Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Donald Trump: Who Wins?

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Donald Trump:  Who Wins?

Even though I don’t think Arnold Schwarzenegger was a good, or even adequate, governor for the state of California, I think Donald Trump‘s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast were inappropriate. He chose to criticize Schwarzenegger over his ratings at this event, which I think was inappropriate given the nature of the event.

From the perspective of a person with a disability, I can say that Arnold Schwarzenegger was a terrible governor. During his term, he cut just about every service for the disabled (IHSS, Medi-Cal, the regional centers, etc.) that we depend on for our basic survival. I know because I was involved protesting his cuts. I even got arrested for committing civil disobedience at a protest against his cuts, in Sacramento in 2010.

Unfortunately, I think Donald Trump will be even worse when it comes to cutting services that the poor, disabled, and underprivileged depend on. I have a bad feeling that we are in for a very bad time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comeback to Donald Trump’s insults was a classic. So I thought I would share it with you, if you haven’t seen this particular video.