Energy Transfer Partners Removes “Hired Mercenaries” From Pipeline Site

Energy Transfer Partners spokesperson: “We continue to have security measures in place in North Dakota, just no longer need boots on the ground.”

Source: Company Behind DAPL Removes Private Security Firm From Site

Energy Transfer Partners Removes “Hired Mercenaries” From Pipeline Site


Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for building the Dakota Access Pipeline, announced that it is removing the “security firm” (a.k.a. hired mercenaries) from the pipeline site. TigerSwan, as I’ve reported previously, had been accused of not operating legally as security for The Dakota Access Pipeline. The security firm was exposed as not having the proper permits to operate within the state of North Dakota, something that Energy Transfer Partners was probably well aware of when they first hired TigerSwan, despite their denials to the contrary.

At the time when I first heard that Energy Transfer Partners had hired a private “security firm”, which are basically modern-day versions of mercenaries or hired guns, I was appalled. To think that a corporation like Energy Transfer Partners felt that they needed a “security firm” to put down peaceful protesters like the Water Protectors struck me as being a gross overreaction to people who wanted nothing more than protecting their sovereign rights to the land and religious beliefs. When I thought about TigerSwan being deployed here, I could not help but have visions of the infamous Blackwater, the US government “contractors” that lost their cool in the streets of Baghdad and opened fire on innocent commuters at an intersection.

In their statement, announcing that TigerSwan was no longer being contracted. Energy Transfer Partners used the offensive term “boots on the ground” in their announcement of TigerSwan’s departure from the scene of the pipeline. “Boots on the ground”? Where does Energy Transfer Partners get off treating peaceful protesters like some sort of threats, wherein reality they were merely Native Americans protecting their tribal sovereignty. What an insulting way to refer to some of the bravest people in this country!


Energy Transfer Partners Used Counterterrorist Security Firm Against Protesters

Leaked docs reveal the collusion between local police forces, pipeline company, and defense contractors as they executed ‘military-style counterterrorism measures’ to suppress the water protectors

Source: DAPL Company Hired War on Terror Contractors to Suppress Native 5Uprising/a>

Energy Transfer Partners Used Counterterrorist Security Firm Against Protesters

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) used a counter-terrorist security contractor against peaceful protesters and viewed the “Water Protectors” as terrorists. This is a glaring example of how corporate America thinks it is acceptable to use whatever means it feels necessary to oppress the average citizen who is guilty of nothing more than trying to stop, in this case, a pipeline that not only poses a threat to their way of life but the environment that we all share.

This also shows that Energy Transfer Partners’ level of paranoia about the injustice they were perpetrating against Native Americans was at an all-time high. In a weird way, this thing could be viewed as some type of strange validation for the “water protectors” and their supporters. In most ways, however, it should be viewed as an overreaction mostly fueled by guilt.

The fact that Energy Transfer Partners was willing to stoop so low as to hire what amounts to “mercenaries” to push their agenda against The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe sets a dangerous precedent if they are allowed to get away with it, which they probably will. The precedent is that corporate America is allowed to do whatever it wants to force his agenda upon people who may not agree with it. Allowing a corporation to use “hired guns” to push an agenda or policy is as dangerous as it was back in the late 1800s-early 1900s when coal company operators were allowed to use violence to suppress dissenters. It was this type of reckless behavior that led to the infamous Ludlow Massacre.

As we know, some of the Water Protectors were injured by these hired “security forces” (a.k.a. mercenaries). The use of private security forces by Energy Transfer Partners allows them to possibly escape any type of civil suit that might be filed against him, especially by people who were injured by these “security forces”. It just confuses the mix of different police forces, sheriff’s deputies, national guardsmen, and others involved in policing the situation. It will make it very confusing for any lawyer representing the water protesters and supporters, to properly file a lawsuit because they won’t know what names to put on the subpoena. It has the same effect as allowing police forces to wear masks to cover their faces and disguise their identities.

To use the same type of security at this protest by people who were trying to protect their way of life and the well-being of their families is what one might use to protect a facility against terrorists, does a huge disservice to these Native Americans.

It puts them in the same class as the people who were guilty of killing innocent people in the World Trade Center, and other places that have been attacked by terrorists. The bosses at Energy Transfer Partners should be ashamed of themselves for putting these innocent people in the same class as if they were a member of ISIS or Al Qaeda.

More accurately, these people should be described as freedom fighters and citizens who are worthy of consideration and respect by everyone. They deserve huge credit for their willingness to stand up and fight against corporate oppression; something which few others have the courage to do.

The Dakota Access Pipeline: Another Case of Environmental Racism

They aren’t done fighting.

