Does Donald Trump Really Give a Damn about Syrian children?

Source: Donald Trump urges compassion for the Syrian children he’s banned from the U.S.

Does Donald Trump Really Give a Damn about Syrian Children?

I ask this question because I really wonder how he can pretend to care so deeply about Syrian children when his past actions say otherwise.  If he really gave a damn about Syrian children, why was he so adamant about not allowing them to escape the hellish conditions they were forced to live in, while still in Syria?

This last week, after the chemical weapons attack on a Syrian village, which killed a number of innocent Syrian children, Donald Trump says he was deeply affected by pictures of babies who had been killed by a gas attack, launched by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.  I would like to ask the president, why were you so affected by pictures of dead Syrian children from this attack, when you didn’t seem to be affected by pictures of dead Syrian children who had been drowned while trying to escape Syria.

After all, Donald Trump singled out Syria, along with eight other countries, for the exclusion of refugees who were fleeing that country in droves.  How could he be so cold-hearted then, and suddenly now develop some compassion for children that the United States was, not allowing safe haven?

Even though I freely admit to not only being a cynic, but a hater of Donald Trump, I can’t help but ask whether this newfound “compassion” is real, or is it just Donald Trump being a politically expedient hypocrite.  Is this “compassion” for Syrian children genuine, or is it just another political device to make himself look more dignified and presidential?

I think the latter option of Donald Trump being politically expedient and not compassionate is probably the more likely explanation of his sudden change of heart.


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Russian Sabotage In The American Election

Russia was very likely responsible for the hack that has upended the DNC.

Source: Here’s What We Know About Russia and the DNC Hack | WIRED

Russian Sabotage In The American Election.

The evidence seems to be growing that there has been Russian sabotage in the American election.  Even though the outcry from American politicians, especially those in the DNC (Democratic National Committee), we shouldn’t be surprised that another country would try doing what we have been guilty.  In a weird way, it’s like “political Karma” has come around to haunt us.

What I’m referring to is the American government’s successful attempt to sabotage Australian election of 1975, when the CIA was successful in unseating the prime minister, Gough Whitlam.  The US government felt that Prime Minister Whitlam was a threat to American interests, primarily because he was opposed to the war in Vietnam.  American sabotage of the 1975 election began several years earlier, during the Nixon administration.

In the current case of Russian sabotage in the American election, they have hacked the servers the Democratic National Committee and leaked sensitive emails to the press.  These emails are embarrassing to the DNC, especially candidate Hillary Clinton, as she battles Donald Trump for the presidency. The Russian sabotage is half-day because

The Russian sabotage is being committed, probably with the blessing of Vladimir Putin, because they want Donald Trump to win the election because Trump is more likely to turn a blind eye to Russian aggression.  Trump has said that he will not interfere if the Russians were to attack our European allies, something that is extremely distressing.

Even though the Russian sabotage of our critical election is something that we should not condone, we should not forget that we have also been guilty of the same thing in our sabotage of the Australian election of 1975.  The only difference between the Russians and us is that we were successful in our underhanded efforts and the attempted Russian sabotage has failed to achieve its goal.  Both the Russians and the Americans deserve condemnation for their attempts to stand in the way of real democracy.


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The Main Reason We Should Be Scared of Donald Trump As POTUS

The Main Reason We Should Be Scared of Donald Trump As POTUS

Even though this commercial spot was posted on television by a PAC that supports Hillary Clinton, and not her real campaign, should not cause us to miss the message behind this video. It accentuates just why we should all be scared to death of the prospects of Donald Trump possibly becoming POTUS.

This video, taken from various clips of him, should convince everyone that Donald Trump is far too dangerous to be allowed anywhere near nuclear weapons, or the power to use them against anyone he sees as a potential “enemy.” The thought of Donald Trump having his greasy fingers anywhere near the nuclear trigger makes me cringe.

There is something very wrong with a person saying, “I love war” in a public interview with Donald Trump has done. Maybe if he had ever had a horror of experiencing the hell that war causes, Donald Trump would not be so cavalier with his attitude about it. Of course, Donald Trump has never had to go through the horrendous experience that war is because his wealthy father was able to use his money and influence to make sure that his son never had to experience it.

