Airbnb Guilty of Discrimination Against People with Disabilities

Even after adopting a nondiscrimination policy, Airbnb is confronting questions about whether hosts using the short-term rental platform discriminate against guests with disabilities.

Source: Study: Airbnb Hosts More Likely To Reject Guests With Disabilities

Airbnb Guilty of Discrimination against People with Disabilities

Airbnb, according to a study by Rutgers  University is more likely to deny rentals to people with disabilities than any other group.  Yet another corporate entity shows itself to be in contempt of our civil rights.  When are corporations going to get through their thick heads that discriminate against anyone, whether it be people with disabilities or others, is not only wrong but illegal.  These corporations always seem to think that they can get away with discriminating against people with disabilities, despite the fact that the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 has been on the books for nearly 27 years.  You would think by now that corporations would understand that they can no longer deny people with disabilities, their civil rights.

Since it has been shown numerous times over that catering to people with disabilities is not only good business from the standpoint of cost-effectiveness, but because it is the right way to treat people, I can’t understand the corporate mindset that continues to discriminate against us. Don’t they realize that many people with disabilities also have money to spend?  Doesn’t Airbnb realize that many disabled people travel and need a place to stay just like everyone else?  Maybe if they ever go broke or file for bankruptcy, they will realize their mistake in not catering to people with disability.  I hope that day comes along sooner rather than later.

I’m getting very sick and damn tired of these corporations to think it’s okay to discriminate against people.  It’s hard enough for people with disabilities to find accommodations in regular hotels, both because of price and lack of accessibility, mainly because the hotel industry is one of the largest discriminators against people with disabilities that exist in the United States. However, even they have finally woke up and realized that doing business with people with disabilities is good business. Why can’t Airbnb come to the same awakening?

Study by Rutgers University disability_access_in_sharing_economy

Donald Trump Thinks Andrew Jackson, “Had a Big Heart”

In a recent interview, Donald Trump claims that the American Civil War might not have happened if Andrew Jackson had been alive.

Donald Trump Thinks Andrew Jackson, “Had a Big Heart”

In a recent interview, Donald Trump claims that the American Civil War might not have happened if Andrew Jackson had been alive. He is also important during the interview as saying that “Andrew Jackson had a big heart.” I wonder if any members of the five tribes who were forced to march to Oklahoma on the “Trail of Tears” would have agreed?

The “Trail of Tears” refers to the collective suffering of five tribes of Native Americans that were forcibly removed from their land in the southern United States. These tribes were the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole. They were removed by an act of Congress, called the “American Indian Removal Act of 1830”, which President Andrew Jackson wholeheartedly supported. Of course, what type of compassion can one expect from a president who was also a slave owner?

Even though these Indians owned the land that they were removed from, these people were treated like animals during their removal from the South. Nearly 150,000 Native Americans were forcibly removed from their land, and nearly 15,000 of them died on the way to “Indian Territory”, also now known as Oklahoma.

Andrew Jackson ordered that these people be removed in January 1838. Of course, having such a “big heart” says Donald Trump, he orders them to be moved in the middle of winter instead of waiting for warmer weather when more of them would have probably survived the move. What a “big heart” Andrew Jackson had!

Andrew Jackson had as much compassion for the Indians as Donald Trump has for refugees from places like Syria and the Sudan. No wonder that someone like Donald Trump would choose Andrew Jackson as their hero.


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Does Donald Trump Really Give a Damn about Syrian children?

Source: Donald Trump urges compassion for the Syrian children he’s banned from the U.S.

Does Donald Trump Really Give a Damn about Syrian Children?

I ask this question because I really wonder how he can pretend to care so deeply about Syrian children when his past actions say otherwise.  If he really gave a damn about Syrian children, why was he so adamant about not allowing them to escape the hellish conditions they were forced to live in, while still in Syria?

This last week, after the chemical weapons attack on a Syrian village, which killed a number of innocent Syrian children, Donald Trump says he was deeply affected by pictures of babies who had been killed by a gas attack, launched by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.  I would like to ask the president, why were you so affected by pictures of dead Syrian children from this attack, when you didn’t seem to be affected by pictures of dead Syrian children who had been drowned while trying to escape Syria.

