Donald Trump and His Family Break Secret Service Budget

Donald Trump and his family have caused the Secret Service to run out the budget.

Donald Trump drains Secret Service budget, agents go without pay

Donald Trump and His Family Break Secret Service Budget

Donald Trump and his family have caused the Secret Service to run out their budget. Between his vacations, various homes, trips by family members, trips by his staff, he has succeeded in doing what no president has done before; break the budget of the Secret Service. Donald Trump has 18 people as members of his “immediate family” not to mention the other members of his staff, friends, and others who are being covered by the Secret Service. In total, Donald Trump has listed for protection, 42 people. Additionally, Vice President Pence has listed for protection 20 children. Now, the director of the Secret Service, Randolph “Tex” Alles says that the security detail provided by the Secret Service is now out of money.

It is easy to see how the Secret Service might run out of money protecting Donald Trump, considering the places he lives and travels to. Add to this, his wife, Melania, daughter Ivanka, son Donald Jr., and his other children, it’s easy to see how even the most well-funded agency might go over budget. To top it off, much of this Secret Service coverage for travel is for personal, not government related business.

For example, Tiffany Trump went shopping in Paris and the Secret Service provided her protection. That’s right! Taxpayers dollars paid for the president’s daughter to go shopping. The Secret Service also provides security when the president’s wife, or any other member of his family, also go shopping. Outrageous!

What is even more outrageous is the fact that no one says anything or seem to care that Donald Trump is spending taxpayers money for him and his family’s protection, even when he goes golfing or on vacation; something that he does a lot. It is outrageous that no other members of the Republican Party haven’t said a word, even though we know very well from experience that they were always the first ones to open their mouths when President Barack Obama and his family went on vacation for two days.

Does anyone remember the outrage the Republican Party showed when President Obama took his wife and daughters to visit their grandmother in Hawaii? The silence about the financial abuses of “their president” Donald Trump is deafening. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Donald Trump spends a lot of time in Mir-a-Lago, his golf club in Maryland, Trump Tower in New York City, and various other places, often on personal business, and the Republicans don’t say a damn word about it. His son Eric goes to Dubai to open a Trump resort, obviously business that isn’t government related, but personal family business and the GOP says nothing. Again, what a bunch of hypocrites!


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Donald Trump’s Budget Will Cause Great Harm

Donald Trump’s Budget Will Cause Great Harm

This video by Dr. Robert Reich explains very clearly why Donald Trump’s budget is harmful and a threat to many Americans. This budget is unrealistic to the point of being scary. In fact, it is so scary that it reflects the personality of Donald Trump himself.

One thing this budget will do is to create even more of a bloated military that we have already. Military spending is at an all-time high, so why do we need a larger military force that we already have? This feature of the budget is reflective of Donald Trump’s paranoia and fear of other countries. He is putting the United States in a very dangerous position by adopting this hostile stance. Donald Trump’s budget sends the wrong message to a potential adversary; this country may have.

Donald Trump’s budget will pay for this exceedingly large military expenditure by cutting vital programs that we can better benefit from them by having a larger military force. The United States only has a finite amount of money to spend, so it is very obvious that to fund a more significant military means cutting money in other areas.

For example, Donald Trump’s budget calls for a massive reduction in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), one of the most important federal agencies in existence today. The EPA is responsible for safeguarding this country’s air, water, and food supply from being harmful to consumers. The EPA also performs a very valuable regulatory process to control how and if a big industry is allowed to pollute our environment, and to what extent.  It is an indicator that he doesn’t consider this function necessary. It just shows his corporate mentality that all regulations that might curtail profits are evil, and need to be limited or abolished.

Donald Trump’s budget will also cause the average American worker an even more unfair tax burden than they already have. It does nothing to force wealthier people to pay more of their fair share of taxes. Of course, coming from a rich man like Donald Trump, I guess you can’t expect him to hurt his kind. That’s one thing that makes Donald Trump’s budget even more unrealistic and harmful for the United States.


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Are Younger Americans Finally Waking up?

Capitalism has only itself to blame, forcing younger Americans to look for an alternative.

Source:  Millenials are ripe for socialism: A generation is rising up against neoliberal oppression –

Are Younger Americans Finally Waking Up?

