The Ridiculous Idea That Mexico Will Pay for the Wall

The idea that Mexico will pay for the wall on the Mexican border is one of the most ridiculous ideas that I have heard in quite a while.

The Ridiculous Idea That Mexico Will Pay for the Wall

The idea that Mexico will pay for the wall on the Mexican border is one of the ridiculous ideas that I have heard in quite a while. Donald Trump thinks he can force the Mexican people to pay for a wall along the Mexican border. That just goes to show how delusional the new POTUS is. He claims that this will solve the current immigration problem; something which I question is a real issue.

The reason I ask whether or not immigration is a problem is because of the way this country was created, and the way that we have always been taught that America was the “great melting pot.” The United States is made up of immigrants. Most people in this country had their origins in foreign countries. If it weren’t for immigration, we would not exist as a nation. I don’t look at it any differently for Mexican immigrants. They contribute their fair share of work and accomplishments, just like everyone else who is a member of our society.

Donald Trump seems to think that Mexican immigrants are taking away jobs from American workers. From my viewpoint, this is ridiculous and falsehood. Mexican immigrants are just like immigrants from everywhere else. They just want to come here to have a better life, just like my great-grandfather did when he came here from Denmark.

Mexican immigrants, at least from my viewpoint, seems to be doing the jobs that most American workers think they are “too good” to do. These people are the ones who do the farm labor, janitorial work, housekeeping, and childcare for people who work during the day. These types of menial jobs are not very sought after by most American workers.

Trump is just stirring up more trouble and inflaming whatever racist followers that he panders to. After all, he got elected to office because of the appeal to many people’s sense of racism and fear of Mexican immigrants. During his campaign, Trump angrily called Mexican immigrants killers and rapists. This tirade showed his racist feelings against Mexicans and pandered to the lowest common denominator that many people have racism.

The Mexican border won’t be any more secure with a wall built between the United States and Mexico. Also, the idea that Mexico will pay for a wall along the border with the United States is preposterous. What does Donald Trump think he can do to force them to pay? Is he delusional enough to think that he can just send an invoice to the Mexican government and that would just pay up?


More Mexicans Leaving Than Coming to the U.S. | Pew Research …

Nov 19, 2015 Between 2009 and 2014, about 140000 more Mexican immigrants have returned to Mexico from the U.S. than have migrated here, citing family …
Donald Trump’s false comments connecting Mexican immigrants …

Jul 8, 2015 Trump can defend his statement all he wants, but the facts are just not there.



Cards Against Humanity creators troll scared, little Donald Trump with a billboard in Detroit

Source: Cards Against Humanity creators troll scared, little Donald Trump with a billboard in Detroit

The perfect response to Islamophobes like Donald Trump

The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest: A Brief History

The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest: A Brief History

I hope that this video about the Dakota Access Pipeline protest is as informative to you as it was me. Finally, the “mainstream media” is giving some coverage to this crucial issue. It’s appalling to see the way that the US Government is mistreating the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.  I guess some things never change.

The Dakota Access Pipeline will cause tremendous and irreparable damage to the water supply of the Native Americans who occupy this region, located in North Dakota. In addition to destroying their water supply, the intended route of this pipeline will take it through the burial grounds and many other sacred sites, belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

It is appalling to see heavily armed police officers, looking more like a paramilitary force, is trampling on the civil rights of these unarmed, and peaceful protesters who are doing nothing more than trying to protect a fundamental necessity in the lives like water. The US government should be ashamed of itself, but as we all know, the US government never apologizes for anything it ever does, no matter how egregious.

What is happening to these Native American people is an atrocity that equals the Wounded Knee protests of the 70s. Hopefully, these peaceful protesters are not harmed.


Bakken pipeline

Harvard (13 September 2016). “‘The Daily Show’ sheds light on the Dakota Access Pipeline protest with brilliant segment”. The Daily Show. Retrieved 30 September

The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Is Unprecedented — And 150 …

Sep 15, 2016 Streaming, posting, and updating from “Facebook Hill” in the Sacred Stone Camp, thousands of protesters have made their fight impossible to…

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Dakota Access Pipeline: A Blatant Abuse Of Force

The Dakota Access Pipeline is the most blatant abuse of force since the demonstrations in Ferguson Missouri.

