Donald Trump And His War Against Sanctuary Cities

In his latest attempt to throw his weight around, Donald Trump has started an attempt to punish sanctuary cities.

Donald Trump and His War Against Sanctuary Cities

sanctuary citiesIn his latest attempt to throw his weight around Donald Trump has started trying to punish sanctuary cities. For those who may not know, sanctuary cities are cities who refuse to coöperate in the process of deportation of so-called “illegal immigrants.” He is suggesting that the federal government should hold back federal funding these sanctuary cities receive.

In his first week of office, Donald Trump signed an executive order authorizing the creation of 10,000 more jobs in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (a.k.a. ICE). These additional ICE agents are designated to be used as immigration enforcement is sanctuary cities. So far, sanctuary cities have resisted these enhanced efforts by ICE to persecute “illegal immigrants” He now thinks that defunding sanctuary cities will somehow force the cities to start cooperating with his racist immigration policies because these efforts have failed.

This effort is just more of Trump’s racism against immigrants put into practice. He regards sanctuary cities as safe havens for “illegal immigrants,” who are one of the prime targets for his racist beliefs. The cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose are determined to resist his efforts punishing them. They have staunchly refused to comply and continue to allow their cities to be sanctuary cities. They will have all refused to cooperate Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal agency charged with enforcing immigration laws.

Donald Trump has also pushed for the arrest of mayors of sanctuary cities. Thus far, no mayor has been arrested even though several of them have said they will gladly allow themselves to be taken into custody to protect immigrants.

ICE and its cruel practices are a significant reason that sanctuary cities are necessary and useful. ICE has shown itself to be nothing more than a glorified bunch of thugs. The creation of sanctuary cities in the United States is trying to keep these thugs under control. Sanctuary cities are necessary because the federal government has thus far refused to hold its trained dogs on leash.

Someone has to try to protect these so-called “illegal immigrants” so sanctuary cities are necessary because the federal government has shown very little mercy to these people come here to have better lives than would have been possible in their countries of origin. In many cases, some of these people would be killed or subjected to harsh punishment if forced to return to their native countries. Since dictatorships rule many of these countries, often put in power by the US government even though we hold self-declared “bragging rights” as being the most democratic country on the face of the earth.


Sanctuary city – Wikipedia

In the United States and Canada, a sanctuary city is a city that limits its cooperation with the national government effort to enforce immigration law. Leaders of sanctuary cities want to reduce the fear of deportation and possible family break-up among people who are in the country illegally so that such people will be more …


American Workers Hurt By Regulation “Reform” by Donald Trump

Workers’ health, safety, and pay are among the casualties of Trump’s war on regulations: A deregulation year in review

On December 14, 2017, President Trump held a press conference to take credit for the “most far-reaching regulatory reform in history,” claiming his administration has been responsible for more than 1,500 cancelled or delayed regulatory actions. 1 He is expected to tout this number again at his upcoming State of the Union address to Congress.

American Workers Hurt By Regulation “Reform” by Donald Trump

Donald TrumpOne aspect of Donald Trump that isn’t discussed very much is his war against any type of regulation on business. Like most right-wingers, Donald Trump is very much in favor of deregulation; a favorite drum that most conservatives love to bang on. Like most politicos in favor of regulation “reform”, Donald Trump has put the lives of American workers in danger. He has taken the entire regulatory process back to where it was in the early 1900s, which basically means that he is taken worker safety back to where it was during the days of the infamous robber barons.

The issue of deregulation has become a cornerstone for most conservatives, especially those representing big business. Donald Trump shows himself to be an enemy of the working class because he has attempted to “reform” the regulation process and the implementation of regulations. Regulations are what protects the health, safety, and pay received by workers. They are too important to do away with, as Donald Trump and his cronies suggest.

Over the last year, Donald Trump has adopted a policy that he says is for “reforming” regulations and the entire regulatory process. Whenever you see the word “reform” one should always be suspicious of the intent. Over the years, I have become very suspicious every time I see this word because so-called “reform” has many times meant end or twist something to the point where it is no longer recognizable.