Millennials support Bernie SandersFinally, it seems that younger Americans, often called millennials, are finally waking up and realizing that capitalism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Since I don’t particularly like the term “millennials”, I will refer to them as younger but never Americans because I find it more suitable and less like another label.   They are beginning to have some far-reaching questions about why they should go on supporting a system that does nothing for them and does not enrich their lives in a way that they have already been led to believe.

These younger Americans realize that capitalism isn’t the answer for making their lives better, as they have always been led to believe. More of them than ever before are starting to take a serious look at socialism as a better alternative, something that I would’ve told them back in the 70s when I first embraced this better alternative to capitalism.

I first became a firm believer in the socialist system back in the 70s, when I began to notice that for every person whose life was made better by capitalism, at least 100 other people were hurt by it. After witnessing the unfairness of the capitalist system, I rejected it because one thing that I have always believed in is fairness. Many younger Americans seems to be coming to the same conclusion that I did when I was young.

This story goes a long way in explaining something that I have believed would happen for many years; eventually, people would start to realize that capitalism was an evil system that only exploited and hurt people, in particular, the workers who have carried this country on their backs for far too long. This willingness to embrace socialism as an alternative to capitalism has been highlighted by the presidential candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist.

The current capitalist establishment seems to be going into some denial about this fact, and are trying to explain it away. They are resorting to the same tactics that they have always used; lies and deception. One of the biggest lies they resort to is pointing out that would not be so eager to embrace socialism if they remembered the Cold War; something that happened and was over with many years before they were born. As a 60-year-old man who remembers the Cold War all too well, I can honestly say that this argument is total bullshit. How is instilling needless fear into a child possibly helping anyone?

Most younger Americans have always been told what the Cold War was and what it stood for. Many of them have been instilled with the same type of Cold War paranoia that their parents were. Even though these younger Americans were born well after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Soviet bloc, they are quite aware of this recent history.

Among the questions that many younger Americans ask is; is a system fair that will bail out the banks for trillions of dollars but yet allows the average American to wallow in debt? They are also asking a question that I have long asked, why is it considered to be fair that the bulk of this nation’s wealth be in the hands of 1% of the population. They also are asking why members of the working-class care in this country on the backs by paying their taxes while the wealthy and affluent are allowed to pay nothing or a minimal amount?

These are questions that capitalists can’t answer, mostly because there is no answer, at least one that is truthful or believable. It seems that many younger Americans are finally waking up, asking questions, and refusing to believe the lies that they have always been spoon-fed. I say that it’s about time.


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Jul 4, 2014 They are less devoted to symbols of the nation, like the flag. But they are supportive of ideals like democracy and equality.


Donald Trump Flip-Flops About the Minimum Wage

Donald Trump’s position on the minimum wage is like something out of the late 1800s, early 1900s.

Donald Trump Flip-Flops About the Minimum Wage


Donald Trump minimum wage Donald Trump’s position on the minimum wage is like something out of the late 1800s, early 1900s. He has the same mentality as the “robber barons” of that era. He seems to think that is okay for American workers to not only work harder, but are compensated less for their labor. If that isn’t the mentality of a “robber baron“, I don’t know what is.

Donald Trump criticizes Bernie Sanders about his position on the minimum wage you probably know Bernie Sanders has fought to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour for a while. He even goes so far as to call Bernie Sanders a liar, after Sanders called him out on his preposterous statements, not only about how the minimum wage should not be raised, but how American workers are. In one of the now infamous Donald Trump tweets, which seems to be the way that he responds to his critics, he said about Bernie Sanders,

“[Bernie Sanders]–who blew his campaign when he gave Hillary a pass on her e-mail crime, said that I feel wages in America are too high. Lie!” He had to have the gall to refuse Bernie Sanders of lying, even though he made the statement in a speech a few days earlier.

I like to In his usual fashion, when challenged by anyone, he always goes into “attack mode” and not give a thoughtful response. Donald Trump seems to think that attacking another candidate who either makes too much sense, or counters, one of his ridiculous positions, the proper way to handle it is to insult that person. In this case, he criticizes Bernie Sanders for not attacking Hillary Clinton, which is something that Bernie Sanders refuses to do. He is trying to keep this campaign a higher level and not to stoop to ad hominem attacks. Many people, including myself, greatly respect Bernie Sanders for taking this position and keeping made last week in a speech. Donald Trump said,

“[T]axes too high, wages too high, we’re not going to be able to compete against the world. I hate to say it, but we have to leave [the minimum wage] the way it is,” Trump said at the time. “People have to go out, they have to work really hard and have to get into that upper stratum. But we cannot do this if we are going to compete with the rest of the world. We just can’t do it.”