Dakota Access Pipeline: A Blatant Abuse Of Force

Dakota Access PipelineThe Dakota Access Pipeline is the most blatant abuse of force since the demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri.  It is probably the most blatant misuse of force used against Native Americans since the siege of Wounded Knee in the 70s.

This demonstration resembles the protests in Ferguson, Missouri because the police are using leftover armored vehicles from the military.  It is just more evidence that our police forces are becoming paramilitary forces that are intended to be used to quell free speech than they are to protect society from criminals.  Police forces in the United States have become more militarized over the years because the Obama administration has released armored vehicles to police forces across the United States.  This arming of police has been done through the Department of Homeland Security under the guise of protecting us from potential terrorist attack.  What a crock of bullshit!

At the center of this dispute is the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is designed to carry oil across tribal lands, belonging to the Standing Rock tribe.  The tribe is protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline because it will cause the destruction of tribal burial sites and holy places.  It also threatens the water supply of the tribe because it will cause damage to the aquifer that runs under tribal land.

It is a very scary site to see armored vehicles and police officers, heavily armed with M-16 rifles and other military-style weapons, squaring off against unarmed protesters in pickups.  Since the governor of North Dakota, Jack Dalrymple ordered the North Dakota National Guard to participate in suppressing the Great Sioux Nation situations has only gotten worse.  This protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline is a potential timebomb waiting to go off.


Understanding the Controversy Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline …

Sep 14, 2016 The controversial Dakota Access Pipeline continues to make headlines. Yesterday, Energy Transfer Partners, the developer behind the $3.8 …

Dakota Access Pipeline: 5 things to know –

Aug 31, 2016 Proponents of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline tout its economic benefits, but opponents, including Native American groups, question its …



Victory for People With Disabilities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles will spend more than $200 million over the next decade to settle a federal lawsuit alleging that the city failed to provide enough apartments for people with disabilities in its publicly funded housing developments.

Source: L.A. to spend more than $200 million to settle suit on housing for disabled

Victory for People with Disabilities in Los Angeles

People with disabilitiesPeople with disabilities in the city of Los Angeles have won a significant victory with this latest ruling from the Courts. Hopefully, people with disabilities who need accessible housing will be able to have access to it finally. Also hopefully, these housing units will be accessible. By using the term “truly accessible, housing units” I mean that these homes will be fully equipped to handle whatever disability that a particular person has. Many homes are ruled to be accessible, even if they truly are not. There have been any times when the “powers that be”, (mostly able-bodied people) really don’t have a clear understanding of what the word accessibility even means. How many times have we people with disabilities see the situation where some architect or builder thought that something was accessible just because they stuck a blue symbol of access on it?

One of the biggest barriers faced by people with disabilities is finding accessible housing. For many disabled, they are trapped living in inadequate housing that doesn’t serve their needs. They are then put in the unenviable position where they cannot have the true enjoyment of life, as any other person expects to, or has the right to. Many times, housing that is termed as being accessible isn’t, and forces a person to live with the added burden of having to make do in a situation that most people would not tolerate.

In fact, there are nearly 2 million people with disabilities people trapped in nursing homes just because they cannot find accessible housing. Even though I applaud this decision, and think it’s wonderful, I am most other advocates for people with disabilities will not be satisfied as long as there are so many of our brothers and sisters trapped in human warehouses.


Information for Disabled Persons/U.S. Department of Housing and …

This page is designed to answer frequently asked questions on the housing rights of people with disabilities and the responsibilities of housing providers and  …
People with Disabilities – HUD

Definition of Disability: Federal laws define a person with a disability as “Any person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or …



Finally, A Bad Cop Receives Punishment for Misconduct

Source: Dash cam video shows why this cop got four years in a federal prison


Finally, A Bad Cop Receives Punishment for Misconduct

Even though I am the very glad that this bad cop was brought to justice and punished for his act of gross misconduct, for me, it begs a couple of questions.