Like most efforts at deregulation, the efforts by Donald Trump is “penny-wise and pound foolish”. There are focused on short-term profits and not long-range goals and sustainability. It is far easier for them to just grab profits now, regardless of what effect these actions have on their respective businesses or society.

He had his business cronies fail to recognize that worker safety regulations are more of a benefit than a liability. When worker safety is protected that means they are not only healthy but able to keep working. When a worker is injured on the job, they have to be replaced; something that takes time. And as most businessmen know, time is money. Not to mention that an employer who actually cares about the well-being of his workforce shows himself to be caring, compassionate people.

But as most of us know by now, Donald Trump and his wealthy businessman cronies are anything but caring and compassionate people. They are just really bastards who put profit above everything else, including worker safety and well-being. To them, workers are just more “cannon fodder” to be used recklessly in their quest for bigger profits. This viewpoint that the “bottom line” is more important than people is a major strike against the entire capitalist system.


Donald Trump News – the latest from Al Jazeera

Analysis: Trump’s politically divisive, national speech. As US president delivers first State of the Union address, analysts say his achievements have so far been limited. Trump delivers politically divisive, nationalist speech. Donald Trump 31 January 2018 …



No More Deaths Volunteer Arrested for Giving Water to Immigrant

Volunteer Arrested After Border Agents Seen Dumping Water

“We see it as an escalation and criminalization of aid workers,” Deighan said Monday. The Border Patrol didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment. William Walker, an attorney for Warren, said his client’s actions were not criminal. “This is a humanitarian aid worker trying to save lives,” Walker said.

No More Deaths Volunteer Arrested for Giving Water to Immigrant

A volunteer with an organization called No More Deaths was arrested for giving water to so-called “illegal” immigrants. After reading this story, I must say I was angry but not surprised. Given the amount of mistrust and hatred generated against immigrants, especially by Donald Trump and his minions, I am very saddened by the low state this entire country seems to have degenerated to, especially given the fact that most of us are descended from immigrants who came to this country looking for something better.

Scott Daniel Warren, a member of the group No More Deaths, was arrested for allegedly harboring two people who entered the United States illegally, according to the Border Patrol. This arrest happened “coincidentally” several hours after No More Deaths released a video showing US Border Patrol officers kicking over water barrels, put in place to save people crossing the US/Mexico border from dying of thirst. This is, unfortunately, something that happens fairly often to so-called “illegal” immigrants crossing over from Mexico.

No More Deaths is a relief organization founded to prevent this sort of thing from happening. They do so by placing water, food, and clothing in places where people crossing the border from Mexico can easily find them. This often prevents “illegal” immigrants from dying after they finished crossing the border. This humanitarian organization deserves praise, not criminalization and harassment by border cops.

This is not the first run in No More Deaths has had with the US Border Patrol. In 2005, two members of the group were arrested for taking a couple of immigrants to see a doctor because they were sick. Shortly afterward, No More Deaths released another videotape showing US border patrol agent taking over some water barrels that had been left to give relief for people crossing the border from Mexico.


No More Deaths • No Más Muertes

As we close out the year, we honor the work done by hundreds of No More Deaths volunteers. Their efforts, made possible by your donations, reach many thousands of migrants, refugees, and undocumented community members. In the last year, volunteers: Continue reading Our work this year—by the numbers →.
Border Patrol Raids Humanitarian Aid Group Camp in Arizona – The …

Jun 16, 2017 PHOENIX — The Border Patrol raided a humanitarian aid group’s base camp in the Southern Arizona desert on Thursday and arrested four men who had crossed into the United States illegally, officials with Customs and Border Protection said. Volunteers with the group, No More Deaths, which gives water …




Failure in IHSS system in CA, May Lead To Incarceration of Disabled and Seniors

Source: ‘They’re Just Not Getting Paid on Time:’ In-Home Caregiver Program Under Fire for Payment Delays – NBC Southern California

Failure of IHSS system in CA, May Lead to  Incarceration Of Disabled and Seniors

In-Home Caregiver Program Under Fire for Payment Delays

People with severe disabilities who are in the government program called In-Home Supportive Services say they have been experiencing long delays in getting caregivers registered and paid. Carolyn Johnson reports for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017.