Anyone who says, “I love war” is nothing less than deranged. I’m starting to have very real questions about the sanity of Donald Trump. I’m starting to believe that he has more than a few screws loose if he believes own words.

Is saying these words, Donald Trump makes the think about a quote from the great socialist leader of this country, Eugene Debs, who is quoted as saying, “The master class always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.”


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If This Doesn’t Scare the Hell Out Of You about Donald Trump, Nothing Will

If This Doesn’t Scare the Hell Out Of You about Donald Trump, Nothing Will

As someone who was raised during the “Cold War“, this scares the hell out of me about Donald Trump. His cavalier attitude about using nuclear weapons when he sees fit, or feels that some country that doesn’t agree with us, or maybe at war with us should be “nuked” is absolutely inexcusable and unacceptable.

Donald Trump makes it sound like using a nuclear weapon against another country is as easy as punching someone instead of slapping them. This just goes to show what a madman the Republican Party has chosen as the nominee for president of the United States. Worse yet, is that none of the Republican Party leaders has stepped forward to argue against him and his dangerous positions. They would rather put party unity ahead of the safety of this country. They have no balls whatsoever!

This video from “Morning Joe“, where they interviewed former director of the CIA, General Michael Hayden, who was explaining exactly why Donald Trump is so dangerous and he will not support him. This entire video just shows exactly the type of danger that the United States would be in if voters are dumb enough to choose Donald Trump. Hopefully, voters who were raised during the “Cold War” like I was, will see the error they have made in choosing Donald Trump as their candidate.

In case anyone who is reading this is pre-Cold War and perhaps really doesn’t understand it, let me tell you that it was a time of great fear of the Soviet Union and we were taught that the Russians could attack us with nuclear weapons at any time. We were both propaganda that was designed to strike fear into us and make us afraid. Our government chose to make us afraid because fear is one way that any government can control its populace.

In retrospect, I can see this as being truthful. The US government controlled its citizens why using fear of nuclear weapons and the Russians as a way to keep us silent and never dissent with anything they said. This fear even extended to children. I remember very well the “duck and cover” films we were shown in school. The sole purpose of these propaganda films was to make us afraid, and it worked.

For example, when I was in school during the 60s, especially during the time of Vietnam, we were rightfully taught to fear nuclear weapons as a way to stop some people from disagreeing with the US policy towards Vietnam. They even use the Cold War mentality that they had created as a way to silence the antiwar movement. Thankfully, it did not work and we were able to extricate ourselves from a  situation that we had no business getting involved in to begin with.

Now, a totally unsuitable candidate for president, Donald Trump, takes on a cavalier attitude about the horrible prospect of using nuclear weapons against another country. He fails to understand that any use of nuclear weapons on this planet is a threat to all of us. Apparently, Donald Trump never heard of nuclear fallout, something that would severely damage the entire environment we live in.


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Pray for ????? (Political Satire)

Pray for ???? (Political Satire)

Even though this is satire, it is the type of satire that I occasionally like. It deals with an ugly subject, terrorism, which seems to be plaguing our whole planet. Some of you may not like this piece satire about such an ugly subject, but one thing it does do is point out something very important, people are not paying attention to the real world until something tragic happens. Then, everyone seems to wake up and smell the coffee.

This video says volumes about our media, and how they seem to jump from one story to another, without really taking the time to give it the full coverage it deserves. The media of today seems to just gloss over subjects that are really important to the well-being of the average person, no matter what their nationality or ethnic origin. In this way, the media seems to treat us all equally, but in other subjects it tends to treat us separately.

It seems that no matter how tragic an event may be, the media gives it a couple of days worth of coverage. Then, they move on to the next tragic event, which these days have all too much frequency. In some ways, I can’t really fault them because I can easily see how the media may be inundated with news. But, they always seem to have enough time to devote to “fluff”, or the latest fashion that Kim Kardashian may be wearing.

