MOAB: The Saber Rattling of Donald Trump

Donald Trump join the ranks of other American presidents of the past by dropping “The Mother of All Bombs” (a.k.a. MOAB) in Afghanistan.

MOAB: The Saber Rattling of Donald Trump

Saber rattlingDonald Trump joined the ranks of other American presidents of the past by dropping “The Mother of All Bombs” (a.k.a. MOAB) in Afghanistan.  He joined the ranks of other American presidents in engaging in the type of saber rattling that actually accomplishes very little, except to pander to a few ignorant people who cling to the “gunslinger mentality” that actually accomplishes very little except to alienate and frighten a few people.  It never accomplishes anything solid or tangible.

MOAB was dropped in Afghanistan because intelligence said that there were quite a number of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Taliban fighters in that area where “The Mother of All Bombs” was dropped.  US officials claimed they were trying to build some type of complex, hidden deep in the mountains.  At first, US officials claimed that over 160 “terrorists” were killed, but the Afghan government confirmed that only about 16 casualties actually occurred.  It makes me wonder whether this discrepancy in the numbers of casualties was intentional or just a bad guess on the part of the US?  Knowing Uncle Sam, I would be willing to bet that the former option was most likely.

At first, US officials claimed that over 160 “terrorists” were killed, but the Afghan government confirmed that only about 16 casualties actually occurred.  It makes me wonder whether this discrepancy in the numbers of casualties was intentional or just a bad guess on the part of the US?  Knowing Uncle Sam, I would be willing to bet that the former option was most likely.

What people like Donald Trump don’t seem to realize is that this type of saber rattling is actually dangerous.  It not only alienates and scares people but makes them angry and resentful of the United States, mostly because we are rubbing their noses in the fact that we had such a huge amount of control in their lives and destinies.  No one really likes to be reminded of the fact that they have no control.  Making people feel powerless is hardly the way to win their trust or friendship.

This type of saber rattling gesture by an American president goes way back to the days of Theodore Roosevelt and the Great White Fleet.  All that accomplished was to make people resentful of US power, not to mention wasting enough coal that could have been used to create enough electricity to power New York City for five years.  What a waste of resources!

The dropping of MOAB isn’t really any different.  It accomplishes pretty much the same thing as The Great White Fleet.  It wastes resources and causes people to be afraid of us.  Do people really want to be friends with someone who makes them afraid?  I really doubt it!


Does Donald Trump Really Give a Damn about Syrian children?

Source: Donald Trump urges compassion for the Syrian children he’s banned from the U.S.

Does Donald Trump Really Give a Damn about Syrian Children?

I ask this question because I really wonder how he can pretend to care so deeply about Syrian children when his past actions say otherwise.  If he really gave a damn about Syrian children, why was he so adamant about not allowing them to escape the hellish conditions they were forced to live in, while still in Syria?

This last week, after the chemical weapons attack on a Syrian village, which killed a number of innocent Syrian children, Donald Trump says he was deeply affected by pictures of babies who had been killed by a gas attack, launched by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.  I would like to ask the president, why were you so affected by pictures of dead Syrian children from this attack, when you didn’t seem to be affected by pictures of dead Syrian children who had been drowned while trying to escape Syria.

After all, Donald Trump singled out Syria, along with eight other countries, for the exclusion of refugees who were fleeing that country in droves.  How could he be so cold-hearted then, and suddenly now develop some compassion for children that the United States was, not allowing safe haven?

Even though I freely admit to not only being a cynic, but a hater of Donald Trump, I can’t help but ask whether this newfound “compassion” is real, or is it just Donald Trump being a politically expedient hypocrite.  Is this “compassion” for Syrian children genuine, or is it just another political device to make himself look more dignified and presidential?

I think the latter option of Donald Trump being politically expedient and not compassionate is probably the more likely explanation of his sudden change of heart.


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Donald Trump Shows Hypocrisy About Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Donald Trump has shown himself once again to be a hypocrite.