The In-Home Supportive Services System (a.k.a. IHSS system ) is failing badly in the state of California. IHSS is a program funded by both state and federal funds to offer in-home care for people with disabilities and seniors. This landmark program is crucial in allowing disabled and seniors to live independently within the community outside of nursing homes.  As result, many disabled and seniors may be eventually forced into institutions, such as nursing homes.

To most disabled, this is akin to being incarcerated for being guilty of nothing more than being disabled and elderly. There are many of us who believe the IHSS system is being sabotaged from within, or at least be set up to fail intentionally. Too many people, this begs the question, “why”? The answer is very simple, the almighty dollar!

Corporations who give “professional” homecare are losing out on the chance to make millions of dollars from providing care to disabled and seniors; something which we are perfectly capable of providing for herself if given both the means to do it and the chance to do it.  Consider this well-proven fact and think about a possible motive for sabotaging this very workable system that is already in place.

It’s more cost-effective to keep people with disabilities and seniors living independently in their own homes and not force them to live in institutions which are far less cost-effective, not to mention humane. To people are part of the homecare “industry” humane treatment of disabled and seniors is the furthest thing from their minds. To these people, we are viewed as little more than “cash cows” who are only as valuable as how much money they can receive to “take care of us”.

The IHSS system in California has become so dysfunctional that it has become almost impossible to find a worker, to come into your home and give care to you. Part of this is low pay and unfair treatment of home care workers. Here in Alameda County, our homecare workers are only paid $12.50 per hour, which is a very meager wage especially for people who make it possible for others to live independent lives. Another reason appears to be bureaucratic functionality, or even perhaps bureaucratic sabotage. An example of this would be the predicament this woman finds herself in, in the video I have highlighted in this post.

In reality, what worker can afford to wait several weeks before receiving their first paycheck? None of them can. After all, who wants to work providing care for a disabled person or senior and have to wait several weeks before being paid? None that I know of!

When most workers go to do a job they are paid a regular paycheck immediately after the first week of work. Why should Homecare be any different? Why shouldn’t a homecare worker be treated with the same respect other workers are? Again the answer is, they should not be treated any differently. The big question most of us within the IHSS system community is, why are they and why are we allowing the system to get away with it?

I would strongly suggest that those of us in the disabled and senior communities prepare for a fight because we are in for one, a big one.




Legalized Marijuana: A Modern-Day States Rights Issue

The current debate over legalized marijuana could be described as a modern-day states rights issue.

Legalized Marijuana: A Modern-Day States Rights Issue

states rightsThe current debate over legalized marijuana could be described as a modern-day states rights issue. States rights are those rights that are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution to be rights that are solely within the purview of the various states. These state rights are guaranteed by the 10th amendment, of the U.S. Constitution.

This being said, why is the debate about legalized marijuana such a hot issue for discussion, especially for certain federal officials like Jeff Sessions? The reason is that Jeff Sessions has gone out of his way to try to enforce his position, which he regards as the federal position, against legalized marijuana. Sessions also have made no secret he believes that marijuana is a “gateway drug“; a mistaken concept that has never been proven by medical experts. However, despite this, Sessions uses this as a justification for federal intervention by the Department of Justice in trying to stop states from legalizing marijuana; something which they have no way to do.

The debate over states rights has always been a hotly contested issue between the Federal government and state governments. A states rights issue, the issue of slavery, was a primary cause of the Civil War. However, this must be viewed as an extreme case and one where states rights did not apply. Clearly, slavery was an issue that the federal government had jurisdiction over, and was therefore justified in trying to control and/or abolish.