However, it seems to me that the media’s priorities are badly skewed, and seemed to be geared towards entertaining people instead of informing them about what’s going on in the world today. It has been my contention for quite a while that, if the media really wants to entertain us, certain news stories (i.e. celebrity gossip, smart dogs that do tricks, and other trivia) should be dealt with in some type of newsmagazine format.

Real news, like terrorism, deserves to be covered in a serious way on a real newscast; something that the media currently doesn’t do. In this, they are failing people in their primary responsibility; giving people information.

That is one reason why I believe that political satire, such as this, is important. It forces people to think about issues happening in this world that are truly relevant. Even though some people think that this type of political satire isn’t funny, it does make them stop and think. The situation might be different if people actually started paying attention. Unfortunately, to pay attention, they would have to put aside their cell phones, iPads, and other ridiculous electronic gadgets that many people in our society seem to be mesmerized with.

Bernie Sanders: A Consistent Viewpoint for Many Years

Bernie Sanders: A Consistent Viewpoint for Many Years

Then Representative Bernie Sanders speaking out and against and condemning the first Persian Gulf War (1/17/1991). Unfortunately, most of the ill conditions that he talks about are still very much with us. This shows how consistent he has been over the years. It also shows that he has a good grasp of foreign policy, despite his critics who say otherwise.

Bernie Sanders has also been consistent in his viewpoint for many years. He has never supported the idea that far too many Americans seem to support; going to war is a practical solution to a problem. It seems that most Americans a raise are raised with what I call a “gunslinger mentality” that usually never accomplishes anything other than to bring pain and misery to others. Nothing tangible is ever accomplished with violence. I could never figure out why so many Americans seem to think the only way to solve a problem is taking up arms and killing other human beings. He is a refreshing breath of fresh air in his pacifist ideas.

Yet, I still think that Bernie Sanders would still keep this nation secure. He would just do so by using diplomacy first. However, if he was ever pushed into a corner by any country that tried to harm us, he would go to war if necessary. However, too many people in this country mistake Bernie Sanders antiwar ideals as weakness, despite the fact that they are his strengths. It takes a lot more strength to negotiate a solution to a problem than it does to kill the person causing the problem.

After all, it always seems easier to solve a problem with a weapon than a pen or by having a discussion with whomever you may have a difference with. This is just one of many reasons that I am very enthusiastic about the prospect of Bernie Sanders becoming president of the United States.

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Bernie Sanders Committing Civil Disobedience – 1963

Bernie Sanders Committing Civil Disobedience – 1963

This video shows Senator Senator Sanders committing civil disobedience in 1963. Hopefully, this video will lay to rest the rumors, started by supporters of Hillary Clinton that Senator Sanders actually was not a part of the civil rights movement, as he says he was. I believe Senator Sanders.

Despite that many notable members of the civil rights movement, most notably Rep. John Lewis, himself a key player in the civil rights movement, says that he does not remember Senator Sanders as being a part of the movement. This is a totally ludicrous statement by Rep. Lewis. The civil rights movement, as anyone who has studied the history knows, was huge. It also contained many people who were not African-Americans. There is no way that Congressman Lewis would have remembered everyone who was involved in the civil rights movement.

In a movement as big as the civil rights movement was, how is it that Rep John Lewis would try to make us believe that he remembers everyone involved in the movement.  On the other hand, Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina also says that he remembers  Senator Sanders’ involvement in the summer rights movement, even though he supports Hillary Clinton. Senator Sanders has also been endorsed by both Harry Belafonte and Spike Lee. In fact, Senator Sanders has been endorsed by a number of African-American celebrities

My helping to cast these aspersions on Bernie Sanders, Rep. Lewis is obviously guilty of playing partisan politics, and shows himself to me an obvious supporter of Hillary Clinton. As someone who has great respect for Congressman Jim Clyburn, I am quite appalled that he would take such a part in mind to downgrade Bernie Sanders to the point of almost calling him a liar. Congressman Clyburn is better than that, or at least I thought he was.

The best thing that he could do would be would be to tell the truth, and just say that he doesn’t remember all of the details about whether Senator Sanders was involved in the movement.

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