Ralph Nader Still Tells It Like It Is

The unraveling of a society’s institutions, stability and reasonable order does not sound alarms  to forewarn the citizenry, apart from economic yardsticks measuring poverty, jobs, wages, health, s…

Source: Detecting What Unravels Our Society – Bottom-up and Top-down

Ralph Nader Still Tells It Like It Is

ralph naderAfter reading this article, I have absolutely no regrets for voting for Ralph Nader for POTUS in three elections. He still calls it like he sees it, and he is always right on. In this article in Counterpunch, he shows himself to be totally on top of things. Even though many people write Ralph Nader off these days, he is still very relevant. This article shows it.

I greatly resent so many people writing off Ralph Nader, as though he was a political joke. It certainly is not a joke. It would be very nice if people recognize that Ralph Nader is one of the most intelligent people in this country, and he deserves to be respected as such. After reading this article, you’ll see that he is everything but a joke. He knows what’s really going on and how to solve it. People in this country would be very well served to take the advice of Ralph Nader more seriously. In this article, he says a lot of things that many people might not like to hear, that they as senses are responsible for their ungodly situation this country has degenerated into. Even though he doesn’t allow the system to get off the hook, neither does he allow American citizens to get off the hook either.

The primary thing that I agree with Ralph Nader about, in this article, is when he calls out the lack of participation by the American people as a primary cause of many of this nation’s problems. I also agree with this point he makes so well. It strikes at the very heart of my basic belief system; democracy is not a “spectator sport”, it is something we citizens should take very seriously and take part in. In fact, I firmly believe that one reason this country is in the shape you said is

In fact, I firmly believe that one reason this country is in the shape it’s in is because too many people do not vote, vote without accurate information, vote for the wrong candidates because they talk faster or louder, or present themselves as some type of entertainer or TV star, or speak to whatever they think a voter likes to hear and not speak of things that deal in real substance.

This situation reminds me of a scene from the movie, “A Few Good Men” where Jack Nicholson says to Tom Cruise, “you can’t handle the truth”. Unfortunately, the American people can’t seem to handle the truth and don’t want to hear anything that makes them uncomfortable or uneasy. They seem to want everything to be sugarcoated, and that simply isn’t the way that life works. Sometimes, the truth hurts and it makes us uncomfortable, but we should hear it anyway. These are the basic points that Ralph Nader tries to point out in this article.

In my opinion, too many people are attracted to the wrong candidates because people have a tendency to like looking at shiny things as opposed to things that are plain. Even though they should know better, too many voters don’t use the old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” seriously enough.


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Mar 25, 2016 Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate and author of “Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.”.




Bernie Sanders Says Presidential Run in 2020 Is Possible

Bernie Sanders Says Presidential Run in 2020 Is Possible

In an interview on SiriusXM radio, Senator Bernie Sanders says that a presidential run in 2020 “is not off the table”. For me, this is some of the best news I’ve heard in while. Even though Bernie Sanders will be 79 years old in 2020, I still think he will be the best candidate that any party can come up with, especially the Democrats.

Right now, I can’t think of another Democrat, except for the possibility of Elizabeth Warren or Al Franken that could make just as good of a presidential run. Bernie Sanders is the best chance that the Democratic Party stands for a presidential win if he chooses to run again under the Democratic Party banner. If he chooses another party to run under, who can blame him, especially after the way he was treated by the Democratic Party leadership, especially Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton. As far as I’m concerned, I still think they both owe Bernie Sanders an apology after their shoddy treatment of both him and his candidacy.

Senator Bernie Sanders, in this interview, points out that President Donald Trump is the representative of the “billionaire class” and not the middle class. A truer statement was never spoken, as far as I’m concerned. I totally agree with Senator Sanders on this point. Since the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has done nothing for the working man, but he has done plenty to further the interests of the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

Senator Bernie Sanders also points out that he still is going to try to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. I’m very glad he still maintains this position and it is very unlikely that he will falter from it. There will never be any type of real equality in this country as far as many Americans still work for less than a living wage. The workers of this country do not deserve to continue to be unrecognized, unappreciated, and uncompensated.

Senator Bernie Sanders can count on me to be one of his staunchest supporters, just as I was in 2016. He is the type of person we deserve to have as President of the United States, not the rich martinet we are now stuck with.


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Donald Trump and His War against Dissent

Facing up to 75 years in prison, 135 Inauguration Day protesters are refusing to collaborate with the prosecution.

Source: The Police State Can Come After Trump Protesters, But It Can’t Make Them Cooperate – In These Times

Donald Trump and His War Against Dissent

Even though the mainstream media seems to have ignored them, over 200 people still remain in custody after protesting against Donald Trump. These protests took place during the January inauguration of President Donald Trump, in Washington DC. This group of people is known as the “Disrupt J20” protesters. Some of them face up to 75 years for a variety of charges, most of them greatly embellished.

