Sen. Bernie Sanders Doing What President Obama Should Be Doing; Defending Our Constitutional Rights


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After watching this video of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, speaking on the floor of the U.S. Senate, where he condemns the current case of domestic spying that has been very wrongly condoned under the ridiculous justification that it will somehow make our country safe from terrorism. Nothing could be further from the truth. As far as I’m concerned, this whole thing begs the question; who will protect us from our protectors?

Sen. Sanders makes really makes a very good case about just how wrong the president and other supporters of this massive surveillance program are in trying to justify probably one is the grossest violation of the 4th amendment of the U.S. Constitution in my memory. Even though I have seen the cops use the 4th amendment as toilet paper on many occasions, this goes way beyond anything I could ever imagine. This entire incident reeks of some type of sick scenario out of “1984”.

The other day President Obama made statements defending the massive NSA surveillance of American citizens phone calls, email, and Internet activity. He said, “Nobody is listening to your telephone calls” What the government is doing, he said, is digesting phone numbers and the durations of calls, seeking links that might “identify potential leads with respect to folks who might engage in terrorism.” If there’s a hit, he said, “if the intelligence community then actually wants to listen to a phone call, they’ve got to go back to a federal judge, just like they would in a criminal investigation.”To me this is total bullshit!

There is absolutely no way that monitoring (a.k.a. spying) on every American citizens, phone calls, email, and Internet activity will protect us from any type of terrorist attack. This is the grossest violation of the 4th amendment I have ever seen, and I’ve seen it trampled on more times than I care to remember.

Opponents of the Patriot Act predicted this same scenario back when GW Bush & Company were pushing for it. Now it looks like the chickens have come home to roost. Those predictions of a 1984 society seem to be actually starting to happen. So far, President Obama has fumbled the ball very badly on dealing with this issue. Even though I realize the chances are nil that the president will do the right thing; condemn this entire thing, divorced himself from the ugly situation, and punish the offenders, I still hope he may redeem himself. Fat chance!

Unfortunately, lots of Americans have shown themselves not to be afraid of being under surveillance as they should. Lots of average people really don’t understand the negative ramifications of this entire incident. This was pretty much shown to be the case back when GW Bush played on the American people’s paranoia, and got the Patriot Act passed through Congress.

Also, unfortunately, some recent surveys have shown that many people aren’t really that bothered by it because they had fallen for the “it’s for your own good” bullshit. And to top it off, the constitutional argument about how this whole thing is a violation of the 4th amendment is falling mostly on deaf ears. People just trust our government too damn much.

The Patriot Act needs to be repealed as soon as possible!

 Sen. Bernie Sanders Doing What President Obama Should Be Doing; Defending Our Constitutional Rights

download icon Sen. Bernie Sanders Doing What President Obama Should Be Doing; Defending Our Constitutional Rights
 Sen. Bernie Sanders Doing What President Obama Should Be Doing; Defending Our Constitutional Rights


I was born in Bear Lake, Pennsylvania on December 22, 1955. I am fifty-eight years old, and I have been disabled my entire life. My disability is Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which is a genetic condition that causes muscles to deteriorate. As a result, I have never been able to walk or stand.

I attended my first four years of school at Bear Lake school. It was a one-room schoolhouse with four grades, and one teacher. After finishing school in Bear Lake, I went to school in Columbus, PA for fifth and sixth grade. I then went on to high school in Corry, PA, at Corry Area High School, where I graduated from as an honors student, in 1973.

I attended college at Edinboro State College from 1977 until 1979. After two years of college, I moved to Berkeley, California in 1980. I have lived there for over thirty-two years, and I really like it here. Berkeley is a great place to live.

In 2006, I received an Associate Degree in English, from Berkeley City College. I also received an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts.

Currently, I am an activist in the disability rights movement, and a member of ADAPT. I describe myself as a socialist/anarchist and have been involved in radical/progressive politics for many years. I am a member of the Green party.

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