Donald Trump’s Family Sponging off the US Taxpayer

Donald Trump's family

Why Did the State Department Pay $100,000 For Tiffany Trump and Her Mother’s Vacation Car Rentals?

Donald Trump’s Family Sponging Off the US Taxpayer

This type of financial abuse by wealthy people, in this case, Donald Trump’s family, it’s something that makes me really angry. It mostly makes me angry because it is not only an abuse of the public trust but taxpayers money. So many people in the United States are having a financially hard time and the money wasted by these people is enough to feed some many people, and pay their rent.

In this case, Marla Maples (one of Donald Trump’s ex-wives) and their daughter, Tiffany Trump, went on a very expensive vacation at the cost of the US taxpayer. The amount of the expenditure was $117,489; money that came out of the coffers of the US government. That doesn’t even cover the cost of protection by the US Secret Service, which Donald Trump’s family is apparently entitled to since they are related to the president. The US Secret Service stayed on shore at a hotel while the ex-Mrs. Trump and her daughter stayed on a friends yacht. As far as I’m concerned, this is nothing less than obscene.

Donald Trump’s family is already rich enough to afford their own vacations. Why should the US taxpayers pay for this when the Trump family is already one of the wealthiest in America? It’s no wonder that the Secret Service budget, allocated for Donald Trump’s family is gone, and he has only been present since January. This is wrong on so many levels!

When I think about how many poor people in this country could be fed and housed by this waste of money, it makes me livid, as it should everyone. Who are these people that they are so entitled that they should be allowed to waste taxpayers dollars needlessly on vacations to Europe? I have nothing against these people going on vacation, but let them do it on their own damn dime.

Author: Blane Beckwith

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