We Need a Special Prosecutor for Trump

Even some Republicans want an independent investigation.

Source: More Than 100 Lawmakers Respond to Comey Firing by Calling for Independent Russia Probe | Mother Jones

We Need a Special Prosecutor for Trump

The firing of FBI Director James Comey makes it glaringly apparent that a special prosecutor is needed to investigate possible ties between the Trump administration and the Russians.  There is no way that the Donald Trump, or his administration can be trusted being allowed anywhere near this fiasco. Of course, fiasco may be the wrong word.  A better word might be salvation.  I guess it depends on where you sit, and whose side you are on.

What I interpret to be a hopeful sign that a special prosecutor may be appointed is the fact that a few Republicans are in favor of a special prosecutor, and are calling for the appointment of one.  Looking at it for a cynic like me, I wonder who will be the right people to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate this matter.  This entire process must be kept as clean as possible. In fact, it has to be squeaky clean or the results won’t be believable or interpreted as being truthful.

It is a hopeful sign when a senator of John McCain’s prestige, is one of the Republicans calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor.  Even though I must confess that John McCain isn’t one of my favorite people, his appearance on the scene does lend some credibility to the process, at least in some circles.  He knows that a special prosecutor is the only fair way to get to the bottom of this matter, without any tampering from either side, Democrats, Republicans or any others who may have some type of special interest on the outcome of any investigation.  That way, after a special prosecutor finishes his/her investigation, nobody can accuse anyone else of rigging the outcome for political gain.

Donald Trump, in his own “tweets” to the public, is very close to crossing the line over into obstruction of justice, a criminal charge for which he is skirting, if not trampling over.  He and his entire administration have tried to derail Comey’s investigation from the start.  I guess the straw that finally broke “the Donald’s” back is when Comey started asking for more funding and investigators to help with the investigation.  At that point, Donald Trump may as well have shouted out, “I’m as guilty as hell”.  He obviously has never learned or developed a poker face.  Of course, he’s too arrogant to think he needs one.

It has become very obvious to many people Donald Trump doesn’t really know much about civics, government and most of all, history, or else he would know that he is playing straight out of “The Richard Nixon Playbook” in the way that he is dealing with this situation.

He must not remember or was too busy making money and being a sexist to remember that after Richard Nixon fired independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox, his ship started sinking increasingly faster. Hopefully, Donald Trump’s ship will soon sink like a rock.


Special prosecutor – Wikipedia

A special prosecutor is a lawyer appointed to investigate and possibly prosecute a specific legal case of potential wrongdoing for which a conflict of interest …

What a special prosecutor does and how one gets appointed …

Mar 3, 2017 Democratic senators have called repeatedly for a special prosecutor, more often called an independent or special counsel, to be appointed.


One of the Few Times I Will Agree with The History Channel

Source: History Channel makes a bold statement—totally factual—and Trump supporters are losing their minds

One of the Few Times I Will Agree With the History Channel

I usually don’t agree with the History Channel, especially when they express a political position.  Most of the time, they seem to express a political viewpoint I find to be the same old propaganda that we were spoon-fed as schoolchildren, where the United States is always portrayed as the “good guys” and a bastion of democracy.  The History Channel also expresses a Eurocentric viewpoint that I find almost offensive.

These days, I usually change the channel when  The History Channel “conveniently” starts forgetting that nearly half of our Founding Fathers were slave-owners or that most of them were the wealthy élite of that time.  They were part of the 1% of the 18th-century.  When I am feeling very cynical, I wonder if these men drafted the U.S. Constitution to protect their own self-interest and wealth or because they actually cared about creating something special that had never been done before.

This picture posted on Facebook by The History Channel says it all.  The 2016 presidential election was tampered with by a foreign power.  Even though Donald Trump, the beneficiary of this election tampering by the Russians, chooses to live in a state of denial about the situation, I believe that our country is going to be subjected to least four years of mismanagement and abuse.  Both the FBI and CIA agree that the election was tampered with by computer hacking.  Rarely do these two agencies agree on anything; a fact that tells me there is probably something real behind these claims of Russian hacking to tamper with the election.