After all, Donald Trump singled out Syria, along with eight other countries, for the exclusion of refugees who were fleeing that country in droves.  How could he be so cold-hearted then, and suddenly now develop some compassion for children that the United States was, not allowing safe haven?

Even though I freely admit to not only being a cynic, but a hater of Donald Trump, I can’t help but ask whether this newfound “compassion” is real, or is it just Donald Trump being a politically expedient hypocrite.  Is this “compassion” for Syrian children genuine, or is it just another political device to make himself look more dignified and presidential?

I think the latter option of Donald Trump being politically expedient and not compassionate is probably the more likely explanation of his sudden change of heart.


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Donald Trump Shows Hypocrisy About Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Donald Trump has shown himself once again to be a hypocrite.

Donald Trump Shows Hypocrisy about Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Donald Trump has shown himself once again to be a hypocrite.  This time it’s the humanitarian crisis in Syria, particularly the chemical weapons attack launched a couple of days ago against innocent men, women, and children by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  Trump is condemning this horrible incident, which one might expect of the President of the United States.  He is probably that some type of action will be taken against the Syrian president and his regime.

In 2013, when the same type of chemical weapons attack was launched by President Assad, Donald Trump harshly criticized President Obama because Obama also proposed taking some type of action against Assad.  At that time, Trump said that the United States already had “too many foreign entanglements,” and that the United States would be making a mistake to get involved in another forward situation.  At that time, Trump didn’t seem to care that much about a horrible atrocity being committed in a foreign country.  Now suddenly he cares?  When a hypocrite!

This flip-flop on foreign policy is nothing new for Donald Trump.  He has done it before, on several occasions.  Exactly what is Donald Trump’s position on Syria?  It now seems that he is very opposed to the Syrian president and his regime, where, in 2013, he didn’t really seem to give a damn.  He was hell-bent on just criticizing President Obama because Obama wanted to take action.  Trump offered no other solution other than to say that we should not get involved.

Donald Trump and members of his administration say that he was deeply affected by seeing pictures of dead children.  He also indicates that he was affected by the sadness and grief of his daughter, Ivanka, and she convinced them that it was the time that he do something.  While this may be true, it causes me to ask, “where were you in 2013?  Did you see any pictures at that time?”

As I remember, there were plenty of pictures available of this atrocity committed by President Assad.  They were there for everyone to see because they were shown on TV and published in magazines and newspapers.  Why wasn’t Donald Trump affected then?  Could it possibly be because if he had shown some compassion towards those innocent people in Syria, he somehow thought it would make him look weak?  Or was it because he could not force himself to agree with President Obama about anything, no matter how terrible it was?

Wasn’t the chemical weapons attack over a year ago just as terrible?  Innocent men, women, and children were slaughtered in an equally cruel and inhumane fashion a year ago.  Yet, we heard nothing but criticism coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth then.  Where was all of his indignation, anger, and compassion about an ugly situation at that time?


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Does Donald Trump Really Give a Damn about Syrian children?

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Neil Gorsuch: A Danger to Disability Rights

Judge Gorsuch’s opinions on disability rights for children and adults are troubling.

Source: Gorsuch would endanger most vulnerable: persons with disabilities

Neil Gorsuch: A Danger to Disability Rights

If Neil Gorsuch is confirmed to fill the vacant seat, left vacant by the death of Antonin Scalia, on the US Supreme Court, it will be a disaster for people with disabilities.  As a judge, Neil Gorsuch has made several rulings that have flowed in the face of not only the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) but also the Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act (IDEA).  He, if confirmed, will pose a great danger to people with disabilities in their quest for justice and equality.

In one case, Hwang vs. Kansas State University, a longtime professor, Grace Hwang was recovering from breast cancer when she contracted leukemia. She requested an extended leave of absence to recover from her illness, especially after receiving a stem cell transplant to cure her leukemia.  Upon doctor’s advice, she delayed her return to work because of an outbreak of influenza on campus.  Her doctor w somewhat Gilmore six as afraid her compromised immune system would make her more susceptible to catching the flu.  When she requested an extended leave of absence as a reasonable accommodation, she was denied by Kansas State University.  When she sued the university, she lost because of a controversial ruling against her by Judge Neil Gorsuch.

