to lock up Hillary Clinton if he was elected POTUS.

Most people who had any sense knew that Mrs. Clinton was guilty of nothing that would make it possible for her to be locked up.  On the other hand, Trump supporters, most of whom have very little sense, was stupid enough to listen to one of the dog whistles that he used throughout his campaign.  Now it seems that he has stopped blowing this particular dog whistle, much to the disappointment of his fans.  Oh well!  They were the ones stupid enough to listen to his bullshit first.

Even though he and his supporters (“deplorables” according to Hillary Clinton) wanted to make a big thing out of her so-called “e-mail scandal”, it has been pretty well shown that there was little substance to build a case on, and I’m pretty sure that the Donald Trump campaign knew it all along.

Even though “eleventh-hour” announcement from James Comey, head of the FBI, that the Justice Department was going to stay with its original finding that Mrs. Clinton had done nothing wrong or criminal. It said that they would not pursue any investigation because it  was unwarranted.  Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, and probably the rest of the country, this news came far too late in the game to affect the outcome of the election.

By the way, the person delivering the speech in this video, Chris Christie, is one of the biggest criminals and should be locked up behind the “Bridgegate” scandal. Everyone in New Jersey who has any sense knows that he is as guilty as hell.  For Christie to even imply that someone else is a crook is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Maybe, I’ll take back that part about justice in the United States.  After this election, I’m convinced that there probably is none.


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Darrell Issa Calls For Government Shutdown 

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Source: Darrell Issa Calls For Government Shutdown If Hillary Clinton Is Not Charged — ThinkProgress

Rep. Darrell Issa Calls for Government Shutdown

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) who has said that he will never support a government shutdown apparently has changed his mind. He is now calling for a government shutdown because the FBI says that they will not charge Hillary Clinton with a crime.

Rep. Issa refuses to accept the fact that Hillary Clinton, even though she may have been sloppy with her email security, is not guilty of any crime. Darrell Issa is livid over this statement by FBI Director, James Comey that Hillary Clinton “is guilty of no crime”. This entire thing reminds me of the movie, “A Few Good Men” where the character played by Jack Nicholson says, “you can’t handle the truth.”

As you may remember, Darrell Issa is the former chair of the House Oversight Committee, the committee that tried so hard to prove that Hillary Clinton had made huge mistakes and even did something illegal when she handled the Benghazi incident when she was Secretary of State. After that committee could not prove a damn thing, Darrell Issa persisted in his inquisition costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Darrell Issa is certainly no one to talk about anyone being a criminal, especially since he has been charged in the past with various crimes, including, grand theft auto, threatening another person with a gun, and even arson.

Maybe, Darrell Issa should take a look at his backyard before he calls someone else a criminal.


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