Energy Transfer Partners Used Counterterrorist Security Firm Against Protesters

Leaked docs reveal the collusion between local police forces, pipeline company, and defense contractors as they executed ‘military-style counterterrorism measures’ to suppress the water protectors

Source: DAPL Company Hired War on Terror Contractors to Suppress Native 5Uprising/a>

Energy Transfer Partners Used Counterterrorist Security Firm Against Protesters

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) used a counter-terrorist security contractor against peaceful protesters and viewed the “Water Protectors” as terrorists. This is a glaring example of how corporate America exit is acceptable to use whatever means it feels necessary to oppress the average citizen who is guilty of nothing more than trying to stop, in this case, a pipeline that not only poses a threat to their way of life but the environment that we all share.

This also shows that Energy Transfer Partners’ level of paranoia about the injustice they were perpetrating against Native Americans was at an all-time high. In a weird way, this thing could be viewed as some type of strange validation for the “water protectors” and their supporters. In most ways, however, it should be viewed as an overreaction mostly fueled by guilt.

The fact that Energy Transfer Partners was willing to stoop so low as to hire what amounts to “mercenaries” to push their agenda against The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe sets a dangerous precedent if they are allowed to get away with it, which they probably will. The precedent is that corporate America is allowed to do whatever it wants to force his agenda upon people who may not agree with it. Allowing a corporation to use “hired guns” to push an agenda or policy is as dangerous as it was back in the late 1800s-early 1900s when coal company operators were allowed to use violence to suppress dissenters. It was this type of reckless behavior that led to the infamous Ludlow Massacre.

As we know, some of the Water Protectors were injured by these hired “security forces” (a.k.a. mercenaries). The use of private security forces by Energy Transfer Partners allows them to possibly escape any type of civil suit that might be filed against him, especially by people who were injured by these “security forces”. It just confuses the mix of different police forces, sheriff’s deputies, national guardsmen, and others involved in policing the situation. It will make it very confusing for any lawyer representing the water protesters and supporters, to properly file a lawsuit because they won’t know what names to put on the subpoena. It has the same effect as allowing police forces to wear masks to cover their faces and disguise their identities.

To use the same type of security at this protest by people who were trying to protect their way of life and the well-being of their families is what one might use to protect a facility against terrorists, does a huge disservice to these Native Americans.

It puts them in the same class as the people who were guilty of killing innocent people in the World Trade Center, and other places that have been attacked by terrorists. The bosses at Energy Transfer Partners should be ashamed of themselves for putting these innocent people in the same class as if they were a member of ISIS or Al Qaeda.

More accurately, these people should be described as freedom fighters and citizens who are worthy of consideration and respect by everyone. They deserve huge credit for their willingness to stand up and fight against corporate oppression; something which few others have the courage to do.

Judge Gives Favorable Ruling Against The Dakota Access Pipeline

A judge’s ruling that might open the door for at least a temporary shutdown of the disputed Dakota Access pipeline surprised the industry that hailed the project as a “game changer” for North Dakota oil.

Source: Ruling on Dakota Access pipeline surprises oil industry

Judge Gives Favorable Ruling Against The Dakota Access Pipeline


US District Court Judge James Boasberg ruled in favor of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in a ruling that could temporarily shut down The Dakota Access Pipeline.  The judge ruled that the US Army Corps of Engineers had not taken all factors into consideration when they ruled that the pipeline could continue to be built.

In his ruling, he said that the adverse effects on the Standing Rock Sioux’s hunting and fishing rights were not taken into consideration when the Corps of Engineers made their decision.  He said this lack of consideration could cause the Dakota Access Pipeline to be temporarily closed until the matter was settled.

Throughout the fight against that Dakota Access Pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe maintained that the pipeline would adversely affect them because it runs under Lake Oahe, the tribe’s primary source of water.  How could the US Army Corps of Engineers be stupid enough to believe that a pipeline filled with petroleum could not have adverse effects?  I’ll bet if you took the time to look behind the scenes, you would find some money changing hands and some corruption taking place.  Something smells really bad here!

Needless to say, this caused a stir at Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for building and maintaining this controversial pipeline.  Just when they thought they had it all sewn up and in their pockets, this honest judge comes along.  They either did not consider buying him off or he is an honest judge who cannot be bought off.  Good for him!

Hopefully, the worst (or best, depending on how you look at) scenario happens and the Dakota Access Pipeline is shut down.  Even if the shutdown is only temporary, it could potentially be a good thing for the Iowa farmers who are banding together in their attempts to sue to have the pipeline stopped from passing beneath their farmland.  This ruling could buy them some time to pursue their lawsuit in better form.

For a cynic such as myself, it does my heart good to see corporate America suffer a setback, and the common person to prevail, if only for a little while. The Dakota Access Pipeline is an environmental disaster waiting to happen and everyone should know that by now.  Maybe, some justice will prevail and the pipeline will be shut down.


