Is Donald Trump Smarter Than The Scientists About Global Warming?

The main reason that Donald Trump denies that global warming and climate change are a reality is because he thinks he’s smarter than most scientists.

Is Donald Trump Smarter Than The Scientists About Global Warming?

The main reason that Donald Trump denies that global warming and climate change are a reality is that he thinks he’s smarter than most scientists.  Despite that 97% of the scientific community says that global warming and climate change are a reality that needs to be dealt with, Donald Trump insists on denying that global warming is a reality.  He considers global warming to be a hoax, as he has said on many occasions.

Donald Trump also denies, despite what scientists say about it, that climate change and global warming are caused by human activity.  During his campaign, he made stupid jokes about global warming and climate change every opportunity.  Of course, considering the caliber of most of his supporters, the stupid jokes playing well to the crowd, mostly because they are as ignorant about climate change as their candidate.

Even though climate change is one of the most crucial issues we are confronted with, Donald Trump refuses even to say what type of environmental policy his administration will have.  I strongly suspect that no one in the Trump Administration will even bother to give it the thought it deserves.  They have allowed themselves to become as handcuffed by capitalism as the President-elect.  Hopefully, enough people will get angry about his environmental policy to raise as much hell as possible.  Global warming is an issue that we can ill afford to ignore.

Since we all have on the same planet and breathe the same air, it has always baffled me how people like Donald Trump refused to realize that protecting our environment is crucial to our survival.  Does our President-elect think that somehow he and other capitalists are immune to global warming/climate change?  They are such fools!

The signs of global warming hard too plentiful to ignore any longer, and Donald Trump should be the first to see it because it is his duty to do everything to protect the American people, even if it means sacrificing profit for him and his rich friends.  Since Donald Trump has shown himself to be nothing more than your typical selfish rich bastard, I seriously doubt that we will see any environmental policy, especially something that proactively deals with global warming.

Donald Trump has shown himself to support the use of fossil fuels.  As we know, the use of fossil fuels is the primary contributor to global warming.  We need a leader who is strong and capable of protecting us from global warming.  Donald Trump isn’t that person.


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Donald Trump Will Be A Disaster For the Environment When it comes to the environment, or a policy designed to protect it, Donald Trump will be a disaster.  Donald Trump’s view on environmental issues is what one might expect from a typical businessman; if it stands in the way of profit, …


Donald Trump Will Be A Disaster For the Environment

When it comes to the environment, or a policy designed to protect it, Donald Trump will be a disaster.

Donald Trump Will Be A Disaster For the Environment

Global warmingWhen it comes to the environment, or a policy designed to protect it, Donald Trump will be a disaster.  Donald Trump’s view on environmental issues is what one might expect from a typical businessman; if it stands in the way of profit, he is against any environmental policy.  Donald Trump, like most conservative people in business, is against any regulations.  They consider regulations to be cumbersome and expensive.  They refused to realize that rules are meant to protect people from harmful products and practices. Their negligence over crucial issues like global warming is next to criminal.

We must always remember one thing, Donald Trump is a businessman first, POTUS second.  He will never allow anything to stand in the way of capitalism and making a profit.

A good example would be Donald Trump on the subject of climate change and global warming.  He believes that global warming/climate change is nonsense.  Donald Trump is a climate change denier of the first order.  He has even gone so far as to make the ludicrous claim that global warming is a Chinese hoax.

I find this claim to be ridiculous to the point of being obscene because when someone perpetrates a hoax, they usually do so for some reason.  What possible reason would that Chinese have for inventing a hoax like global warming?  Given that their environment has suffered extensive damage over the years, especially when it comes to air pollution, they have every reason to believe in global warming, not that it’s a hoax or some falsehood, like Donald Trump.

If one follows the news, especially about China, they will know that China has the worst air pollution in the world.  There are times when the air is so bad in Beijing; that is next to impossible to see more than 100 yards.  What possible motive could people who suffer from such horrible environmental issues have caused to create a global warming/climate change hoax?  This position just another place where Donald Trump makes absolutely no sense.

The last thing this country needs is a president who refuses to believe in such a critical issue as climate change.  Donald Trump’s environmental policy, or lack thereof, could kill many Americans for the damage our health, at the least.


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Could The Dakota Access Pipeline Still Happen Under Trump?

During the last days of his presidency, President Barack Obama is trying valiantly to pass legislation that would increase oversight over this country’s system of oil pipelines. Included in these pieces of legislation is the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Recently, the president refused to grant an easement to Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the company that is trying to build the pipeline.  President Obama, in one of the best decisions made during his presidency, killed the potentially hazardous Keystone XL pipeline earlier this year.

As you probably know, opponents of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline one day major victory when the federal government denied the necessary easement for Energy Transport Partners (ETP) to continue building the pipeline. For now, ETP is stuck in the mud, unless incoming President Trump decides to pull them out, even if by trickery, deception, or just plain lawbreaking.

With a new administration coming into power, I hope people aren’t celebrating victory over the Dakota Access Pipeline too early so that they let their guard down. I don’t trust Donald Trump on anything, especially something done by President Obama. Trump has never shown himself to be a fan of government regulation, unless he benefits from it. He is your typical Republican businessman.

Even though federal oversight and regulation over this nation’s ever-increasing system of oil pipelines should have been years ago, I applaud President Obama’s efforts to protect our environment. There have been an increased number of accidental spills on these pipelines for the past several years, so increase regulation is necessary. The big question is, will Donald Trump derail this regulation and oversight?


