Dakota Access Pipeline: Threat to Native American Rights

The Dakota Access pipeline is the latest threat to Native American sovereignty that has happened in quite a while.

Dakota Access Pipeline

Dakota Access Pipeline: Threat to Native American Rights

dakota-access-pipelineThe Dakota Access Pipeline is the latest threat to Native American sovereignty that has happened in a while.  Unfortunately, the “mainstream media” has failed to give it much attention.  As usual, when they do give out any information about the Dakota Access Pipeline, the information comes out too late to do much good.  The US Army Corps of Engineers has issued a green light for construction of this controversial pipeline, and most members of the public have no idea that this injustice is happening.

The reason the Dakota Access Pipeline is a threat to Native American rights is that a significant part of this pipeline is built on Native American land owned by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.  This pipeline, also known as the Bakken Oil Pipeline, threatens to destroy traditional tribal burial grounds and holy sites.  It is also a potential threat to the environment because The Standing Rock Sioux say that the construction of this pipeline will ruin their water supply.  In this aspect, the Dakota Access Pipeline is a direct threat to the environment of mouse right this region, in North Dakota.

dakota-access-pipeline_02It seems like the Great Sioux Nation, which is also threatened over the last few years, by the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, has had more of their fair share of threats to their Native American sovereignty than anyone deserves.

This just goes to show that corporate America, composed mostly of white men of European extraction, don’t give a damn about the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux or any other Native American tribe.  Once again, the words of the white government in Washington DC are meaningless.


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