Energy Transfer Partners Building Another Pipeline With More Mishaps

The same company that built the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline has twice spilled drilling fluids in two pristine Ohio wetlands this month.

Source: The company behind the Dakota Access pipeline is in another controversy

Energy Transfer Partners Building Another Pipeline With More Mishaps

In a recent incident in Ohio, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) once again showed that they cannot be trusted when it comes to protecting the environment.  Obviously, this company cannot be trusted to protect the environment.

In this most recent incident, Energy Transfer Partners spilled a large amount of drilling mud, a substance used in drilling for taking away waste byproducts (mostly dirt and rock chips) and keeping the drill bit cool and lubricated.  This is the second spill of drilling mud made by Energy Transfer Partners in the pristine wetlands of Ohio since the beginning of April.

In the first incident on April 13, the company reported to the Ohio EPA that they had spilled 2 million gallons of drilling mud into the wetlands. The quantity of drilling mud spilled was enough to cover eight football fields. The next day, April 14, Energy Transfer Partners spilled another 20,000 gallons of drilling mud a few miles away.

Though it is chemically harmless, it still has the potential to suffocate wildlife living in wetlands.  This still happened on a pipeline under construction called the Rover pipeline, which will carry oil from Appalachia to Ontario, Canada.  It will be over 700 miles long.

Of course, this company who are the builders of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota is already well-known to not give a damn about environmental protection.  If they did care about the environment, they wouldn’t have built the Dakota Access Pipeline first.

However, since they are like every other corporation, the only thing they care about is their bottom line.  Corporations like this worship profit like it were God.

To think about Energy Transfer Partners being allowed to build yet another pipeline through sensitive environmental areas, makes me shudder in fear and disbelief.  Then I ask myself; why should I be surprised that a company that has no problem endangering our environment and trampling over the tribal sovereignty of Native Americans care about the environment?


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Standing Rock Sioux Still Fighting Energy Transfer Partners

American Indian tribes fighting the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline said Tuesday that

Source: Tribes’ battle over Dakota Access pipeline not over

Standing Rock Sioux Still Fighting Energy Transfer Partners

Standing Rock SiouxEven though Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) has finished laying the pipeline under the Missouri River, near the Standing Rock Sioux land, representatives of the tribe say the fight is not over. Much to the dismay of tribal leaders, ETP announced that it has finished a section of the $3.8 billion pipeline directly under the Missouri River, which as the potential to threaten the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s water supply, despite the claims by ETP that says it’s safe. Of course, how believable is any corporation?

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe is vowing to continue its fight in court because they say that the pipeline is not only endangering the tribe’s water supply but interfering with their sacred lands and religion.

Cheyenne River Sioux Chairman Harold Frazier said that tribes still believe they will ultimately persuade a judge to shut down the pipeline that they say threatens cultural sites, drinking water, and religion.

“The flow of oil under Lake Oahe is a temporary reminder of the pain this pipeline has perpetrated to those that have stood with Standing Rock and the devastation it has wreaked on sacred tribal sites, but hope remains,” said Philip Ellis, spokesperson for Earthjustice, a nonprofit environmental legal firm.


Stand With Standing Rock

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Saved your payment information with Action Network ? Log in now. First Name * Last Name * Email Billing Address * City *. State *.
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The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation was originally established as part of the Great Sioux Reservation. Article 2 of the Treaty of Fort Laramie of April 29, 1868 …



Even This Conservative Concedes That Single-Payer Health Care is Coming

Source: George Will predicts Obamacare to become single-payer because of this inconvenient fact

Even This Conservative Concedes That Single-Payer Health Care Is Coming

Single-payer health care Conservative columnist, George Will, concedes that single-payer health care is going to happen, probably even under Donald Trump.  He says it will happen, despite the current state of denial of Trump and his followers, mostly because of an inconvenient truth that no one in the GOP seems willing to concede.

This inconvenient truth is the fact that if the GOP succeeds in repealing The Affordable Health Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), it will probably hurt Trump supporters the most.  If the Republicans new health care plan is implemented, an estimated 24 million Americans will be left without any type of health care coverage.  This fact is showing itself to be extremely unpopular and unacceptable to most supporters of President Donald Trump, and others in the GOP who are pushing for the repeal of Obamacare.

Single-payer health care is the next logical step in the evolution of health care in the United States.  The primary people who oppose it are those people who don’t understand it, or how it works.  Obamacare, according to George Will, was intended to be just a preliminary step before implementing a single-payer system.  Even Donald Trump says that a single-payer system is okay for Scotland.  If so, why wouldn’t it work here?  The answer is, it would work here, and quite well.Single-payer health care

The primary reason that George Will says whatever plan the GOP is trying to push will fail, and a single-payer system will put into effect is because the Republican health care plan (whatever that is) will hurt people who voted for Donald Trump more than it will anyone else.

Even though I really dislike George Will, and almost everything he stands for, I will freely concede that he makes a lot of sense, as does a single-payer health care system.

MOAB: The Saber Rattling of Donald Trump

Donald Trump join the ranks of other American presidents of the past by dropping “The Mother of All Bombs” (a.k.a. MOAB) in Afghanistan.

MOAB: The Saber Rattling of Donald Trump

Saber rattlingDonald Trump joined the ranks of other American presidents of the past by dropping “The Mother of All Bombs” (a.k.a. MOAB) in Afghanistan.  He joined the ranks of other American presidents in engaging in the type of saber rattling that actually accomplishes very little, except to pander to a few ignorant people who cling to the “gunslinger mentality” that actually accomplishes very little except to alienate and frighten a few people.  It never accomplishes anything solid or tangible.