Dakota Pipeline: What’s behind the controversy? – BBC News

Feb 7, 2017 Donald Trump’s backing of the Dakota Access Pipeline project has set the stage for a new confrontation with native Americans and …
Map: The Conflicts Along 1172 Miles of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Mar 20, 2017 A detailed map showing the Dakota Access Pipeline, the site of months of clashes near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota.


Airbnb Guilty of Discrimination Against People with Disabilities

Even after adopting a nondiscrimination policy, Airbnb is confronting questions about whether hosts using the short-term rental platform discriminate against guests with disabilities.

Source: Study: Airbnb Hosts More Likely To Reject Guests With Disabilities

Airbnb Guilty of Discrimination against People with Disabilities

Airbnb, according to a study by Rutgers  University is more likely to deny rentals to people with disabilities than any other group.  Yet another corporate entity shows itself to be in contempt of our civil rights.  When are corporations going to get through their thick heads that discriminate against anyone, whether it be people with disabilities or others, is not only wrong but illegal.  These corporations always seem to think that they can get away with discriminating against people with disabilities, despite the fact that the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 has been on the books for nearly 27 years.  You would think by now that corporations would understand that they can no longer deny people with disabilities, their civil rights.

Since it has been shown numerous times over that catering to people with disabilities is not only good business from the standpoint of cost-effectiveness, but because it is the right way to treat people, I can’t understand the corporate mindset that continues to discriminate against us. Don’t they realize that many people with disabilities also have money to spend?  Doesn’t Airbnb realize that many disabled people travel and need a place to stay just like everyone else?  Maybe if they ever go broke or file for bankruptcy, they will realize their mistake in not catering to people with disability.  I hope that day comes along sooner rather than later.

I’m getting very sick and damn tired of these corporations to think it’s okay to discriminate against people.  It’s hard enough for people with disabilities to find accommodations in regular hotels, both because of price and lack of accessibility, mainly because the hotel industry is one of the largest discriminators against people with disabilities that exist in the United States. However, even they have finally woke up and realized that doing business with people with disabilities is good business. Why can’t Airbnb come to the same awakening?

Study by Rutgers University disability_access_in_sharing_economy

Is Trump’s “Good ‘ol Boy”, Jeff Sessions, Getting Ready to Bail?

violatedSource: Sessions left hanging as Trump turns his back on the attorney general

Is Trump’s “Good ‘ol Boy”, Jeff Sessions, Getting Ready to Bail?

It looks as though there is a rift developing between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump. It seems that President Trump is very pissed off because Jeff Sessions chose to recuse himself from the Trump/Russia investigation. Apparently, “the Donald” takes Jeff Sessions’ recusal as some sort of disloyalty or Sessions not being a “team player”. In reality, this recusal by Jeff Sessions is one of the few times in his entire career where he has actually displayed any type of ethics or balls.

The only bad thing for Jeff Sessions is that he “conveniently” violated his recusal by making a public statement about former FBI director, James Comey. This was totally unethical for Jeff Sessions to do, and to make it worse, he knew it was wrong to violate his recusal after making such a big deal out of it. It must be really nice to be in a position like Jeff Sessions where you can turn off your sense of ethics like turning off a light switch. Of course, can we expect anything different from a cabinet member of Donald Trump?

One thing that really pissed off Donald Trump was that Jeff Sessions gave “the Donald” only 20 minutes notice before announcing his recusal. Even I can admit that this was a rather tacky move by Jeff Sessions, even if it was a treatment for someone like Donald Trump, whom I totally despise.

Now it seems that Jeff Sessions is going to resign his position as Attorney General; a position that he was never qualified to fill in the first place. His record as a federal prosecutor in Alabama and his term in the U.S. Senate hardly showed any real talent or skill for the job. His appointment was just another patronage appointment, made by Donald Trump because he felt obligated to Sessions because he was a Trump supporter. During the campaign, Jeff Sessions was one of Donald Trump’s biggest cheerleaders. Now, it looks as though their “bromance” is over. What a pity!


Jeff Sessions is in deep trouble, and here’s why – The Washington Post

May 9, 2017 Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. “ During the course of the last several weeks, I have met with the …

Trump Grows Discontented With Attorney General Jeff Sessions …

3 days ago President Trump with Attorney General Jeff Sessions at an event on Capitol Hill last month. Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times.


Donald Trump Puts People’s Lives In Danger By Failure to Name Agency Heads

Source: Trump Puts NO ONE In Charge of NOAA or FEMA As Hurricane Season Just Arrived!

Donald Trump Puts People’s Lives in Danger by Failure to Name Agency Heads

President Donald Trump has with many people’s lives in danger by failing to name agency heads for two very important federal agencies, FEMA and NOAA.  These two agencies, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and NOAA (National Oceanographic And Atmospheric Administration) are responsible for protecting the lives of millions of Americans, especially those living in the southeast, where most hurricanes occur each year.  Experts are predicting that this year could be one of the worst hurricane seasons in recent memory.