In his ruling, Judge Gorsuch said that Professor Hwang had already taken enough time off and that she was not entitled to have any more time.  He gave his decision, despite the fact that Grace Hwang was recovering from not only breast cancer but also leukemia.  Apparently, Judge Neil Gorsuch also has a medical degree that he hasn’t told anybody about because he overruled a physician when making this decision.  He showed absolutely no compassion for this woman, despite the fact that his mother had died from cancer.

Even though I agree that a judge must be unbiased, the lack of compassion displayed by Neil Gorsuch showed him to be the type of person that I find unsuitable to occupy a seat on the US Supreme Court.  His total lack of compassion in this particular case shows him to be nothing more than a cold-blooded legal robot.  Is this the type of person that we want sitting on the highest court in the land?  I hardly think so!




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A Disparity Of Systems Endangers Employment of the Disabled

Working In These Times is dedicated to providing independent and incisive coverage of the labor movement and the struggles of workers to obtain safe, healthy and just workplaces.

Source: How States Are Trying to End the Disability Unemployment Crisis – Working In These Times

A Disparity of Systems Endangers Employment of the Disabled

In this country, there is currently a crisis in the employment of the disabled. Even though there are many disabled people who have adequate opportunities for vocational training, or are already trained, there are many others who don’t have an equal opportunity to training, or employment opportunities.

This problem causes a huge amount disabled people in the United States to be unemployed.  This unemployment puts them in a position where they must receive some public help to survive.  It isn’t because disabled people are lazy or unmotivated.

One of the biggest disincentives for disabled people looking for a job is that every state deals with the problem of disability employment in a different way.  Every state seems to have its idea how to discuss this issue. This disparity of services causes a huge dilemma for employment of the disabled.  There is a patchwork of different ideas about how to solve this problem, some being good and others bad.

One of the biggest problems making it more difficult for employment of the disabled is that if a person with a disability finds a job, the government starts taking away valuable services such as medical care, housing, and other benefits necessary for survival.  This problem puts most disabled people in a Catch-22 situation because, if they work they lose services they cannot live without, and if they don’t work, they are forced to live in poverty because government benefits don’t equal the amount of money a disabled person can make if I have left five a job.

This denial of services is a huge disincentive for employment of the disabled is because most disabled people start a beginning salary that is much too low to be able to afford to offset the cost of benefits they lose.  Disability rights advocates have pointed this fact out to the government for years but to no avail.

One state, South Dakota, has started to recognize this disincentive for employment of the disabled and are starting to give medical benefits to disabled people who work.  Hopefully, other states will follow suit and start allowing disabled people who seek work, not to be penalized for doing so.


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How the American Health Care Act (AHCA) Is Bad for People with Disabilities

Alana Theriault from DREDF on Vimeo.

How the American Health Care Act (AHCA) Is Bad for People with Disabilities

Alana Theriault, a friend of mine, explains how the American Health Care Act (AHCA) is bad for people with disabilities and how it endangers our right to live independently in the community.

AHCA poses a huge threat to those of us who are disabled living independently within the community, as is our right. It will either alter or cut valuable funding that we disabled people depend on for our survival. Among the items that will be affected is valuable funding that comes from the federal government to support home care services that we depend on to be able to live independently.

These funds are not only important for our independence, but for our basic survival. Forcing us into institutions will be the only alternative for many people with disabilities. It is a well-known fact that these type of skilled nursing facilities are far more expensive than providing disabled people with the necessary funding to live in the community.

Community-based services are always less expensive for the taxpayers than institutional care. That fact has been proven many times. The AHCA will gut those community-based services to the point of nonexistence. AHCA will force many disabled people, now living independently with the help of community-based services, no other choice than to give up their independent lives and be imprisoned in nursing homes.

The AHCA is the biggest threat to the independent living movement to ever come along. Hopefully, it will not pass through Congress. If it does, we disabled people are doomed.