Donald Trump Shows Hypocrisy about Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Donald Trump has shown himself once again to be a hypocrite.  This time it’s the humanitarian crisis in Syria, particularly the chemical weapons attack launched a couple of days ago against innocent men, women, and children by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  Trump is condemning this horrible incident, which one might expect of the President of the United States.  He is probably that some type of action will be taken against the Syrian president and his regime.

In 2013, when the same type of chemical weapons attack was launched by President Assad, Donald Trump harshly criticized President Obama because Obama also proposed taking some type of action against Assad.  At that time, Trump said that the United States already had “too many foreign entanglements,” and that the United States would be making a mistake to get involved in another forward situation.  At that time, Trump didn’t seem to care that much about a horrible atrocity being committed in a foreign country.  Now suddenly he cares?  When a hypocrite!

This flip-flop on foreign policy is nothing new for Donald Trump.  He has done it before, on several occasions.  Exactly what is Donald Trump’s position on Syria?  It now seems that he is very opposed to the Syrian president and his regime, where, in 2013, he didn’t really seem to give a damn.  He was hell-bent on just criticizing President Obama because Obama wanted to take action.  Trump offered no other solution other than to say that we should not get involved.

Donald Trump and members of his administration say that he was deeply affected by seeing pictures of dead children.  He also indicates that he was affected by the sadness and grief of his daughter, Ivanka, and she convinced them that it was the time that he do something.  While this may be true, it causes me to ask, “where were you in 2013?  Did you see any pictures at that time?”

As I remember, there were plenty of pictures available of this atrocity committed by President Assad.  They were there for everyone to see because they were shown on TV and published in magazines and newspapers.  Why wasn’t Donald Trump affected then?  Could it possibly be because if he had shown some compassion towards those innocent people in Syria, he somehow thought it would make him look weak?  Or was it because he could not force himself to agree with President Obama about anything, no matter how terrible it was?

Wasn’t the chemical weapons attack over a year ago just as terrible?  Innocent men, women, and children were slaughtered in an equally cruel and inhumane fashion a year ago.  Yet, we heard nothing but criticism coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth then.  Where was all of his indignation, anger, and compassion about an ugly situation at that time?


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Does Donald Trump Really Give a Damn about Syrian children?

Source: Donald Trump urges compassion for the Syrian children he’s banned from the U.S. Does Donald Trump Really Give a Damn about Syrian Children? I ask this question because I really wonder how he can pretend to care so deeply about Syrian children when his past actions say otherwise.  If he really …


Donald Trump Needs a Dictionary When It Comes to Foreign-Policy

Donald Trump’s Wildly Contradictory Foreign Policy Speech in 5 Tweets | Mother Jones

Donald Trump Needs a Dictionary When It Comes to Foreign-Policy

It should be very obvious to everyone by now that Donald Trump the second one bring up who really needs to learn what a dictionary is. He obviously doesn’t know. While they’re at it, they should tell him to look up the word, “contradiction”. It’s very obvious that he doesn’t know the definition. Donald Trump has become the definition of contradiction. At this point, if you lost look up the word “contradiction” you will find a picture of him.

Today, Donald Trump tried to explain his foreign-policy. Just like last time, he failed badly. His speech about foreign policy was “all over the map”. Pardon the pun! It has become very obvious to most people with any common sense that Donald Trump basically has no foreign-policy, let alone any experience dealing with it. He acts as though he has had no interaction with people in foreign countries, other than to outsource American jobs to them.

My favorite anti-Donald Trump commercial on TV is the one where David Letterman asked him questions about where his clothing comes from. This commercial is not only funny but very telling about who Donald Trump really is. He was too stupid to know that he was being set up by Letterman to look like a fool; something that is accomplished quite easily. I suppose it never occurred to Donald Trump to ask David Letterman why he wanted him to bring in some of his shirts and ties.

If you look at the commercial carefully, it is very telling in the fact that his shirts are made in Bangladesh and his ties are made in China. So, Donald Trump would actually have us believe that he will help the American worker? Exactly what is it that Donald Trump would help the American worker with? Standing on the other employment line?

