Donald Trump Shows Hypocrisy About Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Donald Trump has shown himself once again to be a hypocrite.

Donald Trump Shows Hypocrisy about Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Donald Trump has shown himself once again to be a hypocrite.  This time it’s the humanitarian crisis in Syria, particularly the chemical weapons attack launched a couple of days ago against innocent men, women, and children by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  Trump is condemning this horrible incident, which one might expect of the President of the United States.  He is probably that some type of action will be taken against the Syrian president and his regime.

In 2013, when the same type of chemical weapons attack was launched by President Assad, Donald Trump harshly criticized President Obama because Obama also proposed taking some type of action against Assad.  At that time, Trump said that the United States already had “too many foreign entanglements,” and that the United States would be making a mistake to get involved in another forward situation.  At that time, Trump didn’t seem to care that much about a horrible atrocity being committed in a foreign country.  Now suddenly he cares?  When a hypocrite!

This flip-flop on foreign policy is nothing new for Donald Trump.  He has done it before, on several occasions.  Exactly what is Donald Trump’s position on Syria?  It now seems that he is very opposed to the Syrian president and his regime, where, in 2013, he didn’t really seem to give a damn.  He was hell-bent on just criticizing President Obama because Obama wanted to take action.  Trump offered no other solution other than to say that we should not get involved.

Donald Trump and members of his administration say that he was deeply affected by seeing pictures of dead children.  He also indicates that he was affected by the sadness and grief of his daughter, Ivanka, and she convinced them that it was the time that he do something.  While this may be true, it causes me to ask, “where were you in 2013?  Did you see any pictures at that time?”

As I remember, there were plenty of pictures available of this atrocity committed by President Assad.  They were there for everyone to see because they were shown on TV and published in magazines and newspapers.  Why wasn’t Donald Trump affected then?  Could it possibly be because if he had shown some compassion towards those innocent people in Syria, he somehow thought it would make him look weak?  Or was it because he could not force himself to agree with President Obama about anything, no matter how terrible it was?

Wasn’t the chemical weapons attack over a year ago just as terrible?  Innocent men, women, and children were slaughtered in an equally cruel and inhumane fashion a year ago.  Yet, we heard nothing but criticism coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth then.  Where was all of his indignation, anger, and compassion about an ugly situation at that time?


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