Trump Is Lying About Not Having Business Ventures in Russia

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The Curious Link Between Trump’s Moscow Tower Deal and a Ukraine “Peace Plan” – Mother Jones

Trump Is Lying About Not Having Business Ventures in Russia

It’s very obvious that when Donald Trump says he has no business ventures in Russia, he is lying. In fact, a recent story about two of his friends trying to negotiate building a Trump Tower in Moscow, heavily implies that the president is probably about his business ventures in Russia.

It has come to light that Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, and Felix Sater, who bills himself as one of Trump’s “senior advisors” offered to work out a deal that would lift economic sanctions against Russia in exchange for both financing and permits to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Obviously, someone gave them the “green light” to go forward with such a deal that would or else these two big businessmen would not risk their credibility in offering such a deal. It seems very unlikely that either of the two would take that type of risk, without someone giving them the “go ahead”. Most probably, that person who gave the “go ahead” is president Donald Trump. Who would benefit more from the branding of his name other than the man who says he has no business ventures in Russia?

The so-called deal was worked out by a Ukrainian lawmaker with pro-Kremlin views, Andriy Artemenko. According to Artemenko, who spoke with the New York Times, aides to Russian President Vladimir Putin encouraged Artemenko to pursue this plan. He then presented the plan to both Cohen and Sater. In return, they took this plan to Michael Flynn who approved it, although it is unclear whether Donald Trump had any knowledge about this deal.

In my opinion, this is about as close to a “smoking gun” linking the Trump campaign to Russia as one can get. As far as I’m concerned, this pretty much says that when Donald Trump says he has no business ventures in Russia, he is lying through his teeth. He has absolutely no credibility with me and many others. It is very obvious that the president does have business ventures in Russia.

Hopefully, this entire mess will come to light under either the investigation of Robert Mueller or the Senate intelligence committee. Either way, the hole that Donald Trump is burying himself in is getting deeper by the minute.

Author: Blane Beckwith

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