During the entire commercial, Donald Trump just sits there with a blank look on his face, or a facial expression that seems to say, “I don’t give a shit”, which is probably more accurate. He has no regard for workers anywhere, let alone Bangladesh or China,or even the United States. One only has to look at the current situation in Atlantic City where an estimated 3000 workers stand to lose their jobs, because Donald Trump is closing the Taj Mahal Casino and Hotel.

As anyone who has taken the time to read any news other than the stock market quotes, Bangladesh is well-known to be one of the biggest sweatshop countries in the world. China is not far behind in being one country that exploits their workers.

If someone like Donald Trump is so interested in preserving American jobs, which he couldn’t give a damn about, why does he buy his clothing from countries that American jobs have not only been outsourced to, but exploit their workers in the worst way?


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Clean Energy: The United States Missing Out On a Golden Opportunity

As the Paris climate talks begin, the die is already cast: The world is going to move toward cleaner, more sustainable sources of energy. The question for U.S. policymakers is whether the world’s biggest economy gets left behind.

Source: Clean Energy Gathers Steam | Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines

Clean Energy: United States Missing Out On a Golden Opportunity

Even though the United States is heavily involved in talking about clean energy, talking is about all we are doing. However, maybe something will come out of this talk, but only if we are able to effectively silence the climate change deniers.

President Obama has given some very good, effective speeches at the currently ongoing Paris climate talks. Hopefully, he will be able to effectively fight off the climate change deniers, most of whom are Republicans (big surprise, right?)

We need to all face the fact that unless global warming and climate change are dealt with quickly and effectively, we are all dead. If we keep on using fossil fuels, instead of clean energy, our planet will no longer be able to sustain us. The ironic part of this is that clean energy, if developed properly, can virtually eliminate our ridiculous use of obsolete technology, namely fossil fuels. There is really no reason why we should continue depending on coal and petroleum, especially when better clean energy technology is within our grasp. If only we would start getting serious about developing it.

The further development of clean energy potentially has a twofold benefit; cleaning up our planet and creating a huge number of jobs. Why should we allow conservative dinosaurs to thwart us in our efforts to save our planet? There is absolutely no reason why these people should not be silenced, and removed from the decision-making process. Climate change deniers should just admit that most of them have large amounts of money invested in coal and petroleum and are willing to place every person on this planet at risk, just so they can make money. Do these people actually think that they can take their ill-gotten gains with them after they die?

Most countries around the world, especially those in Europe and the Far East, most notably China, have all committed to reduce the amount of carbon emissions by very drastic amounts. These countries seem to recognize the danger of not using clean energy more than the United States. Whereas we should be leading the way to a cleaner, safer, and more habitable planet. We should be the ones leading the way in the development of alternative clean energy sources.

A huge number of jobs could be created in the United States by manufacturing windmills, solar panels, geothermal, and other sources of clean energy. We have the manufacturing capability to do a good job of manufacturing the necessary components for clean energy use. Why our so-called “leaders” insist on being so shortsighted and lacking in vision is mind blowing to me. Alternative clean energy holds a great potential for the creation of many badly needed jobs. These jobs would also be real jobs, not just McJobs. American workers would be able to display that they still have knowledge and experience enough to do something other than flip burgers.

As a devout anti-capitalist I hate to even bring in profit as a motive for the development of clean energy sources. However, since capitalism still plays too large of a part in the great scheme of things, I am willing to go with it this time, for the sake of saving our planet and the people who inhabit it.

Clean Energy Trends

Clean Energy Trends is a series of reports by Clean Edge which examine markets for solar, wind, geothermal, fuel cells, biofuels, and other clean energy

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The US Role in Creating Terrorism around the World


“Source: From the Annals of U.S. History: America’s Role in Creating Islamic Extremism – Truthdig

The US Role in Creating Terrorism around the World.