  • If the victim of this gross misconduct by this bad cop wasn’t the son of another police officer, would the FBI have gotten involved so quickly?
  • If the victim of this misconduct by this one bad cop had been an African-American or Latino, with the FBI, have responded so quickly or at all?

This bad cop deserves the four years in prison that he was sentenced to four years violation of the civil rights of a minor. Due to the misconduct of this bad cop, this young man will have a permanent disability because his heart was stopped by the Taser used by the cop in question, and his brain was damaged because it was deprived of oxygen for several minutes. As a result, this victim received brain damage, and he will never be the same as it was before. My last question is, is four years in prison enough time?



LEAD: More than 100 protesters in wheelchairs were arrested today in the Capitol Rotunda after they boisterously demonstrated for swift passage of a civil rights bill for the millions of Americans with physical and mental disabilities.

Saturday March 12th marks the 26th anniversary of the largest act of civil disobedience in the Rotunda of the US Capitol.  300 ADAPT activists protested to support the passage of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Over 100 were arrested
This historic event followed another chapter in disability rights history – The Capitol steps crawl up on March 11th.
Approximately 50 ADAPT activists got out of their wheelchairs and crawled the 82 steps to the Capitol entrance to send the message to Congress – Disability Rights ARE Civil Rights

Don’t Mourn…Organize, Register and Vote!

Onward to November 8, 2016



Disabled people crawling up the steps of the US capitol buildingI really regret that I was unable to be part of this demonstration by disabled people on the steps of the US Capitol building. I remember seeing this on TV, and I know at the time that I felt very proud to be a disabled person. When I saw this story, over 26 years ago, I remember I swelled with such a feeling of disability pride that I actually started to cry with happiness because I truly felt that I was actually part of a group of Americans that I was extremely proud to be part of. I had finally found a place where I belonged.

These people, my people, had finally had enough of systemic oppression that they were willing to fight for their rights as equal citizens. My people had finally taken a stand in the same true sense that our founding fathers had taken a stand against the British. These disabled people were exercising their First Amendment rights in the most sincere American tradition, protests and civil disobedience. And they were using the finest examples set forth by people like Thoreau, Gandhi, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In my opinion, the disability rights movement in the United States needs to start once again following this fine tradition of protest. The disability rights movement in this country is staggering around lost with no real direction. Too many younger disabled people seem to be more into  pandering to the establishment and have lost their sense of disability pride. We really need, as proud disabled people to once again unite, as these disabled people did run the risk of having our movement die on the vine. We, as disabled people need to stop trying to be part of the status quo. After all, the status quo is a broken system that is ruining this entire country.

Bernie Sanders: A Consistent Viewpoint for Many Years

Bernie Sanders: A Consistent Viewpoint for Many Years

Then Representative Bernie Sanders speaking out and against and condemning the first Persian Gulf War (1/17/1991). Unfortunately, most of the ill conditions that he talks about are still very much with us. This shows how consistent he has been over the years. It also shows that he has a good grasp of foreign policy, despite his critics who say otherwise.

Bernie Sanders has also been consistent in his viewpoint for many years. He has never supported the idea that far too many Americans seem to support; going to war is a practical solution to a problem. It seems that most Americans a raise are raised with what I call a “gunslinger mentality” that usually never accomplishes anything other than to bring pain and misery to others. Nothing tangible is ever accomplished with violence. I could never figure out why so many Americans seem to think the only way to solve a problem is taking up arms and killing other human beings. He is a refreshing breath of fresh air in his pacifist ideas.

Yet, I still think that Bernie Sanders would still keep this nation secure. He would just do so by using diplomacy first. However, if he was ever pushed into a corner by any country that tried to harm us, he would go to war if necessary. However, too many people in this country mistake Bernie Sanders antiwar ideals as weakness, despite the fact that they are his strengths. It takes a lot more strength to negotiate a solution to a problem than it does to kill the person causing the problem.

