Let’s Talk about Impeachment Already!

3″I have my subpoena pen ready.”

Source: The latest Trump story is so bad Republicans might actually do something about it

Let’s Talk about Impeachment Already!

Finally, Congress is talking about beginning impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.  Some of the people talking about this include Republicans.

In some weird way, I almost feel sorry for the Republicans, but I soon realized that they are responsible for their own undoing.  They should have brought this idiot under some type of control before talk about impeachment proceedings were necessary.  When Donald Trump was a candidate, the GOP chose to look the other way when he was being a racist jackass and attacking everything (and everybody) insight.  But, they refused to control this loudmouth until somebody started talking about impeachment.  Now they are scrambling to distance themselves from “their” president like rats, leaving a sinking ship.  They deserve everything they get.  They did the same thing back during the Watergate scandal.

The Republicans deserve everything they get.  They did the same thing back during the Watergate scandal.  Back then, they chose to allow Richard Nixon to do whatever he wanted until the damage was done, and he was nearly impeached.  I guess it’s true that some people never learn.  A Republican president came close to facing impeachment was before, and the Republican Party chose, to their regret, bury their heads in the sand like frightened ostriches.

By blindly following Donald Trump, no matter how toxic they may have secretly thought his rhetoric was, borders on the definition of insanity.  They say that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, hoping for a different result.  Is the Republican Party insane?  One wonders!

History is repeating itself.  Once again, a Republican president is facing impeachment, and the Republicans are dumb enough to believe that the American people will forget about it and re-elect some of these dumb asses next year, during the midterm elections.  Good luck with that!


Impeach Trump Now

Add your name calling for the Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump for violating the U.S. Constitution. By signing you agree that you may receive emails  …

Sources: White House lawyers research impeachment – CNNPolitics …

3 days ago White House lawyers have begun researching impeachment procedures in an effort to prepare for what officials still believe is a distant …



Even This Conservative Concedes That Single-Payer Health Care is Coming

Source: George Will predicts Obamacare to become single-payer because of this inconvenient fact

Even This Conservative Concedes That Single-Payer Health Care Is Coming

Single-payer health care Conservative columnist, George Will, concedes that single-payer health care is going to happen, probably even under Donald Trump.  He says it will happen, despite the current state of denial of Trump and his followers, mostly because of an inconvenient truth that no one in the GOP seems willing to concede.

This inconvenient truth is the fact that if the GOP succeeds in repealing The Affordable Health Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), it will probably hurt Trump supporters the most.  If the Republicans new health care plan is implemented, an estimated 24 million Americans will be left without any type of health care coverage.  This fact is showing itself to be extremely unpopular and unacceptable to most supporters of President Donald Trump, and others in the GOP who are pushing for the repeal of Obamacare.

Single-payer health care is the next logical step in the evolution of health care in the United States.  The primary people who oppose it are those people who don’t understand it, or how it works.  Obamacare, according to George Will, was intended to be just a preliminary step before implementing a single-payer system.  Even Donald Trump says that a single-payer system is okay for Scotland.  If so, why wouldn’t it work here?  The answer is, it would work here, and quite well.Single-payer health care

The primary reason that George Will says whatever plan the GOP is trying to push will fail, and a single-payer system will put into effect is because the Republican health care plan (whatever that is) will hurt people who voted for Donald Trump more than it will anyone else.

Even though I really dislike George Will, and almost everything he stands for, I will freely concede that he makes a lot of sense, as does a single-payer health care system.

Is the GOP Ever Going to Wake up about Climate Change?

Source: Congressman leaves stage to a chorus of boos after saying the jury is still out on climate change

Is the GOP Ever Going to Wake up About Climate Change?

When is the GOP ever going to wake up about climate change and realize that it poses a huge threat to our civilization?  The answer is; they probably won’t!  Since the GOP has always been a pro-business advocate party (a.k.a. mouthpiece), and since they worship the “bottom line, “as though it were God, they probably won’t.  Not until the GOP has been replaced by a more progressive political party, that realizes the danger of climate change instead of denying it, things will probably remain the same.  Our planet will continue to wither and die.

Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) was booed off the stage by his constituents at a town hall meeting when he made the statement that the scientific community is split about whether or not climate change is real or not.  Since most people have come to the conclusion that climate change is real, even among his conservative constituents, Biggs’statement went over about as well as a pregnant pole-vaulter.

Since most of these people are probably conservatives who voted for Biggs, I take it as a good sign that people booed him off the stage.  Who knows, maybe the conservatives are even starting to wake up to the dangers of climate change to the planet and the population of it.  Whenever conservatives start agreeing with liberals/progressives, is always a good sign of progress, albeit small.

What makes this statement by Representative Biggs is the fact that he is a member of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.  If this is the type of person that is allowed to sit on such an important committee, we still have a long way to go in combating climate change.  First, we need to combat our own House of Representatives.


Climate Change | US EPA

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EPA Budget Cuts: Trump’s Back Door Way to Destroy This Agency

EPA Budget Cuts: Trump’s Back Door Way to Destroy This Agency Many people, including myself, think that Donald Trump’s goal is to abolish the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).  He is no different from any other member of the business community because most of them also want to eliminate the EPA.  His recent …


Town Hall Meetings: Direct Democracy At Its Best

Town hall meetings on the definition of direct democracy because they allow people to express their political opinion, without repercussions from other people.

Town Hall Meetings, Direct Democracy At Its Best

Town hall meetings are the definition of direct democracy because they allow people to express their political opinion, without repercussions from other people.  Town hall meetings have got a lot of attention in the media lately because it has shown that many Americans disagree with the current policies of the GOP.

Having their origin in colonial New England, town hall meetings are a pure form of direct American democracy.  That is what makes us unique that people are currently showing in large numbers to express their differences from what is now happening in this country.

Highlighted in these town hall meetings is healthcare reform; something that the GOP fails to recognize as they push for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obama care).  Many people who have had insufficient, or no healthcare for years, but were finally given help with their medical bills.  They are angry and afraid of the prospect of losing their health care and being put back into the same vulnerable position they were in before.

Anger and indignation is one aspect of this entire situation make the idea ridiculous that some of the protesters at these meetings are paid, professionals.  Just the idea of professional paid protesters co-opting these town hall meetings for their purpose is ludicrous, and conservative news outlets know it.  Their cynicism and closemindedness cause them to underplays a bad situation that people are afraid of being forced into; having their healthcare taken away by legislators who they elected to protect their best interest.

Spreading the lie that paid protesters are driving that dissent and anger displayed at town hall meetings does a tremendous disservice to these people.  No professional paid protesters are involved in this exercise in direct democracy.  These people are only looking out for the own interests, and interests of their families.  No one is paying them.

By spreading this lie, the conservative news media is insulting the one example of direct democracy that still exists in this country.  Not to mention, it offends these people who devote their time to attending these town hall meetings and expressing their opinion, hoping that the GOP will listen to them.

I hope these GOP legislators are smart enough to hear them.  If they don’t, many of them risk losing their congressional seats.  These people may have elected them, but these legislators should never forget that the same people can also vote against them when they are up for reelection.  Hopefully, people will be smart enough to realize that they deserve better representation in Congress than what they are getting.


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Splitting the Republican Party: A Sensible Idea

Dividing the Republican Party in half makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider the fact that presidential hopeful Donald Trump is already crying foul, and claiming that if he loses, it is because the election is rigged.

Steve Schmidt, a highly regarded Republican political operative has raised the interesting question of whether the Republican Party will split in half. One half of the remaining Republican Party would be a hard core, far right party, and the other half would be a center right party. Donald Trump could very well attempt to continue […]


Splitting the Republican Party: A Sensible Idea

The Republican PartyDividing the Republican Party in half makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider the fact that presidential hopeful Donald Trump is already crying foul, and claiming that if he loses, it is because the election is rigged. Expecting him to lose gracefully and bow out with some class, something that he doesn’t have is asking a lot.

From a political standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to divide the Republican Party into a half. Half the “crazies” going one way, and the moderate and sensible Republicans (considering there are any) going the other way. Dividing the Republican Party into two parts makes a lot of sense from a political standpoint. It would be the politically expedient thing to do if they have any hope of surviving the upcoming debacle.