The attempt by Jeff Sessions to try to stop states from legalizing marijuana goes against the 10th amendment because the right to legalize marijuana is not listed under the laws that the federal government has jurisdiction. Therefore, the various states (now five I believe) have every right to legalized marijuana because it is clearly not a federal issue, even though the biggest hypocrite in Washington, Jeff Sessions, says it is.

I say it is more likely that Jeff Sessions, and others, say that legalized marijuana is not a states rights issue and the federal government has a right to intervene in this issue because it so happens that the states that have legalized marijuana are states that did not support Donald Trump is his quest for the presidency.

By trying to enforce federal law, Jeff Sessions is just trying to prove himself to be a faithful lap-dog of Donald Trump; a position which the Trump administration now doubts because Sessions recused himself from the investigation about the Trump campaign collusion with Russia to fix the election in favor of Trump. Opposing legalized marijuana has become a political football Jeff Sessions hopes to use to reassert his loyalty at everyone else’s expense.


Jeff Sessions Voting Record shows Him Unfit to be US Attorney General

Jeff Sessions Voting Record Shows Him Unfit to be US Attorney General Jeff Sessions voting record clearly shows that he is unfit to be US Attorney General. It demonstrates that he cannot be unbiased enough to make the necessary decisions that will face him. Donald Trump should never have designated him …
States’ rights

In American political discourse, statesrights are political powers reserved for the state governments rather than the federal government according to



The Department of Justice Poses Grave Danger to the First Amendment

The Department of Justice is threatening the First Amendment rights of six protesters arrested during a protest, on Inauguration Day last year.

DOJ is making the most insane argument that protesters and journalists should go to jail

The Department of Justice Poses Grave Danger to the First Amendment

The Department of Justice is threatening the First Amendment rights of six protesters arrested during a protest, on Inauguration Day last year. The six protesters were protesting against incoming Pres. Donald Trump, which is perfectly understandable for any reasonable person. This attempt by the DOJ to convict six protesters, some of them journalists, poses a grave danger to future protests and the First Amendment six rights of free speech if they succeed in their ridiculous quest to put away since people for expressing their displeasure against Donald Trump.

Leading the US government’s case representing the Department of Justice is Assistant US Attorney Rizwan Qureshi offered no arguments that the defendants had committed any type of violence or destroyed property. Instead, he likened them to “getaway drivers” at a robbery, which is nothing less than a huge stretch of one’s imagination. In this so-called “arguments”, Qureshi makes reference to a “sea of black” because many of the protesters were wearing black. However, he doesn’t specify whether any of these defendants themselves were wearing black. He presented absolutely no evidence that they have committed any other crime than being part of a crowd where many people were wearing black. Qureshi is suggesting that these defendants acted as some type of “shield” for other protesters who may have committed a crime. Thus, the “getaway car” analogy.

Even though he offers no arguments saying that these six defendants, he still try to have them sent to jail for committing a crime. A person should only be sent to prison if they actually committed a crime. In this case, the DOJ offers no evidence proving that these defendants were guilty of any wrongdoing or crime. This begs the very obvious question, “why does the Department of Justice, a branch of the US government, want to put these people away?

The answer should be very obvious. The US government, in this case, the Department of Justice, wants to scare people into submission, no matter what reckless policy or injustice a person may be protesting against. With this ridiculous case, it is very obvious that the DOJ is making this a test case to see what they can get away with, especially silencing dissent in the United States.

This entire case by the Department of Justice also proves to be a great irony, albeit a bitter irony. Why doesn’t the DOJ get so bent out of shape when members of the Tea Party, and other advocates of the Second Amendment, show up at a public event like a town hall meeting openly wearing firearms? After all, it is illegal to openly carry a weapon in a public place.

Where is the Department of Justice, who are supposed to be the guardians and protectors of the U.S. Constitution with these lawbreakers, openly carrying firearms in their attempt to squelch the First Amendment rights of those people who may disagree with them? If this isn’t selective law enforcement, I have never seen it.