The irony is that it is happening because of Russia; a country that was once an example of a twisted system of communism gone awry.


History (U.S. TV channel) – Wikipedia

History is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by A&E … History was launched on January 1, 1995 as The History Channel, …
The History Channel Just Slammed Donald Trump And Now His …

2 days ago The History Channel’s shocking Facebook post this afternoon upset many of President-Elect Trump’s supporters. What does it say about his …


Splitting the Republican Party: A Sensible Idea

Dividing the Republican Party in half makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider the fact that presidential hopeful Donald Trump is already crying foul, and claiming that if he loses, it is because the election is rigged.

Steve Schmidt, a highly regarded Republican political operative has raised the interesting question of whether the Republican Party will split in half. One half of the remaining Republican Party would be a hard core, far right party, and the other half would be a center right party. Donald Trump could very well attempt to continue […]


Splitting the Republican Party: A Sensible Idea

The Republican PartyDividing the Republican Party in half makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider the fact that presidential hopeful Donald Trump is already crying foul, and claiming that if he loses, it is because the election is rigged. Expecting him to lose gracefully and bow out with some class, something that he doesn’t have is asking a lot.

From a political standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to divide the Republican Party into a half. Half the “crazies” going one way, and the moderate and sensible Republicans (considering there are any) going the other way. Dividing the Republican Party into two parts makes a lot of sense from a political standpoint. It would be the politically expedient thing to do if they have any hope of surviving the upcoming debacle.

If the Republican Party doesn’t wake up and smell the coffee, it may be too late to save itself. Either that, or publicly admit that they made a huge mistake supporting Trump, and divorced themselves from him and his “followers.”  If the Republican Party put some distance between themselves and Trump, they would look better in the public eye, especially considering that some of the top racist groups in this country are among his supporters.

The Republican Party cannot think that it can lie down with a pig, and come out smelling like roses. They should be smart enough to realize that fact. They would also look better in the public eye admit that they made a mistake, apologize for it, and attempt to move on.

As it stands, they are in a lot of danger of losing control of both the House and Senate; something that I am closely hoping for, primarily because they have grossly abused power all the way through the eight years of President Obama. If they keep control of both houses of Congress, I can easily see them obstructing Hillary Clinton the same way they did Barack Obama.


The End Of A Republican Party | FiveThirtyEight

Jul 18, 2016 The shock of 2016, though, is just how self-evident the inflection point at which the Republican Party finds itself is; Trump is a one-man crisis for …

John Kasich’s dire warning for the Republican Party: EVOLVE OR DIE

2 days ago Kasich discusses TPP and the Wells Fargo scandal, and gives a warning to the Republican Party.



Russian Sabotage In The American Election

Russia was very likely responsible for the hack that has upended the DNC.

Source: Here’s What We Know About Russia and the DNC Hack | WIRED

Russian Sabotage In The American Election.

The evidence seems to be growing that there has been Russian sabotage in the American election.  Even though the outcry from American politicians, especially those in the DNC (Democratic National Committee), we shouldn’t be surprised that another country would try doing what we have been guilty.  In a weird way, it’s like “political Karma” has come around to haunt us.

What I’m referring to is the American government’s successful attempt to sabotage Australian election of 1975, when the CIA was successful in unseating the prime minister, Gough Whitlam.  The US government felt that Prime Minister Whitlam was a threat to American interests, primarily because he was opposed to the war in Vietnam.  American sabotage of the 1975 election began several years earlier, during the Nixon administration.