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One of the Few Times I Will Agree with The History Channel

Source: History Channel makes a bold statement—totally factual—and Trump supporters are losing their minds

One of the Few Times I Will Agree With the History Channel

I usually don’t agree with the History Channel, especially when they express a political position.  Most of the time, they seem to express a political viewpoint I find to be the same old propaganda that we were spoon-fed as schoolchildren, where the United States is always portrayed as the “good guys” and a bastion of democracy.  The History Channel also expresses a Eurocentric viewpoint that I find almost offensive.

These days, I usually change the channel when  The History Channel “conveniently” starts forgetting that nearly half of our Founding Fathers were slave-owners or that most of them were the wealthy élite of that time.  They were part of the 1% of the 18th-century.  When I am feeling very cynical, I wonder if these men drafted the U.S. Constitution to protect their own self-interest and wealth or because they actually cared about creating something special that had never been done before.

This picture posted on Facebook by The History Channel says it all.  The 2016 presidential election was tampered with by a foreign power.  Even though Donald Trump, the beneficiary of this election tampering by the Russians, chooses to live in a state of denial about the situation, I believe that our country is going to be subjected to least four years of mismanagement and abuse.  Both the FBI and CIA agree that the election was tampered with by computer hacking.  Rarely do these two agencies agree on anything; a fact that tells me there is probably something real behind these claims of Russian hacking to tamper with the election.

The irony is that it is happening because of Russia; a country that was once an example of a twisted system of communism gone awry.


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Does Donald Trump Have A Mental Illness?

We know that D.Trump seems unbalanced. Tons of professionals have said so. Now, a group of psychiatrists demands a full evaluation of Trump before 1/20.

Source: Psychiatrists Demand Complete Evaluation Of Trump Before Its Too Late (VIDEO)

Does Donald Trump Have A Mental Illness?

This video asks a question that many people have had for a while, “does Donald Trump have some mental illness?”  All kidding aside, I wonder whether Donald Trump is mentally ill or deranged.  According to the psychiatrist in his video, Donald Trump should be evaluated for some mental illness.

According to this group of therapists, Donald Trump shows all the classic signs of having a condition called, “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” or simply NPD.  If you read the article that accompanies this video, the similarities of Donald Trump’s behavior and someone who has is with NPD are strikingly similar, if not identical.

People with NPD would react to many situations just like Donald Trump already has.  A person with NPD is the kind of guy that would use something like Twitter to respond to anyone who dares criticize them, or make fun of them.  An example would be Donald Trump’s outrage at actor Alec Baldwin‘s satirical portrayal of the President-elect on Saturday Night Live.  Donald Trump gets angry every time Alex Baldwin impersonates him.  Trump’s reaction is probably a guarantee that we will see Mr. Baldwin’s impersonations of the President-elect many times in the future.  Why let a good gag go to waste?

Just look at the behavior Donald Trump has exhibited throughout his entire presidential campaign.  Every time anyone dares criticize him or one of his ideas, he reacts angrily and takes it personally.  This seems to be a classic symptom shown by a person with NPD.

This small group of psychiatrists suggests that every presidential candidate is required to undergo some psychological screening.  I agree with this suggestion.  Even though I don’t believe in any discrimination, I still don’t think that someone who has a mental illness should be allowed to serve as POTUS.  I just don’t think is a good idea. If we require that a police officer undergoes psychological screening, why not someone who has access to the nuclear codes that could destroy the entire planet?


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Cartoon: Post truth world

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Donald Trump Is Not The “Business Genius” That He Claims to Be

Source: OUCH! Newsweek exposes Trump as the Business fraud he is.

Donald Trump Is Not The “Business Genius” That He Claims to Be

The major point that Donald Trump made during his campaign was that his great business acumen made him very qualified to be president of the United States.  This article by Kurt Eichenwald, from Newsweek, tells the truth when it exposes Donald Trump as a fraud; something that had been long-proven to anyone who has followed his career, or been left in its wake.  In fact, the well-written article makes him look like a scam artist, something that most of us already knew.

Donald Trump is guilty of everything from lying to get a bank loan to how many bankruptcies he has profited from by misusing our current bankruptcy laws.  He is also guilty of trampling over other people just to get ahead; something that he showed a propensity for doing during his campaign.

Here is a list of offenses and lies that President-elect Donald Trump has told over the years, as cited in the Newsweek article:

  • Trump lied to Congress.
  • Trump was publicly insulting Native Americans while other real business people were making deals to help manage their casinos.
  • Trump signed a deal with one Native American casino, and they paid him $6 million to go away.
  • Trump punched his second-grade teacher
  • each Trump lied in his books, then blamed the same woman he blamed for Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech.
  • Trump lied in a filing with a bank where he was trying to get a loan about how much he was worth.
  • Trump lied about how much money he got from his dad.
  • Trump’s dad gave him illegal loans by taking cash to his casino, turning it over at a craps table, loading up a suitcase with $5,000 chips, and leaving.
  • Trump’s earliest deals all lost money and he only did well when his dad guaranteed loans.
  • Trump spent $1 million per plane to turn a shuttle into a luxury trip that no one wanted to take. The planes were only worth $4 million each.

The next time a supporter of Donald Trump tries to justify voting for this pathological liar, feel free to share the Newsweek article with them, or, better yet, just give them this list.