Some Words of Truth From a Friend

Let me tell you a story. While you read, I want you to be repeating this in your mind: Medicaid is inclusion. Medicaid is inclusion. Medicaid is inclusion. The last century has been increasingly positive for people with disabilities. in 1949, the average life expectancy for a person born with Down syndrome was 12. Today, […]

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Some Words of Truth From a Friend

This is one of the best blog posts I’ve read in quite a while. It goes far to deliver the message about how many people are currently being affected by this nation’s health care crisis, not least of which are people with disabilities.

After last week’s demonstration by ADAPT in Mitch McConnell’s office in the US capital building, it seems that disabled people are becoming the “tip of the spear” in the battle against the Republican health care plan. This plan, if passed through Congress will devastate the entire disability community and most people regardless of disability or not. If the Republican health care plan passes, it will create devastation for home care down services. Home care services are one resource that most people with disabilities depend on to remain in our homes as independent people, leaving independent lives in our communities. Nursing homes are like prisons to most of us. Most of us would rather be dead than be confined to one of these hellholes.

Medicaid is one federal program that provides funding for most home care services in this country. If it dies, we die. Also, much of the health care that we disabled people depend on for our survival is also funded by Medicaid. It is one government service that we cannot live without. That is why it is crucial that Medicaid is saved. If we allow the heartless GOP to have its way, many of us will die needlessly.

We of the disability community must fight for our lives as we never have before. Never has so much at stake, as right now! We must remember that quote by the late Justin Dart, that says, “you must get involved in politics as though your life depends on it because it does”.

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Author: Blane Beckwith

I was born on December 22, 1955, in a small Pennsylvania town named Corry. I was raised in Bear Lake, Pennsylvania.

I graduated from Corry Area High School in 1973. After that, I attended Edinboro State College from 1977-79.

I moved to Berkeley, California in 1980, in search of an independent life. In 2006, I graduated from Berkeley city College with two degrees, one in English and the other in Liberal Arts.

I have been active in the disability rights movement for well over 20 years.