In other words, Donald Trump seems to think that the American workers already don’t work hard enough and should be paid a lower wage. How preposterous can this guy get? Studies have shown that people are working longer hours, and that wages have not grown in proportion to this increased amount of work.

In an interview on CBS Face the Nation, Senator Bernie Sanders counterattacked Donald Trump’s position, saying that, “This is a guy who does not want to raise minimum wage,” he said of Donald Trump. “In fact, he has said that wages in America are too high.”

Instead of making a civilized and educated response to Senator Sanders, Donald trump, it is usual fashion attacks Senator Sanders for not attacking Hillary Clinton. In his tweet, Donald Trump basically called Senator Sanders a liar. Apparently Donald Trump just runs his mouth, forgetting about the fact that whatever he says is being videotaped.

Who are we supposed to believe? The videotape of him actually making this statement where he says that the minimum wage should not be raised and that American workers are paid too much, or just his usual vitriol?

Shortly after the fourth Republican debate, Donald Trump flip-flops about his position by saying that he was only referring to the federal minimum wage, which has remained at $7.25 since 2009. Nice try Donald!

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton made the statement that the reason that Donald Trump’s campaign has been able to gain as much traction as it has is because American workers are angry. On CBS Face the Nation, Bernie Sanders said,

“Many of Trump’s supporters are working-class people and they’re angry. They’re angry because they’re working longer hours for lower wages. They’re angry because their jobs have left this country and gone to China or other low-wage countries. They’re angry because they can’t afford to send their kids to college so they can’t retire with dignity,”

In a total flip-flop of his original position about the minimum wage, Donald Trump tweeted yet again, in a wave attempt to cover his ass,

“The middle-class has worked so hard, are not getting the kind of jobs that they have long dreamed of – and no effective raise in years. BAD,” Donald Trump also tweeted “Many of the great jobs that the people of our country want are long gone, shipped to other countries. We now are part-time, sad! I WILL FIX!”

Apparently, Donald Trump thinks that the American voter has amnesia. He seems to think they are not going to remember this complete reversal of his original position on the minimum wage. What’s even more appalling, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to realize that what he says this early in the campaign, he is just handing some good ammunition to whether a candidate the Democratic Party chooses. He apparently doesn’t know what the term “political blowback” even means; something that could very well bite him in the ass if Republican voters are it was stupid enough to choose him as their candidate.

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Can Capitalism Be Fixed, Or Is It Time to Junk It?

Income inequality is better termed structural racism. White people earn more money with less education than black people and consistently have half
black people. And, as new research has shown, “family wealth” predicts outcomes for 10 to 15 generations. Those with extreme wealth owe it to events going back years ago, according to research published by the New Republic – an era when it wasn’t unusual for white Americans to benefit from an economy dependent upon widespread, underpaid black labor in the form of slavery. Income inequality is better viewed as structural sexism. Women earn 78 cents on the dollar overall compared to white men, but black women only earn 64 cents and Latinas 56. Women are also routinely discriminated against economically for bearing children. Income equality is better viewed as structural child abuse. In the United States, one in five children needs government help to eat. As Aisha Sultan recently wrote in the Education Writers Association, if a 30-child classroom looked like the nation at large, seven of the children would be living in poverty, six would be victims of abuse and one would be homeless. These kids aren’t just unequal; they are never offered the opportunity to achieve equality. Income inequality is better viewed as economic genocide, which shortens the lives of the poor. As the New York Times bluntly put it last year, “where income is higher, life spans are longer”. For one of the most jarring examples of how this plays out, look no further than the Ferguson Report, which shows how just in St Louis County, the average life expectancy ranges from 91 in the whitest neighborhood to 56 in the poorest, blackest neighborhood.


Source: We Won’t Fix Inequality by Tweaking Capitalism – Truthdig

Can Capitalism Be Fixed, Or Is It Time to Junk It?


capitalism and inequalityCapitalism, in its present form, cannot be fixed and should be junked. Conditions is this country have degenerated so far that present-day capitalism is proving itself to be increasingly dysfunctional. Capitalism works out okay for the 1% of the population that controls the majority of wealth and resources, but for the average American, especially the poor, its effects can be devastating.