NOAA, as many people know, are the people responsible for tracking hurricanes and assessing the possible damage done by them.  FEMA is the agency that provides relief and help to victims of natural disasters.  How does Donald Trump think that these two agencies are undeserving of having a person named to lead them?  To add injury to insult, Donald Trump has also proposed that both of these agencies have their budgets cut significantly, as shown in his recently proposed budget.

Hopefully, people living in this particular region will have enough sense to prepare for any natural disaster, particularly a hurricane, in advance because apparently, Donald Trump doesn’t think their safety and well-being is worth spending any federal money on.  I hope these people are ready to go it alone because it’s clear that Donald Trump doesn’t give any more of a damn about them than he does the rest of us.  These people should be scared that the two agencies that could very well save their lives are about to be cut.

As someone who lives in “earthquake country”, I know that the thought of life without FEMA certainly does scare me.


Donald Trump – CNBC

WASHINGTON— Businesses and advocates for workers are teaming up against President Donald Trump’s budget plan to overhaul the way the government …
Will Donald Trump Be Impeached? | FiveThirtyEight

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Donald Trump Dooms Us To Climate Change

The entire world has signed on, save only Syria and Nicaragua. It appears that Donald Trump now means to expand that group of two to include the United States of America.

Source: Leaving the Paris Agreement Would Be Indefensible

Donald Trump Dooms Us To Climate Change

Just when you think that Donald Trump can’t take a more offensive position about a crucial issue, he does.  This time he has taken a position against both the Paris Accord and the climate change, and undoing years of hard work by the Obama administration, numerous scientists and experts, and the heads of state of other countries who signed on to the Paris Accord.  His actions can be described as nothing less than irresponsible and dangerous.

By pulling the United States out of this landmark treaty, designed to combat global warming and climate change, he is allowing the United States to be put in the back seat behind other countries who have taken progressive actions to fight climate change.  Not to mention, his denial of the existence of climate change, which has been proven to be a fact by 97% of the scientific community, effectively closes the door to the future of the development of renewable energy and the potential for the creation of a huge number of jobs created by this new and upcoming industry.

Donald Trump is allowing his own personal prejudice to hamstring the development of the renewable energy industry in the United States.  If that wasn’t enough, it keeps the pretext of wanting to be a job creator.  Again, he shows himself to be a hypocrite.

By denying that climate change is a fact, Trump shows himself to be just another corporate dinosaur who hates any type of regulation, no matter how necessary it may be.  His laissez-faire capitalist attitude that puts profit before people puts a large portion of the world’s population in danger from climate change, just to make a profit for him and his wealthy friends.

Withdrawing the United States from the Paris Accord is the most irresponsible and indefensible position that he has taken thus far.  In taking this action, he has declared war on those of us who believe that climate change is probably the biggest danger facing our planet and its inhabitants.


Jimmy Carter Explains How He Chose to Deal with the Iran Hostage Situation

Jimmy Carter Explains How He Chose to Deal with the Iran Hostage Situation

On a day when we choose to honor the brave men and women who gave their lives for this country, I thought it was appropriate to share this video. The video shows what a real leader does in times of crisis; something that our current president could take to heart if he had the brains to listen to someone older and wiser. However, Donald Trump is hardly the type to listen to anyone, especially since he thinks he has all the answers.

The video shows an interview with former President Jimmy Carter about how he chose to handle the Iran hostage situation, with as little bloodshed as possible. Former President Carter explains how he could have wiped Iran off the map if he would choose to sacrifice American and Iranian lives.

As someone who remembers the Iran hostage crisis very well, because I was in my mid-20s when this ugly incident happened in 1979, I can remember how many people thought that Jimmy Carter was making the wrong decision in choosing to deal with Iran in any other way than going to war. As we now know, President Jimmy Carter thought better of that and made a decision that probably cost him the election against Ronald Reagan. However, President Jimmy Carter chose to use diplomacy and attempted to negotiate a resolution instead of bombing Iran off the map.

At the time, I remember I agreed with his decision but was very afraid that the GOP would have a field day from his handling of a situation that would have caused any Republican president to start dropping bombs. I, for one, am glad that President Jimmy Carter chose to spare many people’s lives, both American and Iranian, and try to negotiate a solution.

The lives of the American GIs that would have been killed in a war with Iran are lives that we do not have to honor because they are dead.


Jimmy Carter: America Must Recognize Palestine – The New York …

Nov 28, 2016 From left, President Anwar Sadat of Egypt, Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel and President Jimmy Carter of the United States in 1978 …

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter served as the 39th President of the United States from 1977 to 1981. He was awarded the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize for work to find peaceful …