Source: Thousands of Dakota Access Pipeline Activists Came to Washington | Mother Jones

The Dakota Access Pipeline: Another Case of Environmental Racism

There is another reason the Dakota Access Pipeline is going through the Standing Rock Reservation instead of going through another more densely populated area.  That reason is something called environmental racism.  It is very clear to me that if the Dakota Access Pipeline were going through a densely populated area occupied mostly by whites, there would be much more an outcry and there is already.

The Dakota Access Pipeline has received a significant amount of media coverage, although most of the best coverage has come from progressive or left-wing media via the Internet, instead of the mainstream media on TV or radio.  As usual, most of the coverage on mainstream media has lacked in the human interest aspect of this entire story and how this pipeline will significantly affect Native Americans.  Of course, ignoring key issues of Native Americans or any other people of power is the usual modus operandi of mainstream media.  It’s unfortunate that the first Americans are slighted this way.

They earned some credit for covering the Dakota Access Pipeline, although that coverage has been very useful for the pipeline.  They have failed to explain why the Dakota Access Pipeline is of such tremendous significance to the people who live there at Standing Rock.  They have also failed to deal with the issue of environmental racism, which I feel is the primary reason the Dakota Access Pipeline receives such lackluster coverage.

The issue of environmental racism is a subject that the mainstream media has always been uncomfortable with, much like every other type of racism.  It has gotten to the point where any talk of about racism of any kind is something mainstream media seems to avoid at any given turn.

I dare say if the Dakota Access Pipeline was going through Bismarck, North Dakota, as was originally intended, this entire story would be covered in a different way.


Dakota Access Pipeline | Democracy Now!

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Kelcy Warren is not Will Rogers, Despite What His Friends Say

The bittersweet ballad of Kelcy Warren.

Source: The billionaire CEO behind the Dakota Access Pipeline would rather be talking about country music

Kelcy Warren Is Not Will Rogers, Despite What His Friends Say

Kelcy WarrenKelcy Warren, founder, and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), builder of the infamous Dakota Access Pipeline is not Will Rogers, despite what his friend say.

He is just another wealthy billionaire with too much money and influence.  What he is trying to do to the Standing Rock Sioux is unconscionable and uncaring.  He represents everything that is wrong about the relationship between whites and Native Americans.

Kelcy Warren has used his power and influence to get his way, far too often. He has spent billions of dollars in campaign contributions to some of the lowest of the low, including Rick Perry and present governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.  In fact, he contributed $750,000 to Abbott’s campaign for governor of Texas, and the game nearly $6 million to PACS supporting Rick Perry’s run for president.  Kelcy Warren apparently thinks it’s okay to throw way more money than many small countries just to get his way.  He is the capitalist I hate.

Kelcy Warren displays a split personality or else maybe it would be better called, two-faced.  He denies digging up the bones of ancestors of The Standing Rock Sioux, even though he has done just exactly that.  At some points, he almost seems apologetic to the Standing Rock Sioux, while at the same time continuing to keep on digging the pipeline.

Kelcy Warren has even equated the tribe and its supporters as “terrorists,” even though it’s his people that have attacked these people mercilessly with dogs, tear gas, and clubs.  Even though none of the opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline has resorted to any violence, other than to raise their hands in self-defense, Kelcy Warren has used his political connections to cause bodily harm to many of these people.

His friends, whether bought or just friends, likes as if he Kelcy Warren has almost some type of “folk hero” just because he writes country music and listen to it.  To depict Kelcy Warren as though he was akin to Will Rogers is a great insult to a great American.  Kelcy Warren is nothing more than just another rich bully tried to have his way and make money, at the expense of Mother Nature.


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Veterans Stand in Solidarity With Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

Most of the A group of U.S. military veterans has vowed to block the completion of the hotly disputed Dakota Access pipeline.

Source: Standing Rock: Dakota Access battle brews as US veterans, Sioux dig in

Veterans Stand in Solidarity With Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

A group of military veterans, named Veterans Stand,  is standing in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux, in their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The organization, known as Veterans Stand, is vowing to help the Standing Rock Sioux defend their tribal lands against the incursion of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the builders of the very controversial pipeline which threatens the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux.

A couple of days ago, The Secretary of the Army granted the necessary easement to ETP so that they could continue building the Dakota Access Pipeline.  As if no one would notice, the secretary of the Army does not have the power or authority to order the US Army Corps of Engineers to do anything.  Previously, the US Army Corps of Engineers suggested that the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline could easily be rerouted to avoid going near the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux.

Before, when President Obama was still in power, ETP was denied the easement the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  At first, people thought that they had won their struggle against the pipeline.  However, all of that changed when Donald Trump became president. President Trump has reopened this entire mess.