Capitalism has shown itself to be a failed system, except for the wealthy and corporate America. Even the middle class, although they may deceive themselves into thinking otherwise, are being hurt because of our present day system of capitalism. The average working member of the middle class earns as much less money than they did in the 70s. It has gotten to the point where the middle class in this country is disappearing.

A more proper name for the present day system of capitalism, would be corporatism. Capitalism, by itself, can be a system where a good number of people, including the middle class and poor, can be treated fairly. Unfortunately, as it now stands, only the 1% is treated to anything. Under our present day system, no one but the 1% is being treated anywhere near fairly. The above quote is well worth reading, because it gives a true and accurate picture of the abuses of capitalism of today.

Personally, I think that the only way that capitalism can be saved is for it to not be involved in our political process in any way, shape, or form. After all, capitalism is supposed to be purely an economic system, not a political force. However, since capitalism has transformed itself into corporatism, things have drastically changed for the worst. Corporatism now uses his money to control this country’s democracy. Even the highest court in the land, the US Supreme Court, is not free of corporate influence. After the controversial “Citizens United” decision by the Supreme Court, corporate entities are actually given the same rights as citizens.  This decision also allows corporations to donate whatever amount of money they want to any political candidate(s). It basically allows corporations to buy the political process, which undoubtedly has the effect of allowing corporations to control our democracy.  In this aspect, capitalism has gone way too far in influencing our day-to-day life. There is absolutely no way that a corporation should be considered an equal citizen.

Capitalist influence over our political process has gotten to the point that our democracy is in danger of disappearing. Big money seems to be more important to our so-called “leaders” then the well-being of the citizens of this country. Capitalist entities (a.k.a. corporations) has brought out just about every politician in Washington DC, and the state capitals. It has gotten to the point where this one very controversial Supreme Court decision has put our democracy in danger of disappearing entirely, and the United States turned into a oligarchy.

That’s why I think that the capitalist system should be junked. We need to start with something fresh because capitalism has proven itself to be such a detriment to American society.

Call a summit on global capitalism

The Dec. 27 editorial (“Income inequality grows”) and E. J. Dionne’s accompanying column (“Can democracy survive this era of inequality?”) eloquently pointed the finger at a planetary crisis — global capitalism — that’s deeply entwined with our other
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Bernie Sanders: The Main Reason to Elect Him President

The recent decision by the Fed to raise interest rates is the latest example of the rigged economic system. Big bankers and their supporters in Congress have been telling us for years that runaway inflation is just around the corner. They have been dead wrong each time. Raising interest rates now is a disaster for small business owners who need loans to hire more workers and Americans who need more jobs and higher wages. As a rule, the Fed should not raise interest rates until unemployment is lower than 4 percent. Raising rates must be done only as a last resort — not to fight phantom inflation.

What went wrong at the Fed? The chief executives of some of the largest banks in America are allowed to serve on its boards. During the Wall Street crisis of 2007, Jamie Dimon, the chief executive and chairman of JPMorgan Chase, served on the New York Fed’s board of directors while his bank received more than $390 billion in financial assistance from the Fed. Next year, four of the 12 presidents at the regional Federal Reserve Banks will be former executives from one firm: Goldman Sachs.

These are clear conflicts of interest, the kind that would not be allowed at other agencies. We would not tolerate the head of Exxon Mobil running the Environmental Protection Agency. We don’t allow the Federal Communications Commission to be dominated by Verizon executives. And we should not allow big bank executives to serve on the boards of the main agency in charge of regulating financial institutions.

If I were elected president, the foxes would no longer guard the henhouse. To ensure the safety and soundness of our banking system, we need to fundamentally restructure the Fed’s governance system to eliminate conflicts of interest. Board members should be nominated by the president and chosen by the Senate. Banking industry executives must no longer be allowed to serve on the Fed’s boards and to handpick its members and staff. Board positions should instead include representatives from all walks of life — including labor, consumers, homeowners, urban residents, farmers and small businesses.

Source: Bernie Sanders: Elect Me President and We’ll Kick Big Bankers Out of the Federal Reserve – Truthdig

Bernie Sanders: The Main Reason to Elect Him President


The fact that Bernie Sanders would regulate this nation’s economy is the primary reason that he should be elected President of the United States. Everything he says in this quote is absolutely true.