After all, it always seems easier to solve a problem with a weapon than a pen or by having a discussion with whomever you may have a difference with. This is just one of many reasons that I am very enthusiastic about the prospect of Bernie Sanders becoming president of the United States.

The Foreign Travels of Bernie Sanders

For decades, Bernie Sanders has traveled the world, pursuing an unconventional approach to diplomacy. American politicians often visit other countries to project influence abroad and strengthen existing alliances. Foreign travel can also be leisurely, …

10 questions with Bernie Sanders

May 26, 2015 Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sits down with CNBC’s John Harwood to talk about income inequality, Wall Street greed and Hillary …


Saudi Arabia: Proof That the United States Will Do Anything For Oil

Source: Saudi Arabia Executes 47, Including Prominent Shiite Cleric – Truthdig


Saudi Arabia: Proof That The United States Will Do Anything for Oil


And Saudi Arabia is supposed to be a democracy? Was a joke that is! However, what bothers me about this act of barbarism is not only the act itself, but the hypocrisy being demonstrated by the United States.

After all, we are the ones who advertise ourselves as a guardian of democracy and justice. Our silence, especially by the Obama administration, about this mass execution is Saudi Arabia, is condoning this atrocity. The fact that most of the people who were executed were killed because they were not lonely Shiites, but people who have spoken out against the current regime is Saudi Arabia.

The fact that one of them was a Shiite cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr , who was guilty of nothing more than protesting the Saudi royal family and their undemocratic policies, only accentuates how far the government of Saudi Arabia will go in its oppression of its own people. Saudi Arabia also has the dubious distinction of making the list of Amnesty International’s top violators of human rights n the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, thanks to good ‘ol Uncle Sam is the third largest military power in the world, but are they doing anything to fight ISIS? Hell no! Instead, they are killing people who live actually done nothing wrong other than to protest the Saudi Arabian royal family. Normally, the United States would not have a damn thing to do with these people, if it wasn’t for oil. Apparently, oil in Saudi Arabia means more than human life, let alone democracy.

Also, notice how the US government and the Obama administration stays silent while these atrocities keep happening. If the United States really gave a damn about true democracy, as we always say we do, we would sever all ties with Saudi Arabia, or at least stop selling them weapons.

Personally, I don’t believe in the death penalty under any circumstances, although I will admit that sometimes it’s a very hard position to defend, especially when it’s a crime that involves a child. However, to execute this many people in one day is an atrocity, and there is no way to possibly defend these actions by our so-called “ally”, Saudi Arabia. This action by Saudi Arabia can easily be described as nothing less than barbarism.

What also galls me is that if Saudi Arabia did not have large reserves of oil, the United States probably would speak out against this mass execution. However, our silence in this matter speaks volumes.

Islamophobia in America: The New Racism

Islamaphobia America has been spreading lately like some type of new disease.
In reality, anti-Muslim sentiment has been around for quite a while.

Islamophobia in America: The New Racism


islamophobiaIslamophobia in America has spread lately like some type of new disease. In reality, anti-Muslim sentiment has been around for a while. Even though I first noticed anti-Muslim sentiment becoming increasingly prevalent, especially after 9/11, even to the point of isolated cases of violence against Muslims being committed, anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States as grown.

Between the recent acts of terrorism that was committed in San Bernardino and the racist anti-Muslim rhetoric being spread around by the likes of Donald Trump and others, Islamophobia in America has grown to new proportions. Donald Trump, as well as other members of the Republican Party, in particular those running for president, are fanning the flames of anti-Muslim sentiment. They are playing to the lowest common denominator of racism in America to put forth their point. Trump has gone so far as to suggest the banning of Muslims who are allowed to come to the United States.

The definition of Islamophobia is fear of Islam, a religion which unfortunately most Americans don’t understand, or try to understand. Instead of educating themselves about Islam, they are taking the easy way out, as usual. Many racists, who fortunately are a small minority of Americans, are taking advantage of this situation to further their ugly cause; in this case, the vilification of Muslims.