In a statement of unity, the group is quoted as saying, “We will not cooperate against any of our co-defendants, nor accept any plea deals that cooperate with prosecutors the expense of other codefendants”. This statement was signed by 135 of 200 still in custody. They also say, The people in custody also say that they “will refuse to accept that any of the charges or actions of law enforcement were necessary or justified…. We will not say anything publicly or privately that has the possibility of individual defendants or defendants as a group”.

This latest effort by Donald Trump and his entire administration seem to be part of the trend to suppress protesters and dissent in this country. In other words, they just want people to lay down and accept whatever bullshit the federal government hands down, without question, no matter how unconstitutional or immoral it may be. Even though this effort has gotten more pronounced under Donald Trump, it has been ongoing for 6a few years,

Any people, or group of people, that organize to disagree with the “status quo” are labeled as criminals or even “potential terrorists”. If you take a look at the situation, you can clearly see that the government has started cracking down on all dissenters, no matter how noble or just the cause may be that dissenters represent. Unfortunately, as usual, the “mainstream media” refuses to see, report on, or even recognize this trend against those who disagree with whatever Uncle Sam says or does.

One only has to look at various movements, such as The Black Lives Matter movement to the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline by the Standing Rock Sioux to see that the harshness against protesters has risen beyond the point of brutality to downright abuse by police and other authorities. Unfortunately, as long as most people in this country allow themselves to be distracted by everything from their iPhone to their various sporting events, I can see things changing that much. Change only happens if people have the courage to make it happen.

Movement to the Left is the Democratic Party’s Only Hope of Survival

The results in Georgia show that the Trump resistance can show up to the polls, but centrism isn’t a strategy to win.

Source: Ossoff’s Loss Is Further Proof: Democrats’ Path to Power Is Through Moving Left, Not Center – In These Times

Movement to the Left is the Democratic Party’s Only Hope of Survival

If the Democratic Party hopes to prevail and become the primary party in power in this country, they need to move to the Left. Instead of clinging to the status quo, or “business as usual”, The Democratic Party should stop trying to pander to both the business community and the working class at the same time. This simply won’t work any longer.

I believe this is a major reason that most people identify with the Democrats have a tendency to stay away from the polls and not vote. Even though they may not consider the Republican Party as the party that best represents their interests, they also don’t consider the Democratic Party to represent them either. As a result, most people who might vote Democratic, don’t bother voting at all; something that is hurting this entire country. The primary reason the Republican party is the party in power is that Republicans usually don’t just sit out an election. They go out and vote.

Many ideas which were once considered to be too progressive or even as radical, are now considered as mainstream, centrist ideas. Ideas such as single-payer healthcare, raising the minimum wage, and concentrating on repairing this country’s infrastructure, are now embraced by most Americans as being centrist or middle of the road. The Democratic Party is making a huge mistake by not using the change in people’s attitudes towards once radical ideas, to further not only their interests as a party but the betterment of the nation.

As long as the Democratic Party insists on trying to be all things to all people, it will only continue to decline in both popularity and power. If they are truly the party of the working class, as they have always tried to represent themselves, they badly need to start proving it. The Democratic Party needs to change his entire strategy to survive in the face of the increasing power of the GOP.

The Democratic Party needs to take a firm stand in favor of working-class Americans and start adopting bolder ideas. If they don’t, people will have no other choice but to resort to drastic means to protect themselves from the atrocities of the Republican Party, the latest being the Republican Health Care Bill which will devastate the health and well-being of millions of American citizens.


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Is Trump’s “Good ‘ol Boy”, Jeff Sessions, Getting Ready to Bail?

violatedSource: Sessions left hanging as Trump turns his back on the attorney general

Is Trump’s “Good ‘ol Boy”, Jeff Sessions, Getting Ready to Bail?

It looks as though there is a rift developing between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump. It seems that President Trump is very pissed off because Jeff Sessions chose to recuse himself from the Trump/Russia investigation. Apparently, “the Donald” takes Jeff Sessions’ recusal as some sort of disloyalty or Sessions not being a “team player”. In reality, this recusal by Jeff Sessions is one of the few times in his entire career where he has actually displayed any type of ethics or balls.

The only bad thing for Jeff Sessions is that he “conveniently” violated his recusal by making a public statement about former FBI director, James Comey. This was totally unethical for Jeff Sessions to do, and to make it worse, he knew it was wrong to violate his recusal after making such a big deal out of it. It must be really nice to be in a position like Jeff Sessions where you can turn off your sense of ethics like turning off a light switch. Of course, can we expect anything different from a cabinet member of Donald Trump?

One thing that really pissed off Donald Trump was that Jeff Sessions gave “the Donald” only 20 minutes notice before announcing his recusal. Even I can admit that this was a rather tacky move by Jeff Sessions, even if it was a treatment for someone like Donald Trump, whom I totally despise.

Now it seems that Jeff Sessions is going to resign his position as Attorney General; a position that he was never qualified to fill in the first place. His record as a federal prosecutor in Alabama and his term in the U.S. Senate hardly showed any real talent or skill for the job. His appointment was just another patronage appointment, made by Donald Trump because he felt obligated to Sessions because he was a Trump supporter. During the campaign, Jeff Sessions was one of Donald Trump’s biggest cheerleaders. Now, it looks as though their “bromance” is over. What a pity!