The economy of the United States has been controlled by big bankers for far too long, and Bernie Sanders has some great ideas about how to change that situation, and makes the economy more fair than it is. The entire game has become so rigged against the average person that it is nothing less than an atrocity, and Bernie Sanders will change that if he is given a chance.

When Senator Sanders says that banking officials should not be allowed to occupy seats on the board of the Federal Reserve, because he says it is a direct conflict of interest is absolutely correct. The current situation is unacceptable, and Bernie Sanders recognizes that fact.

No doubt, he will have to find an uphill battle to win his goal, but if anyone can do it is Bernie Sanders. This is a major reason that I will vote for him to win the Democratic nomination over Hillary Clinton. Can you actually see Hillary Clinton getting tough with the big bankers? I sure as hell can’t!

She has way too many friends on Wall Street to even suggest that big banks be regulated. They are among some of the biggest supporters and contributors. Do we really expect her to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? No, only Bernie Sanders, who takes no contributions from these people is capable of doing the job.


Martin Shkrelli Learns That Karma Can Be a Real Bitch

The 32-year-od Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO and Wall Street player became a source of schadenfreude on a mass scale Thursday with the news that he had been arrested for securities fraud.

Source: VIDEO: ‘Pharma Bro’ and Hedge Fund Profiteer Martin Shkreli Arrested for Fraud | Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines

Martin Shkrelli Learns That Karma Can Be a Real Bitch

Martin Shkrelli, head of Turing Pharmaceuticals, Inc., was arrested today for fraud and taken into custody remember, is the person who raised the price of a antiviral drug, used by people with HIV, by an unconscionable 5000%. If today’s arrest doesn’t make you believe that “what goes around comes around,” isnt true, I don’t know what will.

Even though the charges brought against Martin Shkrelli wasn’t about the grossly overpriced drug that is company produces, it really did my heart good to see the videotape of his arrest, and him being walked out in handcuffs, by the FBI. Hopefully, justice will be served and Martin Shkrelli will do some serious time in prison. As far as I’m concerned, he deserves everything he gets. He has already earned the unsavory title as the “most hated man in America,” because of his obscene profiteering at the expense of people with HIV.

Today’s charges stem from Martin Shkrelli defrauding investors in a hedge fund that he operated before becoming CEO of Turing pharmaceuticals, Inc. Apparently, he didn’t disclose certain financial information about his hedge fund, that he is legally required to disclose. When that particular hedge fund starting to fail, Martin Shkrelli started another one. Then, he is alleged to have used funds from the second hedge fund to pay off the debts of investors of the first hedge fund.

When this hedge fund also started to fail, he formed a pharmaceutical company, then used the profits to pay off his creditors from the other two hedge funds is started and managed. Basically, what Martin Shkrelli was doing was running a Ponzi scheme, like Bernie Madoff. Officials are calling Martin Shkrelli a “millennial Bernie Madoff.”

Even though today’s arrest of Martin Shkrelli is important, unfortunately, he is just the tip of the iceberg in an evil corrupt system. Today’s arrest may send some kind of message to corporate America that they are not invulnerable, or “too big to fail”, it will actually have little effect in cleaning up our system.

I’m sure we all know the truth that for every one Martin Shkrelli who gets caught playing dirty, there are probably a couple of hundred more just like him who will most likely get away with it. This type of behavior is not unheard of in corporate America. To me, it just proves what an evil and corrupt system capitalism really is. It also makes it very obvious that we the people need to take back our economic system. We all need to collectively pull down on that big handle and flush capitalism down the toilet, because that’s where it belongs.

The FBI Took Martin Shkreli But They Left His Wu-Tang Album

FBI officials arrested the notorious pharma executive Martin Shkreli Thursday on allegations of securities fraud, but they didn’t have the authority to seize the $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album purchased by the 32-year-old pharmaceutical entrepreneur
Martin Shkreli perp walk arrest hoodie becomes hot selling item

Can you believe Martin Shkrelli’s hoodie only cost $15!? He’s a dirtbag, but the guy knows a value! — Ruckus Jones (@RuckusJones) December 17, 2015. Nothing like a grey hoodie for your walk of shame. What a dill hole.