Cops Get Away with Murdering Robert Ethan Saylor, A Young Man with Down Syndrome


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Ethan Saylor case: Sheriff’s office releases investigative file on Down syndrome man, 26, who died in handcuffs on the floor after he refused to leave a movie theater | Mail Online

Crippled Politics Crippled Politics Article 0 1AE61DD4000005DC 220 634x480 e1374542280505 Cops Get Away with Murdering Robert Ethan Saylor, A Young Man with Down SyndromeEven though I have very little faith left in the system, I really hope there will be some semblance of justice come out of this for horrible atrocity.  This young man died because he wants to see a movie a second time and became a bit argumentative.  The cops, or in this case I call them pigs, murdered this young man over the price of a fucking movie ticket.  If that isn’t an atrocity, I don’t know what the hell is.

Unfortunately, as this story says, none of the three cops responsible for the death of Robert Ethan Saylor are going to be disciplined, or held responsible in any way.  None of them is even going to get a slap on the wrist, like a suspension or official reprimand would be.  Unless this young man’s family files, and wins, a very large wrongful death suit against Frederick County, not much of anything will come of this murder by cops.  It will just be swept under the rug and eventually fade away, just like most other cases of gross police misconduct.  The only people who will remember Robert Ethan Saylor will be his poor mother, his loved ones, and those of us in the disability activist community who have pledged ourselves to defending our brothers and sisters.

In fact, the Frederick County, Maryland Sheriff’s office hasn’t even offered an apology in this matter.  Nor have the three police officers even acknowledged that they did anything wrong, let alone apologize for their obvious insensitive criminal behavior.  They must be three really cold-blooded bastards not to even acknowledge that they did something horrible, even if by accident.

This is just the latest addition to a long list of recent atrocities committed by police officers, in the United States.  It has gotten to the point that in many places, people are becoming more afraid of the police than they are criminals.  It seems these days that police officers in this country are becoming more like out-of-control robots than a real human beings.

This type of thing just has to stop!

If you would like to follow this story for updates and new developments, please follow this link to the Facebook page, “Love and Memories of Robert Ethan Saylor.

 Cops Get Away with Murdering Robert Ethan Saylor, A Young Man with Down Syndrome

download icon Cops Get Away with Murdering Robert Ethan Saylor, A Young Man with Down Syndrome
 Cops Get Away with Murdering Robert Ethan Saylor, A Young Man with Down Syndrome


I was born in Bear Lake, Pennsylvania on December 22, 1955. I am fifty-eight years old, and I have been disabled my entire life. My disability is Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which is a genetic condition that causes muscles to deteriorate. As a result, I have never been able to walk or stand.

I attended my first four years of school at Bear Lake school. It was a one-room schoolhouse with four grades, and one teacher. After finishing school in Bear Lake, I went to school in Columbus, PA for fifth and sixth grade. I then went on to high school in Corry, PA, at Corry Area High School, where I graduated from as an honors student, in 1973.

I attended college at Edinboro State College from 1977 until 1979. After two years of college, I moved to Berkeley, California in 1980. I have lived there for over thirty-two years, and I really like it here. Berkeley is a great place to live.

In 2006, I received an Associate Degree in English, from Berkeley City College. I also received an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts.

Currently, I am an activist in the disability rights movement, and a member of ADAPT. I describe myself as a socialist/anarchist and have been involved in radical/progressive politics for many years. I am a member of the Green party.

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  1. @Blane- I shared the post about young Robert Saylor. The reaction was the same amount of disgust that we have shared. Danny, my son, is 6ft tall, and has two words “Maaa’ & “Beeee”. Other than that , no talking.Read more…”

    1. Unfortunately, I can’t see as where cops are going to start being more sensitive and treating people better, anywhere in the near future. Every since 9/11, cops been so “militarized” that a lot of them are operating more like robots, than actual human beings. On top of that, so many of them are hopped up on steroids and caffeine that they act like a bunch of uncaged animals.

  2. Hi, I’ve been pretty heavily involved in efforts to bring about justice for the Saylor family, and I just wanted to let you know that the Saylors have set up their own Facebook page that is much more up to date. I’ve written about it, with some steps that people can take to support the effort (including the link to the FB page):

    I hope you don’t mind the link, I just wanted to let your readers know that there are still active efforts going on to change the course of this case! I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog, I am really enjoying it.

    1. Thank you very much for getting involved in seeking justice Robert Ethan Saylor. If you notice, I incorporated a link to the Saylor family’s Facebook page in my post. I really hope the efforts to seek justice for this young man bear fruit. What happened to him is an atrocity of the worst type.

      Thank you for complimenting my blog. I also don’t mind the fact that you put a link in this comment. I have looked at your blog, and it looks very good. I plan on adding it to my list of blogs that I follow. Good job!

        1. I’m very thankful for whatever I can do to help in this atrocious murder of a young person with a disability. If I can help to raise any type of awareness about this horrible incident, I’m more than willing to do whatever may be necessary.

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