If the Republican Party doesn’t wake up and smell the coffee, it may be too late to save itself. Either that, or publicly admit that they made a huge mistake supporting Trump, and divorced themselves from him and his “followers.”  If the Republican Party put some distance between themselves and Trump, they would look better in the public eye, especially considering that some of the top racist groups in this country are among his supporters.

The Republican Party cannot think that it can lie down with a pig, and come out smelling like roses. They should be smart enough to realize that fact. They would also look better in the public eye admit that they made a mistake, apologize for it, and attempt to move on.

As it stands, they are in a lot of danger of losing control of both the House and Senate; something that I am closely hoping for, primarily because they have grossly abused power all the way through the eight years of President Obama. If they keep control of both houses of Congress, I can easily see them obstructing Hillary Clinton the same way they did Barack Obama.


The End Of A Republican Party | FiveThirtyEight

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John Kasich’s dire warning for the Republican Party: EVOLVE OR DIE

2 days ago Kasich discusses TPP and the Wells Fargo scandal, and gives a warning to the Republican Party.



GOP Women Speak Out on Donald Trump

GOP Women Speak out on Donald Trump

For the life of me, I don’t understand why any woman would even be a member of the GOP. Period. The GOP has shown itself to be a male-dominated political party that never has had the best interests of women at heart. Donald Trump represents the worst-case scenario possible for the entire GOP, not just women.

The sexism and misogyny of Donald Trump have been well documented for quite a while, even before he became a presidential candidate. How does the GOP possibly think that Republican women are going to support someone like him? Because women make up more than half the population of the United States, the GOP will probably (hopefully) self-destruct just as they deserve. I would be willing to bet that GOP women comprise more than half the electorate in this country.

This video about how GOP women feel about the nomination of Donald Trump is one of the best videos I’ve seen yet about this topic. I highly recommend watching it.


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Noam Chomsky Calls GOP a ‘Danger to Human Survival’

Source: Noam Chomsky Calls GOP a ‘Danger to Human Survival’ and Sizes Up Bernie Sanders – Truthdig

Noam Chomsky Calls GOP a ‘Danger to Human Survival’

I have more respect for Noam Chomsky than ever before, and that’s saying a lot because I have admired this man for years. He is correct! The GOP probably is the biggest threat to human survival. They are literally killing this entire planet by their refusal to admit that climate change/global warming are real. They, and their corporate masters, insists on clinging to obsolescent technology and continue to push for the use of fossil fuels; which are the primary cause of global warming. Their denial of proven scientific facts about this crucial issue is nothing less than criminal.

Their domestic policy can be basically summed up with one phrase; genocide of the poor.  Most of their domestic policies seems to be designed to put an end to the entire middle-class in this country. They seem to think it’s okay that 1% of the population controls more than two-thirds of the nation’s resources and money. They are perfectly content to allow the wealthiest Americans to get away without paying their fair share of taxes. They have sold out to the wealthy corporations and Wall Street to the point that they have actually damaged democracy in the United States by putting it up for sale.

Their foreign-policy could very well put this country in a state of war with just about everybody, especially in the Middle East. Their constant saber-rattling and war-mongering poses a huge threat to the stability of the entire world, not to mention the poor young people this country will use  to fight these useless wars. Then, when they come home disabled, wounded, or not at all, they don’t really give a damn because it isn’t their sons or daughters who do the fighting and real combat. These returning veterans are not even given proper medical care after they return. They only continue to make more profits because, as we all know, they care nothing about the well-being of our society, just their bottom lines. The policies of George W. Bush has succeeded in destabilizing the Middle the point where I can easily see war breaking out there anytime, probably with American soldiers trapped in the middle of it all.

Noam Chomsky’s description of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as a “New Dealer” is a very accurate description of Bernie Sanders. Many of the policies advocated by Senator Sanders are in reality quite close to policies that could have been easily enacted by President Franklin D Roosevelt. As most of us know by now, FDR was what I would consider to be “almost socialist”. Many of his policies, such as the creation of Social Security, and many public works programs, such as, the CCC and the WPA are very close to the socialist model. These programs created thousands of jobs for many Americans struck by the worst depression in this country’s history.

I applaud Noam Chomsky for his stance.

Noam Chomsky’s First Campaign Contribution Was To Bernie Sanders*

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