This fact is how the right-wing is using Islamophobia in America to their advantage. They are playing on the fears of the average American who really doesn’t understand Islam, or the religion of Muslims. The one question I always ask myself in these situations is, how can you hate something or be afraid of it, if you don’t understand it? Many times, I feel quite ashamed of my fellow Americans, not for their ignorance, but for the fact that so many of them seem to be proud of it. Islamophobia in America is a very clear case of why I sometimes feel ashamed to be an American. Far too often have I saw my fellow Americans wallowing in racism and interest as though it was something they should be proud of. The increased Islamophobia in America is something that makes me feel ashamed. Unfortunately, far too many Americans think that fear and hatred of Islam is some weird form of patriotism.

Equally unfortunate is the fact that most Americans find it far easier to vent their unwarranted anti-Muslim sentiment than to learn about Islam. If they were to do the latter, they would find that the current wave of violence being committed by Isis, runs totally counter to what is actually written in the Koran. Unfortunately, people in this country who cater to the believe that Islam teaches people to be violent is so deep-rooted in most Americans that Islamophobia in America has become very difficult to put a stop to. It has gotten to the point that Islamophobia in America is becoming increasingly dangerous for people follow the Muslim faith. Since San Bernardino, acts of violence against Muslims has increased. Some people have actually been hurt and mosques have been targeted for bombings and arson. In fact, some mosques have already been firebombed. Incidents of violence against Muslims has increased here in the Bay Area. Just yesterday, a man was arrested in Richmond, California for making threats against Muslims. Later, when police went to his house to arrest him, they found two pipe bombs already made and more materials to make others. I hate to think about the type of havoc this cretin was intending on inflicting upon Muslims. Islamophobia in America has gotten to the point that I’m actually afraid that some innocent people are going to be killed, merely for practicing their own faith. This goes totally against the principles upon which this country was created. Freedom of religion is a cornerstone of the U.S. Constitution.

The way I look at it is that by catering to Islamophobia, we are allowing the terrorists groups such as In reality, we are allowing terrorist groups, such as, Isis and Al Qaeda to win the war on terrorism. By allowing them to make us afraid and disrupt our society, we are unwittingly handing them a major victory. We must always remember that one of the main goals of any terrorist group is to disrupt the normal day-to-day routine of people and to make them afraid. Islamophobia in America is one of those fears that is handing a victory to terrorist groups.

As usual, the media and entertainment industry has contributed to Islamophobia in America for some time, both through movies and television. I noticed this phenomenon years ago. After 1989, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Hollywood needed a new set of villains. Before, when the Soviet Union was still in existence and people were indoctrinated to view Russians as potential spies, terrorists, and enemies of the United States, they were the ones who were usually depicted as being villains. However, when the Soviet Union fell, Muslims from the Middle East were put in the position of being Americans new villains. In doing so, all the producers in Hollywood were greatly responsible for creating Islamophobia in America.

What really gets to me, especially with this situation of Islamophobia in America is the level of hypocrisy. As usual, many of the people engaged in this type of behavior identify themselves as Christians. How can they possibly think that threatening to hurt, or actually hurting, other people just because they belong to a different faith is Christian behavior.

Even though I identify as an agnostic, which to me means that I am neither a believer or non believer in Christianity, I always ask myself a simple question that I wish more so-called Christians would ask themselves. That question is, “How would Jesus Christ behave in this case? What would he say or do?”

My interpretation of a Christian is someone who emulates Jesus Christ. If Christians are truly going to do that, do they honestly think that putting people down for being a different faith than them is right? Even though I am not a Christian, I highly doubt that Jesus would behave in the same way as some of my fellow Americans choose to behave. But, that’s just me!

The everyday terror of Islamophobia in America | Fusion

Jul 23, 2015 When Tigani Mohamoud bought a fixer-upper house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he remembered an adage from Sudan: know your neighbors.

Islamophobia: Understanding Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the West

According to “Fear, Inc.,” a report by the Center for American Progress, a network of misinformation experts actively promotes Islamophobia in America.