Dakota Access Pipeline: A Blatant Abuse Of Force

The Dakota Access Pipeline is the most blatant abuse of force since the demonstrations in Ferguson Missouri.

Dakota Access Pipeline

Dakota Access Pipeline: A Blatant Abuse Of Force

Dakota Access PipelineThe Dakota Access Pipeline is the most blatant abuse of force since the demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri.  It is probably the most blatant misuse of force used against Native Americans since the siege of Wounded Knee in the 70s.

This demonstration resembles the protests in Ferguson, Missouri because the police are using leftover armored vehicles from the military.  It is just more evidence that our police forces are becoming paramilitary forces that are intended to be used to quell free speech than they are to protect society from criminals.  Police forces in the United States have become more militarized over the years because the Obama administration has released armored vehicles to police forces across the United States.  This arming of police has been done through the Department of Homeland Security under the guise of protecting us from potential terrorist attack.  What a crock of bullshit!

At the center of this dispute is the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is designed to carry oil across tribal lands, belonging to the Standing Rock tribe.  The tribe is protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline because it will cause the destruction of tribal burial sites and holy places.  It also threatens the water supply of the tribe because it will cause damage to the aquifer that runs under tribal land.

It is a very scary site to see armored vehicles and police officers, heavily armed with M-16 rifles and other military-style weapons, squaring off against unarmed protesters in pickups.  Since the governor of North Dakota, Jack Dalrymple ordered the North Dakota National Guard to participate in suppressing the Great Sioux Nation situations has only gotten worse.  This protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline is a potential timebomb waiting to go off.


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