Jeff Sessions is in deep trouble, and here’s why – The Washington Post

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3 days ago President Trump with Attorney General Jeff Sessions at an event on Capitol Hill last month. Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times.


Let’s Talk about Impeachment Already!

3″I have my subpoena pen ready.”

Source: The latest Trump story is so bad Republicans might actually do something about it

Let’s Talk about Impeachment Already!

Finally, Congress is talking about beginning impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.  Some of the people talking about this include Republicans.

In some weird way, I almost feel sorry for the Republicans, but I soon realized that they are responsible for their own undoing.  They should have brought this idiot under some type of control before talk about impeachment proceedings were necessary.  When Donald Trump was a candidate, the GOP chose to look the other way when he was being a racist jackass and attacking everything (and everybody) insight.  But, they refused to control this loudmouth until somebody started talking about impeachment.  Now they are scrambling to distance themselves from “their” president like rats, leaving a sinking ship.  They deserve everything they get.  They did the same thing back during the Watergate scandal.

The Republicans deserve everything they get.  They did the same thing back during the Watergate scandal.  Back then, they chose to allow Richard Nixon to do whatever he wanted until the damage was done, and he was nearly impeached.  I guess it’s true that some people never learn.  A Republican president came close to facing impeachment was before, and the Republican Party chose, to their regret, bury their heads in the sand like frightened ostriches.

By blindly following Donald Trump, no matter how toxic they may have secretly thought his rhetoric was, borders on the definition of insanity.  They say that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, hoping for a different result.  Is the Republican Party insane?  One wonders!

History is repeating itself.  Once again, a Republican president is facing impeachment, and the Republicans are dumb enough to believe that the American people will forget about it and re-elect some of these dumb asses next year, during the midterm elections.  Good luck with that!


Impeach Trump Now

Add your name calling for the Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump for violating the U.S. Constitution. By signing you agree that you may receive emails  …

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Bernie Sanders Not Allowing Himself to Be Distracted by “Constitutional Crisis”

Working In These Times is dedicated to providing independent and incisive coverage of the labor movement and the struggles of workers to obtain safe, healthy and just workplaces.

Source: Amid “Constitutional Crisis,” Bernie Sanders Urges Workers To Seize Means of Production – Working In These Times

Bernie Sanders Not Allowing Himself to Be Distracted by “Constitutional Crisis”

The current scandal about the connection between the Donald Trump campaign and the Russians is not distracting Senator Bernie Sanders from looking out for the working class.  While this entire mess is going on, Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced to pieces of legislation that would help the working class more than any other legislation in recent years. Both of these pieces of legislation could make it possible for workers to take ownership over the means of production, which is always a classic socialist strategy for improving working conditions and bringing about equality between workers and bosses.

Now is the perfect time for legislation to come along to improve conditions for the average American worker, especially since our nation is consumed by the current “dog and pony show” of Donald Trump and his minions.  While our entire country is being distracted by the current Trump/Russia scandal, Bernie Sanders has retained the proper focus; advocating for the working class.  While most people are distracted and disoriented by this current mess, he chooses to take action to help his country. I’m hopeful that we will survive what pundits are currently calling a “constitutional crisis” because I have lived through Watergate, which was also labeled a “constitutional crisis”.  I, just like it did back then, have enough faith that the safeguards put into our system will prevail and take Donald Trump out of power, just like the safeguards put Richard Nixon out of the White House.  Even though it may take a while, Donald Trump will likewise be dealt with in the same way as Richard Nixon.

These two pieces of legislation, introduced by Bernie Sanders are the WORK (Worker Ownership, Readiness and Knowledge Act) and the US Employee Ownership Bank.  Bernie Sanders believes that both of these pieces of legislation will level the playing field, and make it possible for workers to have more control over the businesses that they work in.  He also believes that these bills will help to prepare American workers to compete with foreign companies, by improving the skills and training of American workers and encouraging these workers to educate themselves to be better able to compete.

This lack of competition has hamstrung American industry for years.  It has gotten to the point where a middle-class worker cannot further education because the cost of education has risen to the point where it has put further training out of reach of the average worker.  This causes many workers to be stuck in “dead-end” jobs where they stand little chance for advancement in their careers.  The WORK Act would go far in helping to relieve this situation.  It provides $45 million in funding to be used to enhance training for workers who wish to advance.

The second piece of legislation put forth by Bernie Sanders, The US Employee Ownership Bank would make available $500 million in low-interest loans that would make it possible for workers to buy out the businesses they work in.  Allowing workers to own the “means of production” is an old socialist principle that I would expect no wonder American politician other than Bernie Sanders to embrace, or even have knowledge about.  In the United States, our people are not taught about socialist principles, and no matter how good they may be, simply because they are socialist.  Americans are taught to fear socialism and to think that it’s bad.  Thankfully, Bernie Sanders is not one of those brainwashed people, like most of his fellow Americans.


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