Last week, President Donald Trump issued an executive order, saying that the Dakota Access Pipeline will continue to be built.  President Trump is guilty of a direct conflict of interest because it has been shown that Donald Trump owns a financial investment in ETP. This is one detail that the media has unfortunately failed to mention. If he had anything resembling a set of ethics, he would recuse himself from being involved. Even though spokespeople for the Trump administration say that he has divested himself of any interest in the pipeline, there is no proof of any divestment on the part of the POTUS.

I wish Veterans Stand all the best in their efforts to save the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux.  Veterans Stand has established a GoFundMe page at the following link.  Please contribute!


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Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Interrupt Vikings Game

Click cancel Three people who were arrested after Dakota Access pipeline protesters rappelled from the roof of the Minnesota Vikings ‘ stadium to unfurl a banner were released from jail Monday with four charges pending.

Source: 3 released in Dakota Access pipeline protest during Bears game

Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters as a kid doesn’t  Interrupt Vikings Game

Police arrested three protesters after they repelled into Vikings stadium to unfurl a banner calling for US Bank to divest financial interests in the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The protesters, two men, and one woman were charged with trespassing and may be even accused of burglary, although I think the latter charge is utterly ludicrous.  However, if the cops want to be pains in the ass, as they are sometimes prone to do, they may choose to make an “example” out of these three.

The reason this football game was targeted by protesters is because the stadium is named U.S. Bank Stadium, and the Minnesota Vikings were clipped sentences image playing their last game of the season.  Apparently, U.S. Bank is a financial entity that has money invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline or Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the builders of this controversial pipeline.

This game was the last game for the Minnesota Vikings, as they played the Chicago Bears.  This fact is meaningless because it is relevant to the question at hand, the Dakota Access Pipeline.  However, as one can probably imagine, the football fans were not very pleased.  To this, I say too damn bad!  Life doesn’t revolve around football or any other sport.
This protest is the type proactive, in-your-face, protest that I like, because for the majority of people just don’t get the point, there is always a small minority that steps back and gives the matter some thought.  Even though some people get pissed-off at this type of protest, especially when their entertainment is interrupted, more people understand how significant a demonstration of this kind can be and are interested in the overall message.  I hope this protest points out and causes people to question the necessity, or lack thereof, of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

This controversial pipeline threatens the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, in North Dakota.  It is also another potential environmental disaster waiting to happen.


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Sep 14, 2016 The controversial Dakota Access Pipeline continues to make headlines. Yesterday, Energy Transfer Partners, the developer behind the $3.8 …
Dakota Access Pipeline: A Blatant Abuse Of Force

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UPDATE: A Small Victory for Activists Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

“It’s the first glimmer of hope, of good news, that we’ve had out here for weeks—months.”

Source: Activists say Dakota Access Pipeline could be put on hold for 30 days

A Small Victory for Activists Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

Activists who oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline, in North Dakota, have won a small but significant victory.  The US Army Corps of Engineers, the primary governing body for this controversial project have ordered a 30-day halt in any further construction of this potentially very harmful project that activists have opposed for years.

The activists, composed largely of members of The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and many other supporters have fought this project for years, saying that the current route of the Dakota Access Pipeline desecrates sacred tribal locations and burial grounds.  Most importantly, they also claim that the pipeline threatens their water supply because the present route of the pipeline is upstream from the Standing Rock Reservation.

So far, Energy Transfer Partners, the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline hasn’t received the necessary easement that would allow it to dig under the Missouri River.  Col. John W.  Henderson from the US Army Corps of Engineers says he will wait thirty days to grant the easement.  President Obama stated that he would urge the Army Corps of Engineers to reconsider the present route of the pipeline, rerouting it away from the Standing Rock tribe’s reservation to make sure that the tribe’s water supply not be put in danger.

Many people, especially activists, say that this delay will cost the company enough money to stop the project entirely and make it obsolete.  Energy Transfer Partners claims that they are only five days away from starting to dig under the Missouri River.  As one can imagine, stockholders and others who stand to make a profit from the building of this pipeline are not pleased.

On the other hand, I seriously doubt that the activists give a damn about whether Energy Transfer Partners makes a profit.  I know I sure don’t!  Given that this oil that the Dakota Access Pipeline will transport has been under the earth’s surface for thousands of years already, it will be just fine, if he stays there forever.

UPDATE: Since this story was first written, the US Army Corps of Engineers has refused to grant the necessary easement to the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline. This means that the oil company will not be allowed to build the pipeline across the Standing Rock Sioux land, which will protect their water supply from potential harm.

Some people are questioning whether or not President-elect Donald Trump will allow the halting of the easement to happen.

However, this should be viewed as a major victory for not only the Standing Rock Sioux but for anyone who cares about protecting the environment. GOOD NEWS!


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