A Small Victory for Activists Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

Dakota Access Pipeline

“It’s the first glimmer of hope, of good news, that we’ve had out here for weeks—months.”

Source: Activists say Dakota Access Pipeline could be put on hold for 30 days

A Small Victory for Activists Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

Activists who oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline, in North Dakota, have won a small but significant victory.  The US Army Corps of Engineers, the primary governing body for this controversial project have ordered a 30-day halt in any further construction of this potentially very harmful project that activists have opposed for years.

The activists, composed largely of members of The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and many other supporters have fought this project for years, saying that the current route of the Dakota Access Pipeline desecrates sacred tribal locations and burial grounds.  Most importantly, they also claim that the pipeline threatens their water supply because the present route of the pipeline is upstream from the Standing Rock Reservation.

So far, Energy Transfer Partners, the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline hasn’t received the necessary easement that would allow it to dig under the Missouri River.  Col. John W.  Henderson from the US Army Corps of Engineers says he will wait thirty days to grant the easement.  President Obama stated that he would urge the Army Corps of Engineers to reconsider the present route of the pipeline, rerouting it away from the Standing Rock tribe’s reservation to make sure that the tribe’s water supply not be put in danger.

Many people, especially activists, say that this delay will cost the company enough money to stop the project entirely and make it obsolete.  Energy Transfer Partners claims that they are only five days away from starting to dig under the Missouri River.  As one can imagine, stockholders and others who stand to make a profit from the building of this pipeline are not pleased.

On the other hand, I seriously doubt that the activists give a damn about whether Energy Transfer Partners makes a profit.  I know I sure don’t!  Given that this oil that the Dakota Access Pipeline will transport has been under the earth’s surface for thousands of years already, it will be just fine, if he stays there forever.


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