This entire case is nothing but bullshit and I strongly suspect that Department of Justice knows it.


Senator Jeff Sessions Unfit to Be US Attorney General

Senator Jeff Sessions Unfit to Be US Attorney General One of the most controversial nominations made by President-elect Donald Trump is his nomination of Jeff Sessions to be US Attorney General.  Senator Sessions has nothing in his record that shows him as having what it takes to be head of the …
United States Department of Justice

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), also known as the Justice Department, is a federal executive department of the U.S. government, responsible


Was Al Franken Sacrificed?

After Sen. Al Franken resigned yesterday, it begs the question, “Was he sacrificed”?

Al Franken’s Kangaroo Court Trial Doesn’t Feel Right — Because It’s Not

Was Al Franken Sacrificed?

After Sen. Al Franken resigned yesterday, it begs the question, “Was he sacrificed”? I think he was! I think his fellow Democrats exerted so much pressure on Al Franken he was put in the unenviable position of having no other options. His only other option was to go forward with an investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee. I think he should have exercised that option, instead of just bowing out. However, he was faced with competition from both Democrats and Republicans.

Even though I will freely concede that he behaved in a sexist way and is guilty of sexual harassment, and should have to face some type of consequence, I will argue that forcing his resignation was excessive. Also, given that it was the Democrats who pressured him the most, Al Franken was stabbed in the back by his own party; something which the Democratic Party may one day regret. Sen. Al Franken was probably the most liberal legislator the Democrats had in the U.S. Senate. Maybe, that was the real motive for him being sacrificed in the way he was.

The resignation of Al Franken plays right into the hands of what I believe to be the direction of the Democratic Party. I truly believe that the Democratic Party doesn’t want too many liberals among its ranks. They want just enough to be able to keep on marketing themselves as the representatives of the middle class; something which has not been the case for many years. The treatment of Al Franken by his own party seems to be indicative of the current belief system of the Democratic Party; liberals are okay as long as they don’t rock the boat too much.

A good indicator of the current mentality of the Democratic Party is the shoddy way that the DNC is treating Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters. They and other Democrats who make the mistake of being “too liberal” are this either pushed to the periphery or eliminated entirely like Al Franken.

When I first heard that Sen. Al Franken was being accused of sexual harassment, I was very surprised because he doesn’t seem like the type of guy to do that. Also, when I heard that his accuser had been a member of Breitbart, I had a tendency to dismiss her as being not credible and probably a “plant” by the right-wing because they have hated Al Franken for years. However, when six more women came forth, one of them a liberal radio journalist, I couldn’t help but think, “what the hell, Al”? I must admit that I felt betrayed because Al Franken was somebody I could easily see myself supporting for president of the United States if he ever decided to run. Well, I guess I can forget about that!

The forcing of Al Franken to resign by his fellow Democrats may come back to bite them in the ass next November when the midterm congressional elections occur. Gov. Mark Dayton has already gummed up the works by saying that he will only appoint someone to fill Franken’s seat on the proviso that they do not seek to run for the seat permanently. In other words, Mark Dayton is willing to put the Minnesota Democratic Senate seat at risk by not appointing a strong political figure, but instead only a figurehead. What an idiot!

By doing this he may well leave it wide open for Republicans to be elected to the seat left vacant by the resignation of Al Franken. A strong Republican contender is already in place in the person of Norm Coleman, the person Al Franken defeated in 2008. At some point down the road, the Democratic Party may kick themselves in the ass; something which I hope doesn’t happen but if it does they will deserve it.

Another big thing that bothers me about this entire sexual harassment issue that is currently plaguing Congress is that it totally obscures the issue of Roy Moore. To put any sexual harassment that may have been committed by Al Franken and others on the same level as Roy Moore being a pedophile does a grave injustice to all of those who have not only been sexually harassed but victims of pedophiles. It’s like mixing apples and oranges. They just aren’t the same thing.