MOAB was dropped in Afghanistan because intelligence said that there were quite a number of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Taliban fighters in that area where “The Mother of All Bombs” was dropped.  US officials claimed they were trying to build some type of complex, hidden deep in the mountains.  At first, US officials claimed that over 160 “terrorists” were killed, but the Afghan government confirmed that only about 16 casualties actually occurred.  It makes me wonder whether this discrepancy in the numbers of casualties was intentional or just a bad guess on the part of the US?  Knowing Uncle Sam, I would be willing to bet that the former option was most likely.

At first, US officials claimed that over 160 “terrorists” were killed, but the Afghan government confirmed that only about 16 casualties actually occurred.  It makes me wonder whether this discrepancy in the numbers of casualties was intentional or just a bad guess on the part of the US?  Knowing Uncle Sam, I would be willing to bet that the former option was most likely.

What people like Donald Trump don’t seem to realize is that this type of saber rattling is actually dangerous.  It not only alienates and scares people but makes them angry and resentful of the United States, mostly because we are rubbing their noses in the fact that we had such a huge amount of control in their lives and destinies.  No one really likes to be reminded of the fact that they have no control.  Making people feel powerless is hardly the way to win their trust or friendship.

This type of saber rattling gesture by an American president goes way back to the days of Theodore Roosevelt and the Great White Fleet.  All that accomplished was to make people resentful of US power, not to mention wasting enough coal that could have been used to create enough electricity to power New York City for five years.  What a waste of resources!

The dropping of MOAB isn’t really any different.  It accomplishes pretty much the same thing as The Great White Fleet.  It wastes resources and causes people to be afraid of us.  Do people really want to be friends with someone who makes them afraid?  I really doubt it!


Was The Trump Campaign In Collusion With Russia?

The title of this article ask a question that is probably on the minds of most Americans.

Was The Trump Campaign In Collusion With Russia?

The title of this article asks a question that is probably on the minds of most Americans.  At least it should be.  Whether or not the Trump campaign was in collusion with Russia to fix the election is probably one of the most important questions that have come along since the beginning of the United States.

Yesterday, Director of the FBI, James Comey announced that the FBI is conducting an investigation into whether the Trump campaign had communication with Russia, before the election.  This announcement could have huge ramifications, especially if the FBI investigation turns up something solid against Donald Trump and members of his campaign staff.

I think it probably Donald Trump and his campaign staff were in collusion with Russia to fix the 2016 presidential election.  Even though this hasn’t been proven yet, or maybe never will, I think Donald Trump is as guilty as shit.  Ironically, it was Donald Trump who was going around during the campaign, saying that the election was fixed in favor of Hillary Clinton.  If there is any justice in this world, the FBI investigation into the trump campaign will expose this loudmouth jackass for what he really is; a self-serving traitor to the United States.

This entire incident leads to more questions; such as, what will be done if the election was fixed, what will be the penalty, who will be punished, and a myriad of other questions that I truly don’t know is covered by the US Constitution.  I’m not even sure if the U.S. Constitution covers this type of thing, although it probably has something written in its wise words.

The only thing I know is that a president of bathroom United States can be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors”.  In this case, Donald Trump, and members of his campaign staff are guilty of “high crimes”.  If I believed in capital punishment, which I don’t, Donald Trump would be executed for treason.  To work with another country, in this case, Russia, to fix an American election is nothing less than treason.

It will be extremely interesting to see how this unseemly episode of American history plays out.


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Why is Donald Trump so easily fooled by Russian propaganda?

Why is Donald Trump so easily fooled by Russian propaganda?

It is appalling that Donald Trump, and his staff, are so easily fooled by Russian propaganda about the 2016 elections. There is no way that they did not at least try to affect our election by hacking. Russian hackers were everywhere, not just in the Trump camp, but also Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

We need to listen to people like this expert, instead of listening to talking heads and pundits.  But, as usual, people this country are brainwashed into thinking that talking heads are experts.  What fools we are!

And Donald Trump actually says he will “Make America Great Again” and protect us? What a sick joke!

I have never known of anyone like Donald Trump who ever tried to protect anyone other than Donald Trump. His colossal ego doesn’t allow him to wake up and smell the coffee. A better question might be, whether we Americans going to wake the hell up and smell the coffee?  As long as we keep electing people like him as president, or any other public office, we are doomed to fail.

As long as Donald Trump is in power, we all in danger of being trapped on a sinking ship. Unfortunately, the name of that sinking ship is the United States.

Is the GOP Ever Going to Wake up about Climate Change?

Source: Congressman leaves stage to a chorus of boos after saying the jury is still out on climate change

Is the GOP Ever Going to Wake up About Climate Change?

When is the GOP ever going to wake up about climate change and realize that it poses a huge threat to our civilization?  The answer is; they probably won’t!  Since the GOP has always been a pro-business advocate party (a.k.a. mouthpiece), and since they worship the “bottom line, “as though it were God, they probably won’t.  Not until the GOP has been replaced by a more progressive political party, that realizes the danger of climate change instead of denying it, things will probably remain the same.  Our planet will continue to wither and die.

Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) was booed off the stage by his constituents at a town hall meeting when he made the statement that the scientific community is split about whether or not climate change is real or not.  Since most people have come to the conclusion that climate change is real, even among his conservative constituents, Biggs’statement went over about as well as a pregnant pole-vaulter.

Since most of these people are probably conservatives who voted for Biggs, I take it as a good sign that people booed him off the stage.  Who knows, maybe the conservatives are even starting to wake up to the dangers of climate change to the planet and the population of it.  Whenever conservatives start agreeing with liberals/progressives, is always a good sign of progress, albeit small.

What makes this statement by Representative Biggs is the fact that he is a member of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.  If this is the type of person that is allowed to sit on such an important committee, we still have a long way to go in combating climate change.  First, we need to combat our own House of Representatives.


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