In the current case of Russian sabotage in the American election, they have hacked the servers the Democratic National Committee and leaked sensitive emails to the press.  These emails are embarrassing to the DNC, especially candidate Hillary Clinton, as she battles Donald Trump for the presidency. The Russian sabotage is half-day because

The Russian sabotage is being committed, probably with the blessing of Vladimir Putin, because they want Donald Trump to win the election because Trump is more likely to turn a blind eye to Russian aggression.  Trump has said that he will not interfere if the Russians were to attack our European allies, something that is extremely distressing.

Even though the Russian sabotage of our critical election is something that we should not condone, we should not forget that we have also been guilty of the same thing in our sabotage of the Australian election of 1975.  The only difference between the Russians and us is that we were successful in our underhanded efforts and the attempted Russian sabotage has failed to achieve its goal.  Both the Russians and the Americans deserve condemnation for their attempts to stand in the way of real democracy.


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Some Bernie Sanders Supporters Seem Willing To Cut off Their Nose to Spite Their Face

These hold-outs aren’t fringe radicals—they’re almost the majority.

Source: Nearly Half of Sanders Supporters Say They’ll Refuse to Support Clinton in the General Election | Alternet

Some Bernie Sanders Supporters Seem Willing To Cut off Their Nose to Spite Their Face

It never ceases to amaze me how seemingly smart people are willing to do something stupid. Such is the case of nearly half of the supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders who say that they will not vote for Hillary Clinton. Instead, they seem willing to give Donald Trump a clear shot at the White House. They seem to have lost the thing that is the most important; keeping Donald Trump as far away from the presidency as possible.

Even more shocking, I read in this article that nearly 22% of Bernie Sanders supporters say that they would be willing to vote for Donald Trump. Have they lost their minds entirely? If they are truly believers in the values of Bernie Sanders, they should realize that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are polar opposites politically.

Trump has shown himself to be a racist, anti-immigrant bigot who only hopes to further the status quo as it now exists. Despite the fact that many people label Trump as an “anti-establishment” candidate, nothing could be further from the truth. Donald Trump is part of the problem, not the solution. He is nothing less than one of the 21st century “robber barons” who have run this country’s economy to the ground while treating the middle-class workers like “wage slaves”

Donald Trump epitomizes what the current establishment in this country seems to want to maintain; a nation where the wealthy ruling class continues to control the vast bulk of this country’s wealth without paying their fair share of taxes.

This shows me that these people were never real supporters of Senator Sanders message or belief system. They are just disaffected Americans who are pissed-off with this country’s economic system and lack of action from our representatives in Washington DC. Believe me, I totally understand their feelings, but voting for an enemy like Donald Trump is not the answer. He will only bring down further economic destruction in the United States.

Also, the fact that nearly half of the supporters of Bernie Sanders are willing to sit out the election entirely flies in the face of the message that Bernie Sanders tried very hard to convey. One of his primary focuses was to get more people involved in the system and exercise their right to vote. He realizes that our democracy depends on the participation of this country’s citizens.

As a person who was willing to change his party affiliation from the Green Party to the Democratic Party just so I could vote for a candidate like Bernie Sanders. I will vote for Hillary Clinton even though I am very troubled by her connections to Wall Street and willingness to vote for the war in Iraq.

I plan on doing what I have had to do in every election that I have never taken part in; hold my nose and cast my ballot.

3 things I know to be true

Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie Sanders for President

Coming out of last night’s results, in which we won Rhode Island but came up short in four others, I want to pose to you three things that I know to be true:

Young people – the future of our country – continue to vote for our campaign in overwhelming numbers. It’s remarkable, and honestly quite humbling.

When we compete in open primaries that encourage the participation of independents, new voters, and young people, we do very well.

Most young people of last remains in front of us is a very narrow path to the nomination. In the weeks to come we will be competing in a series of states that are very favorable to us – including California. Just like after March 15 – when we won 8 of the next 9 contests – we are building tremendous momentum going into the convention.

That is the reality of where we are right now, and why we are going to fight for every delegate and every vote. It is why I am going to continue to speak to voters in every state about the very important issues facing our country. Our country cannot afford to stop fighting for a $15 minimum wage, to overturn Citizens United, or to get universal health care for every man, woman, and child in America.