The United States needs to start accepting our role in the creation of terrorism around the world. Even though many Americans would like to forget about it, we are the ones who created Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda by giving these people weapons to fight off the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Our entire involvement in Afghanistan in the 80s was nothing more than just another case of the United States fighting another “proxy war” with the Soviet Union. We did the same thing in both Korea and Vietnam, even though we like to also like to forget that, primarily because both were debacles, especially Vietnam, that ended very badly for us.

We would also like to forget that the Iraqi war was totally unjustified because the dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was in no way involved on the attack on the WTC on September 11, 2001, even though American “intelligence” says he was. Pres. George W. Bush and VP Dick Cheney, were able to sell their case for going to war in Iraq by “cherry picking” intelligence data to make it appear that Saddam Hussein was directly involved in the act of terrorism on 9/11. In reality, Al Qaeda was not allowed to operate in any way inside Iraq simply because Saddam Hussein wouldn’t allow them inside his country. Don’t get me wrong, because I’m certainly not defending a horrible despot like Saddam Hussein because he was surely a horrible person. Despite this, whether we like to admit it or not, Saddam Hussein played a valuable part in controlling terrorism by ruling Iraq with an iron fist. During his time, there was no “power vacuum” existing in that part of the world where groups involved in acts of terrorism could operate freely.

However, when we took over Iraq and eliminated Saddam Hussein from power, we created such a large “power vacuum” that it easily allowed a terrorist group, ISIS, to fill the void left by the death of Saddam Hussein. Going back even further, we cannot forget that Saddam Hussein came into power after a US sponsored coup d’état allowed him to take power.

When is this country ever going to learn to mind our own damn business, stay-at-home and take care of business here in the United States, and stop trying to manipulate affairs and other countries? It sure would be nice if it would happen quite soon, or we run the risk of another act of terrorism be committed on US soil, such as the attack on the World Trade Center.

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How the TPP Amounts to a Corporate Takeover

The question is whether we should allow rich corporations to use hidden provisions to dictate how we will live.

Source: How the TPP Amounts to a Corporate Takeover

President Obama’s push for the TPP (Transpacific Partnership) has made me come to the conclusion that he is a true corporatist in every sense of the word.  I have supported him through his entire presidency, now I feel betrayed.  There is no way he cannot know that the TPP will just cause more outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries.

There is absolutely no way that President Obama doesn’t know the ramifications of the TPP; outsourcing of jobs, allowing tribunals to overrule Americans regulations (there goes the environment), and causing his fellow Americans higher prices on their medicines.

Basically, President Obama is saying to us, “trust me”, but anyone who has listened to the facts that we do know about the TPP, especially after reading WikiLeaks, knows that it is a bad deal that will hurt a lot of people, especially our workers.  How are American workers supposed to compete with workers in the Far East who are making little more than $.50 per hour.  Not to mention that many of these workers are children because most of these countries have no laws protecting children from exploitation. Even though I have mostly been willing to trust the president on most things, I refuse to trust him when it comes to the TPP.

Another thing that pisses me off about the TPP debate is the fact that President Obama, and other proponents of the TPP (mostly Republicans), wants to allow no debate whatsoever.  The full text of the TPP hasn’t even been released to members of the public, or even our representatives in Congress, even though they are the ones who will vote on it.  Thankfully, the Democrats in Congress are standing fast in their opposition to “fast-track“.  After all, that’s what fast-track means; no debate in committees or even discussion.

In his advocacy for fast-track, President Obama flies in the face of democracy.  What is more undemocratic than not to allow discussion, even in a legislative body like the U.S. Congress?


TPP fast track is dead! (for now)

The Obama administration had asked Congress for “fast track” authority, under which Congress would only have been allowed a yes/no vote on TPP’s many complex and controversial clauses, as well as those in TPP’s sister treaties, such as TTIA. TPP has …

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would turn over to globalists the power to issue regulations about U.S. trade, immigration, the environment, labor and commerce. It’s called a “living agreement,” which means the globalists can amend and change the