I’m asking you to help me continue to lead these fights. We have an FEC deadline on Saturday and another primary on Tuesday. Every vote we earn and every delegate we win is a testament to our ideas, to our movement, to our political revolution, and our willingness to take this campaign for the Democratic nomination all the way to the convention.

Will you contribute $50 to help us continue to speak to voters about the incredibly important issues facing our country? Your support right now before two big deadlines will send an unmistakable message that our voices will still be heard.

There is no doubt in my mind that what you and I have done together up to this point is nothing short of historic. And I know that if we are going to work together, we will continue making history.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


Paid for by Bernie 2016

(not the billionaires)

PO Box 905 – Burlington VT 05402 United States – (855) 4-BERNIE

Ted Cruz: Right-Wing Religious Nut Job To The Core

“His legal team argued there was no right to stimulate one’s genitals.”

Source: The Time Ted Cruz Defended a Ban on Dildos | Mother Jones

Ted Cruz: Right-Wing Religious Nut Job To The Core

After reading this article in Mother Jones, I am totally convinced more than I already was that Ted Cruz is nothing more than a total right-wing nut job. In fact, his extremism convinces me that he would be dangerous to have as President of the United States. His viewpoint makes him sound more dangerous than Donald Trump as president. I have a pretty good idea that you will agree with me, after reading the article.

When Ted Cruz was Solicitor General, which basically is the same thing as Attorney General in other states, he defended a ridiculous law on the books that bans the sale and use dildos and other such sexual devices. When I first read the article I thought that it was some type irreverent joke by Mother Jones magazine, as they had been known to do in the past. But, this entire thing actually happened. Ted Cruz actually had the unmitigated gall to defend a lot that said that people have  no right to sexually pleasure themselves in whatever way they chose. After reading this article, I also asked myself the question, “how much taxpayers money of the people of Texas was wasted on this ridiculous court case?”

Ted Cruz, as most people know by now, states that life begins at conception and that abortion should be banned. This opinion is entirely based in religion, and as far as I’m concerned has no place in governing the American people. His physician about abortion, and now the use of sex toys, are a violation of the U.S. Constitution which clearly states that there is a separation of church and state. Personally, I for one am a total defender on this separation, and always have been. Legislation of this type is downright dangerous, in my opinion, because it allows the government to overstep itself and reach into citizens personal lives.

Although this article may sound funny at first glance, I believe that it points out just how steeped in hypocrisy people like Ted Cruz really are. On one hand, they are always advocating for a smaller government and less government overreach. On the other hand, they are always proposing stupid legislation like this ban on sex toys. They also never seem to know how to enforce these types of stupid laws. This just serves to stress the level of hypocrisy people like Ted Cruz, and other religious right-wing nuts like him represent.

It never ceases to amaze me how these types of people like Ted Cruz are always advocating in favor of stupid laws like regulating sex toys, marijuana, or whether or not a woman has a right to choose what happens to her body. They never seem to squawk about government overreach when it comes to personal decisions that everyone has a right to make.

But, when our government tries to enact and enforce important legislation like, gun control, laws for environmental protection, or regulate the practices of big business, and other legislation intended to help our society, they always complain about big government and how it overstep itself.

When are people like Ted Cruz going to see that they cannot have it both ways?


Ted Cruz’s Dangerous Ideologies

Ted Cruz follows in his father’s footsteps. His idea—that the separation of Church and State has to be done away with—is consistent with the ideological worldview that characterizes dictatorships in the Hispanic world. Francisco Franco embodied the
Ted Cruz defended Texas ban on the sale of sex toys

Ted Cruz defended Texas ban on the sale of sex toys in state. Will Weissert and Michael Biesecker, Associated Press. Updated 8:47 am, Sunday, April 17, 2016. Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks at a campaign.